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  1. Based on my experience never ever engage a BD fan for discussion. They are not very rational. Moreover India should play them as little as possible and not give any importance to these guys. They are thankless.
  2. Can you show us one picture where SL fans broke it.If not then you are lying.
  3. Take this BD team seriously. If they do the dance before the game I dont see India winning.
  4. That is why if you look at tall bowlers sometimes they look slow and lazy but reality is it taking them less effort to deliver.
  5. True. But if all else is equal height tips the balance.
  6. Only way to fix betting problem is to make it legal. I know this sounds strange but that is the only way forward. Betting should be legal and govt should tax it.
  7. Agreed. CoA has some valid concerns that do need to be addressed. Moreover it is to the interest of BCCI to implement reforms quickly so that this committee s disbanded. This committee should not be there forever. Moreover supreme court needs to come up with timeline and when this should be all over. This is going on waaay toooo loooong.
  8. This needs to be resolved quickly. This infighting cannot go on indefinitely.
  9. Efficiency is important but my basis was that both tall and short guy generate the same arm speed than tall bowler will deliver the ball faster. Now if the short bowler has faster arm speed than all bets are off. He may very well be faster in that case. The underline assumption is both have the same arm speed the tall bowler will be faster. Think in terms of lever action and fulcrums. From: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Mechanics/lever.html This is another close enogh example. If both Fr = Fe that is the force applied to the ball by both the short and tall bowler is the same and the shoulder is the fulcrum the advantage the tall bowler will have is will be based on the arm length. It is lot more complex than that in reality. There are multiple lever actions being applied at the time of delivery. There is a lever action along the hip and then the shoulder. In both cases the tall bowler has a mechanical advantage. Now sprinting is total different thing. If you are running a 100 meter dash you really have to be big and muscular. You really need those muscles to propel you. If you are a distance runner you dont need those muscles as much as the advantage comes from long legs. That is why the 100m, 200m dash runners are built different than a marathon runner. Totally different sport and actions. That is why it is so difficult for someone who can win 100m/200m to win 1000m or marathon. Two totally different requirements. You can also look at the bowling action as @Vilander refres to as a sling action. Longer the sling faster the ball. So @Rightarmfast underline assumptions are correct that height gives a huge mechanical advantage. Usain Bolt is almost 6'5" and Carl Lewis my favorite athlete was also north of 6'.
  10. I fail to see any merit in playing Vijay. Batting is not going that deep that he is called upon so might as well use a real bowler. Once again I want to go back to my rant there is no such thing as an allrounder. They do not exist.
  11. here is the physics behind it. tall guys have longer arms and hence longer wing span. Assume the shoulder is the fulcrum. Further away from the fulcrum you will generrate more velocity. mathematically this can be explained as follows: V = 2*pi*r*f If the angular velocity genearted by a tall and short bowler with their arms is the same the "r" for tall bowler is more. This translates to a higherspeed generated by a tall bowler. To explain it further look at the charkha of mahatma Gandhi. Let the rotational velocity represents the arm velocity of bowler. Further you go away from the centre of the wheel faster you are travelling. Similarly someone with long arms delivers a ball much faster for the same arm velocity. Anyone who denies this does not know bio mechanics,
  12. I know but they should have given a chance to Umesh to rectify his problems.
  13. Translation: Anushka is wild in bed and it hard to keep up with her demands.
  14. I dont think Ian Pont ever would imply that. If you are tall your arms are longer. This means you have a longer wing span. If your wing span is large you generate more velocity for the same effort. To generate the same velocity as a short bowler you now have to put less effort so that translate to longer life for tall bowler. It is not a coincidence that most of the fast bowlers are tall. it is bio mechanics because fast bowling is easier for tall players. I will let a physics major answer the question why a longer wing span helps you generate more velocity. If not I will do that for you.
  15. You do need twitch fibre but assuming genetically you do have twich fibre who will have more of it? A tall guy or a short guy? Quit giving Bret and Sohaib as an example. They both chucked.
  16. Height is a huge factor. You have to be tall to generate the pace and bounce. They will be able to do that but it will take extra toll on their body. Someone needs to manage them better. Mavi is fine but others are vertically challenged. Let our resident pace bowling experts @Rightarmfast chime in. Look at Bhuvi in thet picture. His chest and legs are nothing but muscles. He looks very impressive. His thighs and calfs are very impressive. All of them(all five) have strong upper bodies that means trainer is doing his job.
  17. Looks like only two who are built like pace bowlers are Bumrah and Buvi. Boilogy is against other three.
  18. Pant needs to work on his game.Out. Karthick is #1 choice for wkt kpr batman option.In. Sharma, Dhawan and Raina are in the team. In. Pandey is ahead of Rahul. In. Washington looks like #1 bowler for India.In.
  19. Rabada initiated a physical contact. There is a distinct line between verbal and physical. You initiate physical contact you are now enetering criminal area. Rabada should keep his damn mouth shut and apologize. And this is coming from someone who is neither a fan of Aussies or Kohli.
  20. Washington Sundar looks like the best spinner for India in Nidhas trophy. Pace unit is bad.
  21. I rather have India play SL than BD or Pakistan.
  22. Rahul needs to step up. This is the best opportunity he has and if he struggles here he has no one to blame but himself.
  23. DK>Dhoni

    How old is DK - 32. Nobody complained about dhoni when he is what pushing 40?

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