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  1. Compared to who? If Vijay then it is not so dumb.
  2. I hope he recovers soon. Players need to earn a living and he deserves it too.
  3. I like Kaul but Siraj is ahead of him. Jaddu is a very fair selection.
  4. India's rivalry is with Australia. Rivalry is with equals. pakistan cricket has no significance for India. It does nothing for us but a lot for them.
  5. "sarkar ne hinjron ki fauj bheji hai." - Sholay These selectors don't have the balls to drop Dhoni. First tendulkar was shameless now Dhoni.
  6. Khota

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    First rule of coaching. It needs to be done in timly manner. That is all slots are open today and team selection will be done short time before the plane takes off. Let all the player try hard to earn the spot.
  7. I don't see Indian cricket suffering. If they recognize that kashmir is integral part of India than Modi should send the team to Lahore next day. This boycott of Pakistan cricket is working much better than I expected.
  8. He did well yesterday and against HK. I understand Rahul needs to play but Dhoni out/Karhick WK and everyone gets to play. That to me is the most logical outcome. No one has the balls to tell Dhoni to step aside.
  9. I have seen some dumb ideas on this forum but this one takes the cake.
  10. Totally unnecessary hype.
  11. Khota

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Making us feel better over a game that has no meaning. Makes no sense.
  12. BD is a definite possibility. BD vs India BD vs Pak Pak vs India
  13. Khota

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    This game has no meaning.
  14. We are not that fortunate. This so call all rounder is a good will gesture from us to you. You can pad your run averages. This is a true step of friendship we have taken. If you cant feast on his bowling shame on you.
  15. Son in law cannot handle pace. He is the last wicket and tail starts after that.
  16. Using Lahori logic is it safe to say that Hong Kong has better openers than pakistan.
  17. having said that it is wrong please don't make it against raydu either. Raydu has earned the right to play. The only free loader in this setup is Dhoni.
  18. Man has no shame and selectors are hinjras.
  19. Dhawan is a top bat for India. Sometimes he does let us down though.
  20. Thakur etc. should be discarded tomorrow. Hopefully.
  21. Stay away from personal insults. karthick is to be compared with Dhoni and who looks better? I can stoop to your level and resort to name calling if I chose to do so.

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