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  1. What is your cricketing profile?

    Internationist u16, 19, 21 for my country. Failed opening bat All rounder off spinner Specialist gully fielder Played with and against Test players 7th highest wicket taker and 15th highest run scorer in the history of my 150 yr old club Now visit I India on a regular basis to see my friends there from our playing days
  2. Ashwin shoukd retire from LoIs !!!

    In my view no player from any sport should " retire" from representing their country, if you mean he should not be selected for ODI then I would have to agree.
  3. Sourav Ganguly's views on younsters

    OMG such radical views, that man will be sent to Midnapore District of West Bengal
  4. Who do you think would be Indian Coach?

    Kaptaan/ coach/ selector / Kohli does
  5. Who do you think would be Indian Coach?

    who cares who becomes next Indian coach?
  6. Rabada ban

  7. Rabada ban

    Word is that ECB is going to release a tape of it, SA chief executive is flying over.whole of England is in uproar, ....on an by note I hear Matthew Wade has taken up ballet dancing))))
  8. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    My opinion is that if one of your comfort zone players Justin Langer who scored a century in every test playing country except India then Virat Kohli who hasnt scored a century in two is definatley a comfort zone player.....just saying
  9. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Is Virat Kohli a comfort zone player?
  10. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    Captaincy never has been or will be a paramounter of judging an all rounder.
  11. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    I am curious if you saw any of the " four" all rounders play live?
  12. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    The difference being Ben Johnson was found guilty of cheating and stripped of his gold medal Imran Khan was not found guilty of anything by the ICC. Rule of law...Innocent until proven guilty
  13. First Test - England vs South Africa @Lords, London

    India might be but Ishant won't be
  14. First Test - England vs South Africa @Lords, London

    What would Joe be doing at Azad Maidan next year?)))
  15. T He saying goes...better being a has been than a never was
  16. T He saying goes...better being a has been than a never was
  17. He is good guy off the field.....i dont think he professes to be a ODI batsman but he doesnt pick the team and you dont say thanks but no thanks to your country
  18. Because he wasnt a very good one is the blunt truth but so happy that he did and has achieved what he has
  19. You are correct Azhar did bowl a bit leg spin as well..... Respect to Azhar for what he has achieved,
  20. Just a guy who knew one end of a cricket bat from the other end and has a user name that people on here thought they would take the piss out of;)))
  21. Nicest Pakistani test player i played with or against was a guy called Mudassar Nazar
  22. 140+ i would guess.....dont confuse speed with ability to take wickets. A lot of quickies are straight up and down bowlers and not nearly as effective as swing or seamers bowling at a brisk pace.
  23. On a fast hard wicket Raj would bend his back and be quick enough for me to " smell the leather" as it flew past my nose;)))
  24. Raj Kulkarni of Bombay was quickest Indian bowler i faced...Best Indian bowler i faced was a guy called Kailash Gattani

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