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  1. Both brothers are not frontline bowlers. They can hit a few but that too not consistently.
  2. Khota

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    rahul needs to sit out for a short time.
  3. Your honor let the record state for second consecutive time he is the worst bowler. ICF fans build useless players up. Some are so immature that they want two brothers to stink it up twice as bad.
  4. Seems like Kohli has admitted he screwed up. It is also important for fans to bring these incidents into light for better country and accountability. Cult worshippers need to understand these superstars are no different than us. They have a skill set that we admire and respect but they are not above the law.
  5. He was the brand ambassador. Oh they would have thrown Seffi in jail without thinking twice. Just like Australia was about to with Crocodile Dundee. No one is special except for people who believe in cult worship.
  6. Khota


    That is what is to be expected from someone who idolizes Sehwag.
  7. This is more complicated than what it appears. He signed a deal to promote fiat and that was compensation being paid for being a brand ambassador. That is a disguised income and this man should be paying taxes on it. Those of you who think this is OK go study what German Government did with Steffi graff when she did not pay taxes. taxes are taxes and they need to be paid.
  8. No it is not fine. Where is the outrage? Why are they so special? They are not better than you and I.
  9. And that is the point you are missing. India is a democratic republic and everyone has the same rights. Where does the constitution say that rich people have more rights?
  10. I can bet cup of tea he sold it for some fixed value and made money from it.
  11. I do get offended if there are two sets of rules. One for the rich and powerful and others for us. Let me give you an example. I was on a flight from gulf and there was a welder seated next to me. He was not paid for last three months and was not carrying anything of any value with him. The custom guys were demanding money and bothering the poor person for the watch he was wearing. I come from a very modest background and I can empathize with blue collar people. You may have different set of values which you and I don't share. Now sachin gets an exemption for a Ferrari. And you are not disgusted by this? Where is your humanity and empathy? I was not raised that way.

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