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  1. Strictly in my opinion 281 by Laxman was the best knock ever by any batsman. 281 under pressure and fighting from behind is commendable. Laxman was so good at those big knocks that this did not surprise me. The best ever.
  2. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    May I know why is he given a preferntial treatment? How did he earn a right to bowl to Indian batsman? This is nonsense.
  3. We respect Dhoni too. He now is a liability in my opinion. I have no idea what cows have to do with this topic. I think it is your underhanded way of ridiculing us.
  4. I think you are right. There should be full boycott.
  5. This is the table you have: Here is the time of NFL players. 40 is critical for them. 60 m for baseball. 1. Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs Track times: 10.19 seconds (100 meters), 20.14 seconds (200 meters) | 40 time: 4.24 seconds 2. Marquise Goodwin, WR, San Francisco 49ers Track times: 10.24 (100), 21.24 (200) | 40 time: 4.27 3. J.J. Nelson, WR, Arizona Cardinals Track times: 10.49 (100), 21.76 (200) | 40 time: 4.28 10. Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants Track times: 22.31 (200) | 40 time: 4.43 I have put the time for top 10. 40 dash is the most critical for them and they are all faster then Bolt. 100m is not that is where they are slightly slower. Similarly hundreds of baseball players can run 60 at almost the same pace. Open your eyes.
  6. What more can India do to improve relations? India has tried everything and it does not work. When majority of them consider you kafir and infidels please let me know how to improve the realtions. problem is cowards like you. They have attacked India four times. Four. Please tell me one step they have taken to improve relations. Just one not two not three. It is for people like you that India was ruled by mughal emperors for 500 years and then British. It maybe acceptable for you that those barbarians removed the head of captain Kalia but not for me. get a freaking life.
  7. Hate and bigotry from your mind ... I beg your pardon? They have hate and bigotry. They have ethnically cleansed minorities and call us hate and bigotry. They cleared kasmiri pandits from kashmir and we have hate in our hearts. I have one word for you ... stupid.
  8. NFL players can run in circles and still outrun Dhoni. Your ignorance is annoying but help is on the way. It is called Google.
  9. First of all you are welcome with open arms. Now my gransparents are from Pakistan so my partial roots are there too so that is why I also went to green forum and got banned. My posting style is no different then what you see or different from yours. Still I got banned. Then it donned upon me that there is a fundamental difference between us and them. pakistan as a nation or people are not open to critiicsm. They dont allow it on forum and personally also saying anything against Imran is blasphemy. We on the other hand go after Kohli/Dhoni/ or anyone all the time. They love people who hate India, who hate IPL etc. They also think they are superior to us. That gulf will keep on getting wider. I wish it may shrink but I dont have any hope. Getting religion involved is for a very simple reason. Pakistanis really do think that their religion is superior than ours. Theyy think that way is the right way whereas we keep our religion to ourself. I think all the hate is because of religion. If we dont accept that as a starting point than we are being dishonest.
  10. Can you tell me last time govt. of India organized a terrorist raid and killed 200 people in Lahore/karachi. If you cant then dont pontificate.
  11. I think beggar is a harsh word but we should not play with them nonetheless.
  12. Monday 12:35 i posted: No he will not. For 100/200m you need lots and lots of muscles to propel you. Dhoni is not there. It looks fast but it really is slow at that level. More indicative is the 27 Km/hr whic is less than 17 mph. Decent athletes will pull 20 mph routinely and good one can 23 mph. That is more than 35 kmph. Dhoni is good but not special.
  13. I have no idea. Amir is real good but kohli is over hyping him.
  14. Did I not put some reference data. You just chose to ignore it. I have compared the speed showing you that Dhoni is atleast 5 to 10 Kmph slower than other athletes. he is not fast at that level.
  15. Let me help you for the last time. For the first 10 m even you would not be too far behind Bolt no more than a fraction of second. Comprehend?
  16. This needs to stop. On a serious note Amir is indeed a good bowler.
  17. Our fast bowler factory is doing better right now. You have done well too.
  18. You can always please crowd and be positive at the same time. He spews crap and that is not acceptable. So many pakistani cricketers are loved and adored in India but they are good people too. I never felt conflicted before but after the radicalization of Pakistan and what you watch on TV I dont see any hope. The reason I dont like to lose to Pakistan is because average pakistani brings god in the game and claims that god will help them win. I firmly believe that the god I believe in does not have time for cricket games. there is so much suffering in world that god does not want to be involed in this silly stuff. Atleast we are talking and that is the most important thing. With all the negative let me say something positive too. I really gained respect for your judiciary system after they removed Nawaz after Panama stuff. We have Amitabh Bachan who is knee deep and got away.
  19. I have enjoyed Pakistani cricketers but some of the nonsense Miandad spits leaves a bad taste in mouth. I personally am not in favor of any games till the overall situation improves. I think Pakistan is really hurting India by mini cuts. India is bleeding and it is difficult to play. Just my thoughts. You are more mature than I am. Losing to Pakistan really makes me mad.
  20. I fully agree with you. The underline reason is the money trasfer that happens. Playing cricket is a side show. They dont demand hockey or kabbadi matches but cricket. The reason is simple it is all about money.
  21. I have very good intentions. Point the flaw in my reasoning here. BCCI claims that they need clearance from govt in MOU. Goverment says they will not. Why is PCB upset? I think this is simple.

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