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  1. sukhoi

    Shahid Afridi slams India on Kashmir

    Nothing from the beloved LALA when his own city is under siege ................ Much say on Kashmir but silence on his city being kept hostage by people in the Asia bibi case TOTAL HYPOCRISY AT THE HIGHEST ORDER
  2. sukhoi

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Glad we all come come out very frequently, but Pakistanis comes out once in a Leap Year hence the frequent call ..... now go and hide
  3. Shame one me or to Sickular persons like you & Muslim Groups who just keep quiet when Tamilians get tortured and killed in Sri Lanka and make a hue and cry when the same been created in PALESTINE, SYRIA, ROHINGYA .................................. where where these so called SICKULAR shameful person like you ................. only when there a tag line on Religion they wake up
  4. This is so nice there will be rally by Muslim Group in India, for Palestine's, Rohingya ..... but what happens when there was killings of Tamilians in Srilanka, the same Muslim groups will be very quiet and will not utter any word they think they are some kind of animals who are getting slaughtered and seems to be quiet and go about their business As soon as Palestines, Rohingya's, Syria ... comes these so called Muslim Group wakes up and shouts and do agitation and give mass protest/lectures to the government the only tag line here is the RELIGION
  5. @sarcastic Your comments to consider Kashmiri's to be separate country and bla bla .......... to join with enemy land, is not possible with current situation, also if Kashmiris think if we keep shouting, with the help of enemy land we would get the sympathies of Indian People and would achieve the agenda we have ........... the more the violence being done by Kashmiri's it directly proportinate to more Indian Symapthies with Armed forces, this will also have multiple impact with GOI as those (BJP, Congress....) who supports Armed forces would be elected and hence the more stronger would be GOI against Kashmiris who are against India. Gone are days when insurgency was at its peak during 90's in Kashmir, and when India was economically weaker than enemy country, they had upper hand in making India agree to the tune what Kashmiri's had, ......... but now in this present world India has more support with more major powers and econmoically stronger, will never bulge to the needs of Kashmiris even what may cry. Fact is like Israel has armed forces to protect itself .... India will always have strong armed forces in Kashmir And the agenda you have in bringing soft power as Humanitarian crisis in Kashmir will not be fruitfull ..................... because then think about Baluchistan the Humanitarian crisis there and speak about it with louder...................................... if you say it is not dispute land by UN ........................ then as per UN Hafeez Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim etc, are terrorist
  6. this is just your perception that Pakistan is safe, the world does not see it that way, you may argue saying Pakistan is not like Somalia, Congo .... in security but the world see Pakistan as terrorist sympathizers and views Pakistan as a rogue state which supports terrorist in any way to achieve what they want to in other countries. The Basic problem world does not Trust the Pakistan Organization, as it was the one which had given Refugee to Global Wanted Terrorist, no matter what the Pakistan Organization gives protection to the touring party, when the organization itself is on the list which wanted to target the touring party, Question remains who will tour ............. Yes there may be some who tour for a big bucks which is practically possible even in Somalia, Congo, Ethiopia ....
  7. it seems to be somewhat ISI setup to have an agenda against India ................... Afridi Tweet to make International Attention Hasan Moron Ali buffoonery attention seeking Do not forget the Indian Media has much reach to international Audience than Pakistani Media ....... this is what these attention seeking Morons are been trained to do by their so called masters...... Its like using Indian Mechanism to reach to world and to point their agenda. Better that India does not play in any Bilateral series and cruch their cash, also make sure they are screwed with money by making them spend more money in turn thinking of getting money from India ALSO coward BCCI should project its Pakistani who is MIXING SPORTS WITH POLITICS
  8. sukhoi

    History teaching in Pakistan

    correction - not Robots, its "Terrorist" who are trained to kill Kaffirs from Young blood.
  9. sukhoi

    Hope Kishan is ok

    Not that talented...
  10. Cricket and Football are different agreed, but the context in which to bring Fear is the same. India does not want to engage with Terrorist Nation its that simple, same goes to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar and UAE who does not want to engage with Israel, again do they also think in Fear in saying NO to Israel does it because of FEAR FACTOR, When they clearly know they can beat Israel Football team in any part of Universe ... Yes even OBL is proud to be Saudi
  11. Its not rocket science to understand, India does not want to play with Terrorist and also does not want to gift $$$ to produce and export terrorist Pakistani Logic does not play means FEAR ....... Does Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, UAE send their football team to Israel for a a Bilateral Series if not in neutral venue with all the Broadcasting $$$ goes to Israel .......................... Oh if they do not send does that means SAUDI ARABIA, IRAN, QATAR, UAE .......................................... FEAR ISRAEL as per Pakistani Logic
  12. ^^^^ also do not forget number one in exporting terrorists to other countries
  13. as long as they do not make terrorists its fine
  14. Why shud India play a bilateral series with a Terrorist Country and feed them with money so that they can produce future terrorists who will attack India Will Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE ..... send their Football team to Israel for a Bilateral 3 match series it would generate a high broadcasting rights for sure for Israel Oh yeah as per Pakistani Logic Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE ..... are feared to send their team to Israel
  15. Looks like a master stroke from BCCI in the longer run, there is a dispute which is been put against BCCI for not honoring a piece of worthless paper called MOU. This just show cases that there is a political issue with India - Pakistan and the Indian government is not willing to have any bilateral ties, in which cases the stakes for BCCI are very high to get over it, and in the process dry the purse of PCB. Also it also gets into good books of a UAE crown, which would also be a political victory for things to get in having good relation with UAE which India did not have during 90's. Regarding the Emerging Cup - the point to be noted would be the teams which are going to be played in SL and Pakistan are not announced, most likely the teams that would be playing in Pak would Afg, Qualifier if that is the case, then the major revenue portion matches are with SL, who would get the benefit and cost wise logistics of the matches which are dead rubber will be with Pak. The High Chest thumping of Pakistan Fans, as a feeling of BCCI has come down, looks childish as they are missing the bigger picture here.

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