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  1. NFL players carry 10 more kgs than Dhoni and run 5 kmph faster. You know nothing.
  2. You are the one missing the point here. Yes London was attacked and people still play there. yes in India it happens and people still play there. Now the fair question is why they dont play in Pakistan. The answer is simple: In all other countries these perpetarators of crime will be brought to justice. In case of pakistan you actively encourage them. Ask yourself that did your government really did not know that SOB osama was living there? Their in lies the answer why no one plays in pakistan. As far as I am concerned let the world play there as long as India does not and it is fine.
  3. You keep on killing us then want us to pretend things are normal. You keep on teaching your kids in school books how bad we are and pretend things are normal. You steal our territory and pretend things are normal. You consider us as an inferior race and pretend things are normal. You kill hundreds of my brothers and sisters in Mumbai and pretend things are normal. No we have no desire none whatsoever to play you. I hope we never play you. We are doing just fine withput playing you. As a matter of fact we are doing great without playing you. As a matter of fact if we were not doing well we still should not be playing you.
  4. Putting Bolt and Dhoni in the same sentence. Shows your understanding of sports.
  5. Reality is something you are devoid of. Diwali is a festival of lights. These lights can enable you to see better but you have made a choice to stay in dark. It is your choice. I am glad you are on this forum so that we can exchange ideas. Happy Diwali to you too.
  6. One isolated stone throw is same as hundreds of discharged bullets. Please think through before posting. As far as Pakistan being isolated I really feel bad but as Kabir Ji said "Rope birva neem ka, aam kahan sa hoi" - translation if you sow neem trees dont expect mangoes.
  7. This is a alternate reality you are living in. Your post is the exact reason why BCCI should never play PCB because of a mindset like yours. You really are equating the Finch incident to the killings that go on in Pakistan? If so please introspect and then realize why these countries should not play. There is a huge gulf in our thinking.
  8. There is no bullying. BCCI has taken a honorable stand that innocent blood should not be shed. I disagree with BCCI on 90% of things they do but this 10% I agree with. By not playing the bilateral they have honored the MOU. The MOU had a condition of govt approval . This was dependent on you guys behaving. You did not behave. No permssion granted. MOU honored. There is more to life then a silly game of cricket. We need to chart different courses in life. You dont like us and we wont play.
  9. He does not wear the pads that you and I did. His pad barely weighs less than a kg.
  10. Yes we have more pacers and plenty of pacers but only one allrounder that I can think of.
  11. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Even these slots are cemented there is room for rahul. He is a must for Indian side and should be in the rotation.
  12. All I am saying is there is no need to spend so much energy for something elusive. If you get a allrounder once in 50 years the odds are low to find one. Moreover cricket is a speciality sport and there is no room for part timers.
  13. It is hard to find all rounders. Odds of finding a spin/batting combo is higher than pace/batting. In last 50 years India had only one genuine aall rounder so why waste time on something that is just not there.

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