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  1. I don't know his background but he is pretty much on money with his choices . It's something I could say yeah I could go with that .
  2. Tattieboy

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    You are also forgetting we are best ODI team in world , we beat the number 1 to take title and not been beaten since Not a Indian or Pakistani import insight either . All squad born in Scotland
  3. Tattieboy

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    The very best team wears pink
  4. As a captain , I look at the situation , playing in India, what does my bowling unit consist of ? What variations do they give me , it's 5 day cricket , it's zonal cricket not test cricket , what are there stats in Indian first class , As Captain I want the guy who has proved he can do it for me not being blinded by a speed gun that shows 7km faster but less wickets and higher average . So my choice would be Kailash Gattani . Horses for courses , out with India he wouldn't be in my team . He bowled , in and out swingers and off and leg cutters at a pace of above medium.
  5. Interesting thread , as an outsider here are a few curve balls to you . I am looking at those zone selections purely in Indian conditions , Ranji / Duleep Trophy as there are many many wonderful cricketers who just could not step upto the test arena but excelled in first class. Buhdi Kunderan first played for railways so you could have him ( original Sewag ) and Sewag opening together . Umesh ...264 wkts 29.40 Shani ... 242 wkts 28.20 Bhuvi .......218 wkts 26.50 Reserve RP Singh ....301 ..30.60 As a selector I would be more impressed with Kailash Gattani ( Rajistan) 396 wkts ..19 .91 Vinoo Mankad average 34.60 ? Wasim Jaffer 50.50 or Lalchand Rajput 49.50 or Gaekawd with 40 test matches not instead of Mankad ? It was always my experience that West Zone was the strongest zone .
  6. Tattieboy

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    Always on the left and remember to indicate when overtaking and the horn is only something that Velu gets when Dhoni is mentioned
  7. Tattieboy

    Your favorite cricketers

    I did know Budhi , he is probably the most liked Indian who played here , probably because he settled here , played for so many years here and did play for Scotland as the professional against English counties in cup games.
  8. Tattieboy

    Your favorite cricketers

    Yes he did settle in Scotland , him and his English wife. His two sons live in Scotland . My very first senior game was against Budhi, I played a few times against him before he retired . Your dad is correct , he was The Sewag of his time and a very fine wicketkeeper. I was very surprised that he got life time achievement award because up to his death he never forgave BCCI .
  9. Tattieboy

    Your favorite cricketers

    How do you know about Budhi Kunderan to be one of your favourites ?
  10. Tattieboy

    Should India experiment in T20?

    You know the saying Gollum , Practise makes perfect and they have been perfecting for a long time . Too many cooks spoils the broth is another saying that sums up the BCCI
  11. To answer the OP Your batsmen ( apart from Kohli ) choked , lacked preparation, heart and guts most of the time . .They either don't know or forgot what test match batting is all about . India thinks one does all in all 3 formats , only very special players can play all formats to a high standard that deserves their place in each team. The bowlers had chances to finish England off at crucial stages but they choked as well . India had the chances to not just win the series but win convincently but they blew it against a very poor England team
  12. Broad did not refuse to walk . You can only refuse to walk if given out !! An appeal was made, given not out by umpire , game continues . In about 99% of the time the umpire gives the correct decision, but in 1% they don't , time for people like you to start saying player A is a cheat But the other 99 % would in your eyes be cheats too only you don't or can't because in those cases the players that waited for decision the umpires got it right !!.
  13. Any Karnataka player who nicks it and waits for umpires decision is a " cheat" too .why wait for the umpire to put his finger up ? Why don't they just walk off before given out ! Answer is they hope they won't be given out . This is big boys cricket not gulley cricket go cry to someone who cares .
  14. Cricket !!!...no laws broken just some snowflakes getting themselves into a tizzy .you win some you lose some ...Deal with it . With your out cry about it all , every Karnataka player who waits on an umpire decision is a " cheat" too because all he is doing is to see if he has gotten away with it .
  15. If Pujsra cheated then he should be charged as such . Care to inform which law in cricket he would be charged with ?

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