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  1. Saurav and his 1960's way of thinking.
  2. Empty the bench. Everyone who has not played should get a game.
  3. The giy who comes new is never set.
  4. Once again an opinion, not a fact.
  5. Did not know pandya is a gujju. I thought the only gujju on team is Bumrah.
  6. There are different batsman when he comes. No one set per se in shorter formats.
  7. Can you tell me who is one of the highest scorer in Asia cup right now. I can tell you categorically Pandya will never be best in any category. Dhawan and pandya in same sentence. Blasphemy.
  8. Those were the worst numbers compared to proper bowlers.
  9. I have never seen someone get so much mileage for a fluky 93. You conveniently forget his string of failures after that.
  10. That deficit could easily be removed but Pakistan is now in our rear view mirror. Need to be playing Australia and England only.
  11. Somedays yes and somedays no. Hit or miss.
  12. Look at the last match. He was leaking most of the runs. Less said about his bowling better it will be.
  13. But he is not the 5th bowling option. Opposition has 10 overs to rape and plunder.
  14. As a coach Micky Arthur is head and shoulder above chewtiya.

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