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  1. Not much difference except for the English father and a British passport holder !!
  2. Lance Gibbs did not play in what was deemed to be the greatest WI team. That team started to take shape with fast bowlers Roberts, Holding and Daniel in 1976, it really took off from 1977 with the addition of Garner and Croft . Spinners such as Albert Padmore and Derek Parry played a few tests from 1976 but it was usually the four fast bowlers with Viv Richards more than useful off spinners used if needed. Of the bowlers only Marshall was deemed to be able to bat , all the others were just tail end throw the bat at the ball.
  3. Tattieboy

    Jimmy Anderson - the ultimate bowling version of FTB

    Oh definitely, Ishanth is a Rogan Josh and Anderson a Bhaji Pav
  4. Tattieboy

    Your fav top-5 Aussie cricketers?

    Kim Hughes Justin Langer Michael Hussey Adam Gilchrist Trevor Laughlin All were brilliant people off the park with Kim Hughes being the best .
  5. Tattieboy

    Jacqueline Fernandez - The queen of curves in Bollywood

    Come on, nobody looks worse than Indian coaches ....is it true that there is a prize for the first one that can see their feet ?
  6. Tattieboy

    Jacqueline Fernandez - The queen of curves in Bollywood

    I hope he is not a trundler , she looks a 150km kind of girl
  7. I will tell him , you didn't think much of him .....You should hear what he thinks if ICF
  8. Cricket Scotland doing just fine , at least we can beat England
  9. I taught him all he knows He desperately wants to a position at BCCI
  10. Tattieboy

    What India needs is team director

    I know someone who I feel would make a perfect Team Director. Ilustrious Ranji career..... Test , ODI player, ...Ranji Umpire, ....Cricket Administrator, ....Test , ODI, T20 Head Coach, ....T20 WC Manager winner .....Ranji Coach. Still involved in cricket at the highest level.
  11. Tattieboy

    Ashwin first 43 matches 24 5-fers, next 22 matches just 2

    Did Ashwin have a back fusion operation too?
  12. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    Sorry to disappoint but yes I have waited 3 hrs , myself and hundreds of others. I am well aware of pre paid cabs but don't require them or a non booked taxi but that doesn't mean that every passenger is bombarded outside by con men trying to get passengers into cars . We have different views what is aethsetically pleading with its dearth of shops cafes and duty free and what there is are hardly ever open . I do agree however in security as I once counted at Mumbai on 14 checks from entrance to boarding
  13. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    Been in worse
  14. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    FYI information I do fly into India and internal flytes . So yes I have been in the aircraft hanger called Ahmedabad Airport. Stood in immigration queue at Mumbai for 3 hrs, Dodged every crook rying to get you in a" taxi" at Bangalore , Chennai . As it was a comment against a Scottish airport I am not interested in American airports . You know what , I am tired you talking out of their ass and thinking they know it all when you know nothing .
  15. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    Could be a lot worse ...it could be in India

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