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  1. What about Gavaskars critism?
  2. One small difference between them , smith didn't have an ego the size of Kohli and had experienced big game players in the dressing room to reign him in.
  3. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    See we do agree South Africa you are spot on. Virat needs to know his best 11 and let them know he wants them and if they don't produce get rid of them
  4. Graeme Smith was 22 and had been in the test team a year and finished as captain at 30. Slightly less cricket experience at international and domestic level Virat so personally I would give him a little slack on how he started as a captain
  5. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    You or any of us on here have not a clue what the Indian 3rd test team will be but that gives you confidence the chances of winning are quite good?
  6. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    In my view if they continue like they are then yes they are done and dusted but I believe the batsmen are much better than their performances show and in my opinion can be rectified . Replacing Kumble with the wrong candidate is the cause of performances in South Africa. I don't need your Google translate , I have given you the meaning of Tattie
  7. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    Try again , I could not care if England win or lose ...assumptions of nationality again!! Google translate. ..Tattie = Potato I don't think I chanted "2-0 down "...I pointed out 2-0 down and a reason why If your upset that I won't bow down to the India is the greatest whatever brigade , that's tough . If you look you will find praise of Indian team and cricketers where due. I don't deal in fantasy cricket with what if and but but but
  8. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    I haven't claimed I know my cricket . I have said I have played cricket . You are 2-0 down with a shambles of a batting line up , problems off the park and you tell Australia and England they better take note. I think you should hope they get their problems sorted out before you start your boasting # whitewash
  9. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    If respond in English my language I may reply
  10. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    That's my whole point too, it's unfair judging Jos and Dhoni today. He had his time and from a neutral point of view he was great for cricket but as you say if you don't evolve then you stagnate or go backwards
  11. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Should not
  12. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    NO he hasn't but he shouldn't still be in ODI team
  13. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Every generation of cricketers has evolved. I appreciate both as cricketers. I marvelled at Dhoni innings in the past as I marvelled at Jos's two days ago .
  14. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Judging someone at the height of his career against someone who should be retired from internationals is just stupid
  15. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Oooops I backed Dhoni so I am a troll

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