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  1. Ganguly's face entire over
  2. Sgattick10

    KKR release Mitchell Starc from his IPL contract

    Serves King Kong right
  3. Sgattick10

    Oye Hoye Trophy!

    Was wondering what would come after biscuit, not disappointed.
  4. Sgattick10

    I Am Not Here To Compete With Anyone: Rishabh Pant

    Rohit giving him tips for Australia
  5. Sgattick10

    India 's tour of Australia

    Timing is bad though
  6. Haven't watched the match, but tuning in lol 6 of 6 should have ended it in 18th ovr.
  7. Why is Sunday opening the bowling? We aren't playing any seamers
  8. Who cares about IPL, WC is the real deal do whatever needed to keep the players fit.
  9. Bunraah picks his 2nd
  10. 3rd catch for Captain Sharma
  11. Bhuvi got a lucky wicket tonight
  12. Pollard what was that, looks to be in daze
  13. Lol Windies what a crap team
  14. 2nd wicket for Khaleel
  15. Khaleel picks up the first
  16. Hope & Hetmayer opening

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