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  1. WC Qualifiers

    Not using the review system was just another obstacle ( one of many ) put in place by the ICC to stop an Associate from qualifying.
  2. WC Qualifiers

    We will be a better team in 4 years but don't feel too sorry for us , it was the Ireland game that we should have really won . I am proud of the boys in how they have played and getting regular ODI' s now will push us on further . Nice to see all those Indian Scottish fans on here sympathising... Thank You I will be back in India in 3 weeks, I shall buy you all a drink lol lol
  3. WC Qualifiers

    Thanks Maniac, but I don't think we will do it ..had our chance and should have beat Ireland
  4. WC Qualifiers

    If you read what I wrote it says world sport events not world cups . It was also sarcasm if you read all the replies especially the one after that quote
  5. WC Qualifiers

    It's high time the world cup and euro's were rigged so Scottish supporters can get to a tournament again lol
  6. WC Qualifiers

    south Africa have a professional cricket set up. Google Omar Henry of South Africa , he was in Scotland for years , played and coached Scotland but also played for South Africa. Cricket is in the DNA for both South Africa and Zimbabwe. ....Scotland's DNA is football like cricket is India's
  7. WC Qualifiers

    All to do with population . England 60 million , Scotland and Ireland 5 million each. Our national sport is football . We can not sustain a complete professional cricket set up. The Scotland guys are on central contracts or attached to English counties , basically playing counties 2nd do with some county first team games.
  8. WC Qualifiers

    Nah can't do that, sport is for all., We will welcome all Indian sportsmen and women
  9. WC Qualifiers

    I hope I am wrong but I fear it will end in glorious failure for Scotland. They had their chance to qualify by beating Ireland, really it's more important that they have ODI status and now Test Nations must play them which In the long run will see them develope to even better things .
  10. WC Qualifiers

    Not in India , it's all about us us us , rupees, rupees, rupees
  11. WC Qualifiers

    So it's not a cricket World Cup. I think it's time we got rid of Mickey mouse south Asian teams from every other world sport event. They are terrible competitors and no support comes out of South Asia to support them anyway. Other nations just lose money with them participating .
  12. WC Qualifiers

    What does that have to do with abc's point of India and Pakistan being dumped out of group stages in 2007 and rigging the qualifiers so it can happen again ?
  13. WC Qualifiers

    Scotland defeated by their bogey team Ireland . They can still qualify if they beat West Indies. Scotland were at the airport ready to board the plane for Harare when all of a sudden the President of Zimbabwe arrived in his helicopter and commandeered the plane leaving the Scottish team waiting 8hrs at the airport for the plane to return. Not only do associate teams have the ICC rigging the tournament to get two test teams through but A president of a Test nation pulling a stunt like this to get his Test nation through ....... DISGUSTING!!!!
  14. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    As I have already stated 9 in the squad in UAE team at world cup qualifiers were born in UAE . You can't ban anyone who qualifies through ICC residency rules. If every India is looking for 11 arabs to represent UAE then they are living in dream world ,
  15. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    I think you are forgetting my figure of 59% . South Asians are the majority of the UAE population.
  16. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    What is the structure under national level like? Do they have league structures in place with under age national teams.? With 59% of the population being south Asian I suspect it's always going to be the case that south Asian generations will be the majority participants in cricket
  17. Are we watching the same cricket?...Joe Root is an animated cricketer on the field ?
  18. Katy Perry kisses a teenager on American Idol

    Follow up single to I kissed a girl out today. I Kissed A Boy.
  19. What's the exact photo fit of a scornful attention seeker?
  20. Was Viv Richards only 2nd to Bradman at his best?

    It was revelutionary because in Test cricket before most batsmen's thought process was block, 1,2,3,4 Where Viv's to every ball was 4,3,2,1, block and in ODI's it was 6,4,3,2,1, block
  21. WC Qualifiers

    Less of the Uncle Scrooge or I will set my bagpipes on you lol You are correct about tours etc but Test teams don't want associates to improve. Zimbabwe have had test status since 1992 but in 25 years refused to play us until last year ( scared to get beat) they wanted an ODI because they knew they would play us in this tournament. What disappoints me is that I could take you to at least 500 fully grass grounds with grass and artificial wicket nets for a population of 5 million but in say Ahmedabad with approx 6.5 million that city has about 8 full grass parks which 7 are private or State team facilities and no grass wicket net facilities for all young Ahmedabad kids
  22. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    I asked you politely not UAE too and your response was who the F cares about UAE Says it all Now if you can't answer a simple question I will politely tell you go play with your toys and leave real cricket to cricket people
  23. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    FYI as well, The ACC is a subordinate to the ICC , it's a regional body . The Asian Cup can not invite only one ACC member with ODI status and not the other . Either both of none and I am very happy for both to play in it
  24. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    Show me where I said I didn't think Nepal should play in Asia cup or I have a hate for Nepal? " We already have Team India, Pakistan, Bangladesh to look upto".....who exactly is we? Only ones that matter to look upto UAE is the people in UAE .

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