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  1. Pakiz getting a phaibty of tgeir life, I hope its a 10 wicket drubbing
  2. Gavaskar chutiya talking about Afridi how this kid is so good, so special, so young yada yada yet when it comes to India he wants Bhuvu ahead of Khaleel or for that matter any oldie ahead of an youngster sala dougla insaan.
  3. Lol khaleel Saini etc would not get a chance with this pathetic selection team and captain-coach-Dhoni nexus. Trundlers like Kaul, Thakur will keep getting into the team.
  4. Lol KP saying India has worst RR in death overs while Pak has the best, VVS as usual goes quiet. This chutiya can't say a word against this team, naukri jane ka darr jo hai ..
  5. Lmao bhuvi ki pungi baja di bacche ne, thats what happens when u pick young fearless cricketers...
  6. Lol VVS was going on and on about what the Pak batsmen need to do..be circumspect and all that, Aamir Sohail just turned to KP and asked him how he being an attacking batsmen would play when not in good form totally ignoring VVS
  7. Ganguly, Rahul are only two good commies in India and Shastry tbh.. everyone else

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