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  1. Tauseef takes dig at IPL, says PSL has ‘damaged’ it

    He is right in the PSL has been huge success whereas I don't think this years ipl has been a great edition
  2. Kohli wants Rahane in Champions Trophy squad

    I think Pakistan will tip our pool with the likes of ishant and rahane in the team and Kohli out of form
  3. Rahane is the new Ishant Sharma

    How lol ishant still gets a game when he is the worst ever 200 wicket bowler in test history is beyond me. Hopefully he plays next time the surrenderers tour Pakistan
  4. Why would Pakistan want to play in a 3rd world country like east Lahore
  5. Should Kohli be removed as captain?

    Agree he is really struggling this year as a batsman and captain. Pathetic against Aussies averaging only 9 and even worse ipl
  6. Lol norf beat the Camry crows on the weekend and were 64-0 at one stage... boy oh boy wowee
  7. Pakistan in West Indies 2017

    Almost as embarrassing as dropping a test to the Aussies in Asia who is and Sri Lanka swept the last times we played them

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