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  1. Tattieboy

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    No idea, not Indian I don't know every Indian cricketer. It won't work in Indian cricket, entitlement comes before planning, form and ability
  2. Tattieboy

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    There is India's problem " next in line"!! Eon Morgan wasn't next in line he was the guy with the vision of positive attitude cricket
  3. Tattieboy

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Get a coach who understands modern batting and a captain with a more positive attitude to hitting the ball from ball 1
  4. 105 overs in ODI since India last hit a six !!
  5. Afraid England have tilted it, a whole team of batsmen who from ball one will hit it into the stands . Not a fluke either they been doing it for 3 years and getting better and better at it and now touching distance from 500.
  6. Nobody in their right mind changes strengths
  7. Not sure the team is complacent as more everyone all around it are ,
  8. You better hope that India beats England then if a small insignificant country ( minnow) can
  9. There you go that wasn't difficult , was it ?
  10. Just seeing if he can write Scotland instead of minnows . A country who can not only score 371 against them but also bowl them out deserves the respect of calling them by their name.
  11. What minnows was that?
  12. For what it's worth I wouldn't play either in the odi games. India should play 2 leg spinners as their best chance is bowling England out and they can't play leg spinners .
  13. I would need to check all facts but I know he scored a 53 ball century batting at number 7 England v West Indies
  14. I take it from the but but but answer that is zero Moen Ali has scored 3 , so from that we can conclude that if both bat 7 the chance of Ali scoring a century is greater
  15. How many ODI centuries has Pandya scored?
  16. I think that if Indian " selectors" can think bringing back Raina to tour England and not playing Rahul is a forward thinking move towards a WC 12 months away then you know really deep down nothing is going to change. If India do win the world cup it will be not because of the Indian system set up but inspite of it.
  17. I see that, he is great as a defensive holding player Inthe cricket team too lol
  18. Tattieboy

    Jos Butler

    Jos Butler on fire again tonight!!
  19. The Iranian goalkeeper in post match interview was asked what he was thinking when facing Ronaldo's penalty. My hero is MSDhoni and I wanted to be just calm like him , dive and catch like him , he is such an inspiration to me.
  20. I think you need to check populations again!! Both Costa Rica and Panama have over 4 million which makes them at least 13 times bigger than Iceland
  21. As a non Indian I find this episode very very strange and I know as a Scotsman if given the choice today to either play against Rayudu or Raini it would be Raini every day of the week and twice on Sundays !!
  22. Is he still playing international cricket? What 57yr is as fit as a professional sportsman in their 20's The question is ...is he good enough to be a head coach !!!
  23. And England are laughing and very grateful they did !
  24. Exactly!! This guy played in the IPL I never once heard from media, BCCI, Pundits or the experts on ICF that as he crashed 4's and 6's around the park that he looked unfit but 2 weeks later he is completely unfit to play cricket . Surely it could have been kept quiet and build his fitness over the next few weeks .

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