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  1. See the difference between Saudi and Israel and who dominates, also need to take into account there are other countries which are hostile to Israel, in which it has to protect itself and their policy in which they have taken care of themselves proves the point they will sustain any attack how much big alliance and size which attacks them. https://countryeconomy.com/countries/compare/israel/saudi-arabia Based on Policy of China - it has some kind of dictatorship, which India am confident will cannot and will not allow (Example: Xinjhiang Uighur) USA Policy - They have a dominant force in the world with all of its hi-tech aircraft and dollar value, which the world see's and there is a huge difference in what happened with 26/11 and 9/11 they are poles apart, the instigator for 9/11 been given ticket, and for 26/11 you know it better.
  2. Its not the size which matters as we are in a technological world where, a country like Saudi which is 100 times bigger and 1000 times richer cannot/will/can'nt do anything on a country which is of the size of Riyadh
  3. What I meant was if Taliban takes over Afghanistan, would see abundant reduction in Trade with Afghanistan, and also with Non State actors it would put pressure on Iran to not let India IN, a theif will always be theif and live on others income
  4. Simple rule a pinch of poison spoils the whole pot of food. yes it became a failure
  5. What will happen after Taliban takes over Afghanistan will it be merged with Gwadar Port with no access to India who gave money to built it in the first place.
  6. Respect you sir, Having this thought and living in Pakistan - It all comes to the main failure by European nations - MULTI CULTURALISM IS A FAILURE, Europeans thought process before 3 to 4 decades, keeping Multi Cuturalism in their country will prosper their country to good growth, has back fired big time as the sections did not integrate with the main stream and wanted their own set of rules which is been followed by their forefathers in which they have been brought up. Europe created this by their own, the only option would be there would be India/Pakistan = 1947, on Europe it may be in the coming decade or 2 to 3 decades after, Europe will eventually go through Ind/PAK = 1947
  7. A third world country like Bangladesh, does not lie to its guest of giving presedential level security, if they promise they provide those security to safe guard their guest like the developed/beautiful countries
  8. there was also travel advisory ON UK AFTER THE UK TRAIN BOMBINGS WHAT NEXT
  9. Al Qaeda and Afghanistan was talked about more after 9/11 the western world did not say who cares We all know the origin of terrorist activities linkage where it points to the root cause and the escapism which is what discussed and it is not Obsession, and it was not Obsession by western world on Afghanistan and al qaeda after 9/11
  10. The terrorists intention was to harm, the SL team so how was it missed. There is a difference Pakistani narrative of Pakistani driver saved he was just doing what a sane human would do to anyone when a person is attacked to save that person if he can
  11. PCB will say Bangla team was attacked in NZ so Pakistani is safe to host ICC tournament Pakistani now has a trophy, to say they attacked Bangla team and now NZ hosts cricket in future why not Pakistani Will Pakistani blackmail NZ to tour Pakistani land when their turn to host Pakistani in future saying Muslims are attacked in NZ Will Pakistani take this point to their needs to get white teams to Pakistani land where they have done nothing to the shooters of SL team till now (I mean the brain child of that attack not arresting the tailends who did the crime) Will they just use this an oppurtunity for themselves to showcase the world come and play in Pakistani land I totally condemn the attacks by NZ on mosque, just a point wanted to make that a rogue like Pakistani will choose this as an oppurtunity to get their need satisfied without doing anything
  12. sukhoi

    Surf Excel Holi ad

    you cannot even raise a voice against the bolded part in your country, but you can criticize here on festivals of a majoriy that is secular whether your beleive it or not. Do not want to have the preaches like we did things bad so you do not do the same stuff, try fix your stuff before pointing others, am sure you cannot even raise a voice against anyone DO YOU EVER HEARD OF THE GIRLS FROM KOHISTAN thats how bad is your country, cannot raise any voice and you preach about a festival which is done by a majority in India that is called secular you may come up with it can be more better, only one word fix your country before you preach others.

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