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  1. Tattieboy

    What India needs is team director

    I know someone who I feel would make a perfect Team Director. Ilustrious Ranji career..... Test , ODI player, ...Ranji Umpire, ....Cricket Administrator, ....Test , ODI, T20 Head Coach, ....T20 WC Manager winner .....Ranji Coach. Still involved in cricket at the highest level.
  2. Tattieboy

    Ashwin first 43 matches 24 5-fers, next 20 matches just 2

    Did Ashwin have a back fusion operation too?
  3. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    Sorry to disappoint but yes I have waited 3 hrs , myself and hundreds of others. I am well aware of pre paid cabs but don't require them or a non booked taxi but that doesn't mean that every passenger is bombarded outside by con men trying to get passengers into cars . We have different views what is aethsetically pleading with its dearth of shops cafes and duty free and what there is are hardly ever open . I do agree however in security as I once counted at Mumbai on 14 checks from entrance to boarding
  4. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    Been in worse
  5. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    FYI information I do fly into India and internal flytes . So yes I have been in the aircraft hanger called Ahmedabad Airport. Stood in immigration queue at Mumbai for 3 hrs, Dodged every crook rying to get you in a" taxi" at Bangalore , Chennai . As it was a comment against a Scottish airport I am not interested in American airports . You know what , I am tired you talking out of their ass and thinking they know it all when you know nothing .
  6. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    Could be a lot worse ...it could be in India
  7. Tattieboy

    Manchester Airport

    What is wrong with Edinburgh airport?
  8. Tattieboy

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Did I bat with Pakistani Test openers ? Yes and for that matter I did Indian and Australian Test opener too , does that make Indian and Australian too? Ever heard of the saying ..you are barking up the wrong tree ? ..well you are sitting on hind legs barking and I am sitting in another tree laughing at you
  9. Tattieboy

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Actually no I say your but keep proving you are stupid, don't let me stop you
  10. Tattieboy

    Pujara & Miandad

    Who is saying he didn't get upto antics? Stick to the thread which is Pujara v Miandad as a batsman
  11. Tattieboy

    Pujara & Miandad

    Afraid the joke is now on you
  12. Tattieboy

    What single cricketing ability do you wish you had?

    Played with Alvin's brother . All-rounder bowled quick let breaks , best fielder I played with,
  13. Tattieboy

    Pujara & Miandad

    What mask would that be ?
  14. Tattieboy

    Pujara & Miandad

    Come up with all stats you want, Pujara could not lace Miandad's boots as a batsman , never ever full stop !!!
  15. Disappointing that Scotland's Head Coach Grant Bradburn has left Cricket Scotland to replace Rixon but not surprising . When you beat 4 test nations in a year and have 3 guaranteed International games against Test nations in next 5 years and Ireland now guaranteed 52 you say to yourself what's the point . Can't help thinking he is wasted by accepting a backroom position in the Pakistan set up .

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