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  1. We also saw Vijay not being anble to put bat to the ball. We also saw rahul being shielded by Patel. We saw a lot if our eyesights are unbiased. What we also saw was the bias of media and ICF in favor of Vijay and Rahul. That was a sight not worth looking at.
  2. You dont like the answer. Answer is in the results. Not a convoluted answer like you have subtrating runs for stuff and adding for attitude and coming up with a new total. I think you need to go back and adjust the runs for all batsman now. The short annswer there was a hate towards Dhawan on this form and He was superseded by rahul and Vijay both less accomplished batsman. That is a injustice I am writing about.
  3. Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    That was the most pathetic bowling attack India had. India only had 15 overs of good bowlers and rest Ashwin and jaddu were useless. SL was a warning but the stupid kaptaan did not get the hint.
  4. Raina won't last long !!!

    Why so negative? Let him have few games and then make a decision.
  5. My friend either you are ill informed or deliberately twisting facts. There is no room on that site for dissent. If you have anti Indian posts you have a cult like status on that site. You say anything negative they ban you. There is a Brit on that site who regularly posts crap about india without any reason. No one will be allowed to do that on any forum but he is a legend. I called him out and I was banned. They dont want dissent on that site which is a true reflection of the society. Anyway most of the Pakistanis are programmed to hate India. Even your chairman sethiji called Indians the enemy. Is that how the educated people of that country are supposed to behave?
  6. Who scored more runs and who was dropped? Come up with an explanation and discuss. Meanwhile look at the crow recipe posted above.
  7. I hope this reflect the true feelings. I am not so sure.
  8. Not your fault. That is the most undemocratic website. If you hate India and put anti Indian posts you will get a Nishan -e-Jinnah medal on that site. If you say anything disparging about them they will hand out a ban faster than they hand out a laddu on diwali. That is a total authorotarian site with mods drunk with power. The operation of that site reflects how the society operates. they need orders top down just like army. Do not question authority. Though I disagree with mods here they show lot more maturity and balance on this site. They are cut above the green envy forum. This site reflects Indian society with so many different viewpoints and disagreement but at the end of the day we can still sit and have a beer with each other.
  9. Anything I say will not please you. Your mind is made up. Do you think scoring runs at the top are same as at the end of the innings. If you do you need to ban yourself for a week(just kidding you are a good poster). Do you really think what happened few years back has a bearing on what is going on right now? Currently Dhawan >>>>>>>Vijay or Rahul
  10. I have never seen these three score more runs than Dravid. So how can you make that statement. Look there is nothing I can do to convince you because you refuse to see the writing on the wall. Dhawan currently is the second best for India. He outscore Vijay. That is all I have to say. Even if it is by one run he outscored him.
  11. Either you are trying to be funny or being disingenious. He is being compared to Vijay and he did better. As far as outscored by tailenders this is indeed the worst statement I have ever read.
  12. Go check it. Compared to others he was fine. He is not your grind out artist. He puts pressure by putting runs on board.
  13. I have no pride but humility only. He outperformed Vijay in the first test so he should have more or about the same opportunity . Is that not fair? Now do you think if his Rohits head straightens out he will perform? Good hitters always have head and eye movement linked to the ball. I doubt any of these batters are actually seeing the ball at the point of contact. I have never played a fast ball at that speed in cricket but in Tennis 100+ mph balls are very common. The time racket hits the ball is very predictive reasoning on part of the brain. Once again you have to be gifted and have a tremendous eyesight. getting back to the topic Rohit is not that bad as you make him to be.
  14. That is exactly what I would expect a Mod to do.
  15. They are in awe of what is going on. As far as liking India it will not happen in our lifetime.

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