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  1. bleaf27

    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    Missed the whole point..... Are you that thick or really you have a hard on for these home bullies? You gotta stay off the dreamy boy syndrome bollywood. I think Pandya has impressed you in more than one way. As a cricketer purely, not your man crush way, he hasn't proven anything, he isn't a prime all rounder and still quite far to be taken seriously. Ashwin has a test hundred. Dhoni definitely is a better hitter than Pandya but that's beyond you to understand.
  2. bleaf27

    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    So was afridi.. How hard you can hit the ball is quite different from how consistent you are..
  3. bleaf27

    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    The guy is pretty busy mate, watching the home bullies isn't quite enjoyable. I never said jadeja is better, I said let Pandya bat enough for a proper comparison. Take a break from postjng rubbish, would be good for you. Pandya hasn't proven anything yet. Hold your horses
  4. bleaf27

    NHL Thread

    Hey guys, any NHL fans out here ? I'm from Toronto so needless to say quite a big Maple Leafs fan ! Even though we are done for the season , the future certainly looks bright with all the youngsters coming in ! Anyone else following the playoffs , which team are you guys rooting for ? Didn't see any other NHL thread so hopefully hockey fans will come in droves to discuss here ! Go leafs go !

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