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  1. Don't agree with this thread. England were 210/3 in the first innings. India were then 100/5 in response. That's Test cricket!
  2. msb1991

    Pujara's county performance thread

    What is interesting is the purpose of the stint. If he scores 100s every game then it feels useless as he hasn't gained anything. If he continues to fail then surely the stint has shown inability to deal with the conditions and potential evidence he should be dropped. If he does well in latter games then it feels that it has done the precise goal which is for him to learn how to play the conditions. Either way, I don't think early failures are the catastrophe that they seem
  3. Look how many of Philander's here were under 130kph.
  4. If South Africa managed to get all four of those fit in South African conditions then I'm not sure any team has a chance?
  5. msb1991

    Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Yes, I recall reading that there are human limits to this sort of thing.

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