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  1. Cricket is not a popular sport in Australia. Test matches are not exciting and they are being forced upon people.
  2. Any spinner would have done the job but one out of these three is not a must.
  3. Khota

    patel for opening

    Patel is better than the two bozos playing but if he is not keeping wkts then it is difficult to justify a spot for him. Pant so far has not done anything to be dropped.
  4. Khota

    All Rounders do not exist.

    India won the first game thanks to Pandya. Thanks for not being there. Cricket like any other sport is highly specialized. There is no room for people who can do little bit of everything. Taking wkts @ ranji level means nothing. Nada. Zilch. Cipher. Zero.
  5. Khota

    Cricviz Analysis

    Yes we do. On a serious note this is how things should be handled. For each batsman, bowler their value to the team etc. Let computer make these decisions not our beer guzzling coach. Once software gets refined there would be nothing left to debate.
  6. He needs to spend more time with India A.
  7. Khota

    Cricviz Analysis

    Nice. This is how cricket should be doing it. baseball has done Analytics now for decades and they place outfileders based exactly based on Analytics.
  8. Khota

    Rohit & Shaw opening at MCG ? Thought ?

    That is true. My only concern is Shaw. A young kid against Aussies is not the best option. I would have Rahane as the second opener.
  9. Khota

    Rohit & Shaw opening at MCG ? Thought ?

    Rohit is a fine selection. He is better than the unworthy guys ahead of him.
  10. No they will not but Vijay should have been out for a long time.
  11. He is still not good enough for ICF. ICF wants the talented Murali and rahul.
  12. Try a new one like Shaw and I have no problem. But issue is Vijay over Dhawan. Vijay's body language is so negative atleast Dhawan shows confidence.
  13. Khota

    Murali Vijay - Goodbye and Thank you thread

    You still don't get it.
  14. Khota

    Murali Vijay - Goodbye and Thank you thread

    No problem if we move on.
  15. Khota

    Murali Vijay - Goodbye and Thank you thread

    But but he is so good. He scored so many runs.

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