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  1. Pujara, Rahane, Murli all failing to score...coming test series could be a big thrashing for us.
  2. Dhoni will probably retire and Kohli will accompany him ..eulogising his achievments or maybe Bevda will do the honors.
  3. Sgattick10

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    And his PR is succeeding, there are few idiots bawling in twitter asking him not to retire. One idiot wrote something like 'u are my childhood memories if u retire I will lose my childhood' or some similar ****. Dhoni is ek number ka troll.
  4. Sgattick10

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Yes I know nothing of that will happen but one can hope right. Such drastic changes will come if we bow out of WC in early stages but with meek selection team even that looks difficult.
  5. Sgattick10

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Kick out shastri and bring Moody as coach. Give Virat 2-3 series as captain and review bis captaincy, management, selection skills , dont give free rope or long term captaincy that brings arrogance and incumbancy. Bring in young players T20s and ODIs are youth oriented, dont waste time on has beens. Give Pant, Gill, Shaw chances.
  6. Sgattick10

    IS MSD Retiring?

    Unfortunately No.
  7. Not related to topic but Vaughan taunting Indian team on twitter and few Pakistani and kashmiris joining in. This team knows how to humiliate fans... sad thing is India has enough talent to beat any team but due to politics and favoritism right players are not selected.
  8. Sgattick10

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    Yeah even Ganguli was furious in extra innings... kohli-shastri ko koi chaata maro
  9. Ganguly straight talking yaasss Some of the points he raised: 1. India needs to pick between Dhoni and Karthick, Dhoni has been in bad form for more then a year. 2. U cannot drop KL Rahul, your best batsmen, give him a free run of 14-15 matches and then decide. 3. India's 4, 5, 6 is ****. There are better batsmen then Raina. His time is up. Only thing I didnt like was him advocating Rahane But he was spot on and blunt , Gavaskar gone hiding.
  10. Well dreserved win for England.
  11. Lol hardik tried to block Root's hundred but failed

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