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  1. IPL 2018 to Be Live Streamed in VR by Hotstar

    Where is the IPL thread?
  2. A few Dhoni fans have come out saying this could be end of road for him on twitter.
  3. Lol Starc is being hammered by Philander 3 back to back boundaries.
  4. Sending Shankar over DK

  5. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Omg that guy with bat, so much overacting, will defo win a Razzie for sure lol
  6. Great Game Bangladesh

    Yea, from 60 odd for 5 to 165 and then stetching India till the end was a good performance.
  7. Has DK effectively replaced MSD in T20 cricket?

    Dhoni will be replaced the day he decides to retire.
  8. Entire stadium giving standing ovation to Indian players wow
  9. Sixxxxxxxx yayyyyy DK
  10. So a 6 will do cmon DK

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