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  1. Not to derail the thread but: Can you post their IPL nos?
  2. You do know how to twist facts. Harbhajan decided at that time the last over should not go to offie against pakistan and should go to a pace bowler. Not much to read there. Look at the current performance of Jadeja and tell me about the mythical replacement that you have.
  3. You ar emissingthe point. You keep on talking about human emotions but there is no proof they do matter in game situation. Discipline and training gets you thru. Getting back to algorithms they are getting better by the day. They can take into account how a peson performs under pressure situation. Once again if all these control laws can make planes fly flawlessly (more or less) picking a team is walk in the park.
  4. All I said I was human and some are more and make poor choices. Computers dont do that. read in between the lines. If jumping to conclusion was an olympic event you would win a gold medal every year.
  5. At 7 you expect him to score a century?
  6. You need to decouple from human emotion because they don't do anything. You can keep on fine tuning these algorithms till youi achieve a desired result. If you have doubts then just remember Deep Blue and that was a decade back. With AI things are changing rapidly so multiple inputs can be accounted for. As far as picking a algorithm book my formal education is upto high school only.
  7. Who is he replacing? If Dhoni then I might sign it.
  8. Like I mentioned it is not perfect but extremely useful. It can be finetuned. If unstable planes can fly by computers picking a team is not that difficult provided the inputs are correct. once again Jadeja is an excellent fielder, a decent bat and a bowler.
  9. IPL does give a snapshot and this does show they are not ready yet. It takes time to develope a player annd 18-20 yrs old do not cut it in any competitive sport. There is a reason why average age in Bundes and La liga is somewhere around 26.
  10. Jadeja is a decnet bowler and can be effective against all non asian teams. Is an excellent fileder and a decnt batsman. Shankar is the one I don't understand. He has no track record and no experience.
  11. Algorithms are just that, algorithms. They wont know who Dhoni and DK are.
  12. Rahul should be 4 and there should be no debate.

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