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  1. Are you Majid Khan? He/ you was decent but not in the sublime class you claim From a perspective of someone from outside sub continent, Mohammed Azurhudin was most talented and gifted
  2. Tattieboy

    Who was the most entertaining opening batsmen ever?

    Still waiting on that answer myself
  3. Tattieboy

    Who was the most entertaining opening batsmen ever?

    You are mixing test with odi and opening , Each are played with a different mind set and thus a different type of entertainment . You can not judge Victor Trumper as by your posts I can guess your age approx and you never saw him , you can read he was a good bat but you can't possibly say he is No1 most entertaining opening bat !!!
  4. Kalicharan, Gower and Lara were entertainers . That's what the public pay money to see . This comes with genius and flaws Having played with Alvin's brother for a couple years I know it was his mindset to entertain as much as possible .
  5. I don't have to imagine , I have done it . Now as you sit on you chair , let me tell you when you stand 22 yards away from someone who is bowling 90mph their is fear a lot of fear especially when there are 4 of them !! They don't deliberately mean to cause injury but so be if it happens No one since has got close to the great WI great fast bowlers . The stupidity is yours, a non cricketer imagining it's all just fluffy , nice to see you , how are your mother and father cricket !!! Btw you didn't answer my question of if you had ever seen the WI greats of the 70s 80s !!
  6. Tattieboy

    What is Ind's flavor of cricket?

    Can I answer this one Gollum as someone who played with and against Indians or will the troll button be on fire
  7. He just finished , probably first I watched in-between practising was ashes 1971 I think with John Snow
  8. Sylvester Clarke was the meanest of them all .
  9. You are wasting your time , people on here think today's Indian bowlers put the fear of death into batsmen
  10. I hope for this talented squad that Gary Stead is a much better coach than he was player !!
  11. Barry Richards was a fantastic opening batsman , my all time favourite but power in the same mould as Viv Richards is just ridiculous. He wasn't a combination of anyone , he was Barry Richards a one off , in my view nobody been like him since .
  12. Tattieboy

    Who was the most complete pace bowler of all time?

    Curious to know which of the west Indies fast bowling unit would this " modern" Dale Steyn have replaced ?
  13. Tattieboy

    Who was the most complete pace bowler of all time?

    Malcolm Marshall is most complete fast bowler . As an opening bowler with new ball Akram was not in Marshalls league
  14. Tattieboy

    Who was the most complete pace bowler of all time?

    When did this modern cricket start ? When you discovered it?
  15. Tattieboy

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    Gollum Gollum !!!! Incase ?

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