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  1. Another excuse by someone who cannot perform. There are multiple reasons why India should do well and he should know them better than us. Moron.
  2. Those of us who want him to step down are the ones who really care about him.
  3. I have been dreaming of playing world cup as a kid too. Then I wake up and realize that I have wet the bed. Dhoni is a selfish moron.
  4. You believe that crap and I have a bridge to sell.. Shastri was well below average boowler who got a break because he was from Mumbai. Then he realised he will not cut it and started batting. How did he ever play for India is a mystery to me (well not really). Anytime you are ranked #1 and losing then you are underperforming. Not a difficult concept to grasp.
  5. Prior to this job Shastri had zero coaching experience. India is still in dark ages where everyone thinks coaches have no role to play.
  6. Sachin is at fault too. They are all responsible for thinking that Indian cricket is their personal domain.
  7. Maybe. Shastri has no discipline. Coaching job should be only given to someone who has done it for a decade.
  8. Anyone defending Shastri has very poor judgement. Kohli has now confirmed that beyond reasonable doubt.
  9. Just because it is not done right gives it legitimacy? This Pandya would be another wasted experiment.
  10. This is a hybrid approach. If a team makes a determination that they need five bowlers then it has to be a proper bowler. In t20 six bats are enough. You need 5 bowlers who can choke the runs. Hybrid approach with half bowler and half batsman seldom works.
  11. Any proper batsman. Even Shaw would be fine.
  12. This was an income shown as a gift. Not all get an exemption on cars etc. This was not right.
  13. Both brothers are not frontline bowlers. They can hit a few but that too not consistently.
  14. Khota

    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    rahul needs to sit out for a short time.
  15. Your honor let the record state for second consecutive time he is the worst bowler. ICF fans build useless players up. Some are so immature that they want two brothers to stink it up twice as bad.
  16. Seems like Kohli has admitted he screwed up. It is also important for fans to bring these incidents into light for better country and accountability. Cult worshippers need to understand these superstars are no different than us. They have a skill set that we admire and respect but they are not above the law.
  17. He was the brand ambassador. Oh they would have thrown Seffi in jail without thinking twice. Just like Australia was about to with Crocodile Dundee. No one is special except for people who believe in cult worship.
  18. Khota


    That is what is to be expected from someone who idolizes Sehwag.
  19. This is more complicated than what it appears. He signed a deal to promote fiat and that was compensation being paid for being a brand ambassador. That is a disguised income and this man should be paying taxes on it. Those of you who think this is OK go study what German Government did with Steffi graff when she did not pay taxes. taxes are taxes and they need to be paid.
  20. No it is not fine. Where is the outrage? Why are they so special? They are not better than you and I.
  21. And that is the point you are missing. India is a democratic republic and everyone has the same rights. Where does the constitution say that rich people have more rights?

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