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  1. Pls suggest some good thrillers/whodunnit films to kill time..staying at home is not easy.
  2. Omg I almost had a heart attack
  3. He is in marauding form
  4. My realistic 11 would be Dhawan Rohit KL Virat Iyer Pandya Pant Thakur (cos he can hit a few) Kuldeep Saini Bhumrah
  5. Copying legend Rohit's legendary comment.... Copycat
  6. Bring in some new talent or am not watching
  7. Most of the criticism is directed towards Shastri, Kohli not so much.
  8. Except Sportstak, not much noise.
  9. Kohli is rested from SA series is it true?
  10. Werent they hammered by the Aussies couple of weeks back?
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9F-vgopEpL/?igshid=19kyv1ca8tzjr
  12. Was just saying the other day how he goes under the radar, no one really talks about his slump..finally today most comments on YT is about his failure and the call to chuck him out..will it happen though? Not sure.
  13. Our team has the habit of making newcomers into superstars - Sam Curran, Jamieson
  14. But we suck in T20s too lol our team for all its IPL exploits doesnt have the fire power in batting like English or Aussies
  15. Lmao what was that...I hope Rahane comes to press meet tonight and talk about this dismissal.
  16. Too much short stuff going on this Jamieson kid bowls at 125 kph lol come to India
  17. Was watching few sports tak vdos how come no one criticises Rahane like he goes under the radar all the time lucky bastard.
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