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  1. bleaf27

    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    Missed the whole point..... Are you that thick or really you have a hard on for these home bullies? You gotta stay off the dreamy boy syndrome bollywood. I think Pandya has impressed you in more than one way. As a cricketer purely, not your man crush way, he hasn't proven anything, he isn't a prime all rounder and still quite far to be taken seriously. Ashwin has a test hundred. Dhoni definitely is a better hitter than Pandya but that's beyond you to understand.
  2. bleaf27

    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    So was afridi.. How hard you can hit the ball is quite different from how consistent you are..
  3. bleaf27

    Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    The guy is pretty busy mate, watching the home bullies isn't quite enjoyable. I never said jadeja is better, I said let Pandya bat enough for a proper comparison. Take a break from postjng rubbish, would be good for you. Pandya hasn't proven anything yet. Hold your horses
  4. bleaf27

    Allan Donald's worst over ever

    Donald was a legend , the intensity he brought to the table was much more than many other greats could match
  5. bleaf27

    Ashwin completes double of 2000 runs and 200 wickets

    This is why if you do not have the capacity to fit form right away ( in many sports you are expected to hit your performance level when you come back ) then do not play. Who's responsibility it is to make sure if you are selected you are able to perform . Would costing a match or a tournament worth it ? He should have asked to sit out esp with lack of practice matches if he felt he wasn't ready.
  6. bleaf27

    Ashwin completes double of 2000 runs and 200 wickets

    He got cleared and was given medically fit to play Hence you play. Every athlete needs rhythm , Whether cricket or not - that is not an excuse to perform horrendously on international stage. Being a liability just because you haven't found your "rhythm" is not a reason.
  7. bleaf27

    TESLA delivers first batch of MODEL 3s

    No but fully autonomous cars are still quite a long way to go before being legalized. Common things Insurance Rates? Accident Rates ? Human Error vs Machine Error ? In cases of fatality , who takes the blame ? What about the law's regarding Drinking and driving and Minimum Age to Drive ?
  8. bleaf27

    Ashwin completes double of 2000 runs and 200 wickets

    What injury ? Secondly, If you are medically cleared to play - show up ! No excuse to play like a 12th player Horrendous when playing in ODI/T20s and esp overseas The same road where Rasheed / Shadab and Rashid bowled quite well through out ? He was horrible in every match he played in the CT !
  9. bleaf27

    Is this the best bowling attack we've ever had?

    A month ago the two "world" class spinners got humbled and humiliated in CT .....and there is a thread for best bowling ?
  10. bleaf27

    Ashwin completes double of 2000 runs and 200 wickets

    Most recent memory of his is the CT for me .....
  11. Definitely not funny , especially when done in the dressing room.....on field banter is a different story. classless
  12. bleaf27

    Ashwin completes double of 2000 runs and 200 wickets

    Can't even buy a wicket overseas and bullying against WI/SL/BD ......pretty representative of the Indian Team
  13. bleaf27

    1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    I fail to understand and relevance of these meaningless series against SL/WI/BD except to inflate series. This lot is going to be embarassed in an away series against SA/Aus /Eng
  14. bleaf27

    The myths propagated by Sachin detractors

    What I find funny when people say sachin isn't a match winner based on how he performed in the "finals" while disregarding how he carried the team into the finals in the first place... Sachin stood tall in 1996wc, 2003 wc against pak, against australia in Sharjah and carried India in wc final in 2011 against pak In SF.
  15. Yeh ! could never could figure out whether he was mixed or what part of the country he was from
  16. bleaf27

    ICF needs a social media manager

    Eh I could give it a shot even though I could get busy at times due to work
  17. bleaf27

    Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    There should be regulations regarding what time loudspeakers can be used for religious purposes and also whether they should be allowed at all in a family neighbourhood ! I would be fkin pissed myself If I had to wake up at 5 myself due to some religious nutjob yelling on the microphone . That's noise pollution and secondly it disturbs the peace for the community as a whole
  18. bleaf27

    MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Well she takes me respect for standing by her team after the loss instead of jumping around like an idiot like Kohli did post CT loss..
  19. bleaf27

    India certified Final Chokers

    Maybe that's the reason Pakistan is fearful and never makes it to the stage where it matters?
  20. Jadeja has played good in subcontinent because he's been given the chance. Jadeja has played utterly poor overseas hence he's a home dummy. Has Kuldeep been given a chance at home ? No . .......So why continuing to insisnt with players who we know are only good at home turf ? Why not give new players chance who may play at home and away both ? If we continue to play Jadeja and Ashwin at home and new players overseas we'll never have a settled team. Might as well give new players a try at home so they can turn out to be players who can do well overseas too unlike Jadeja and Ashwin
  21. Rankings and other things don't matter when these supposed match winners cannot pick a single wicket and go missing in big tourneys.... No one's place should be for granted . Who ever can produce in the settings / pitch should be picked. Jadeja and Ashwin have been embarassing in the CT and they need to sit down , quite simple.
  22. At home warriors are useless duds overseas.
  23. bleaf27

    India war with China 2017 ?? Possiblity

    Really? Why 1:7? Did you recently read the report on the inadequate and insufficient ammunition in the Indian army? What about the attack helicopters, that is of prime use in that sort of sub terrain

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