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  1. For next match KL Rahul Rohit Kohli DK HPandya Dhoni Pant Bowlers
  2. Charlie_

    Hardik Pandya Post match Interview

    Did Deepika Padukone marry this joker bollywoodiya? I am sure it must have cost him astronomical amounts to be “placed” in live Ind vs Pak world cup game. This joker must have outbid and out licked his way into this.
  3. Charlie_

    Has Ind been lucky? (WC19)

    If AUS had won the toss, if they had sent Maxwell up the order, Aussies most probably had won this. For India to take the toss out of the equation they really need to get the team combination right and get 1 to 7 batters into really good hitting form to score 350 on most days.
  4. No. Wife Killer. Sunanda died the next day after threatening to expose Tharoor's IPL scam leading all the way to ISI and Sonia Gandhi. It is utter shame that Hindu Hriday Samrat Moodi, a Hindu yodhha who is once in a millennium type can't get around to even let the law take its course in this case. This just exposes that Hindu's still have not found even an at par Man to lead them. Which civilization in the world has so zero justice record for a millennium?
  5. Many Indian states are known for something. Like enterprising people, decent law and order, hard-working ppl, decent civic sense, fast diminishing poverty, hygiene, clean roads, half decent bureaucracy. Can someone who is from Bengal enlighten rest of us about what's great about Bengali society? Are there any pockets in Bengal that are comparable to other performing states? Is there hope those pockets will lead the way and rest of Bengal will one day clean up its act. Indian MSM staffed in the most part by Bengali's has sold only this image of Bengal. Is Bengal still the same? Genuine Inquiry.
  6. Charlie_

    WC coverage in USA

    You have to create a new account with another email ID on Sling and then use willow coupon.
  7. Since everything failed so far just get Mayank Aggarwal and P. Shaw into the eleven. Along with H. Pandya this may give us some outside chance.
  8. Charlie_

    Twitter Updates...

  9. Charlie_

    What does Sanjay Bangar do with tailenders?

    I have never seen a batting/bowling coach going unquestioned for so long. Bangar is almost like $onia. No one takes his name.
  10. If Rayudu is being propped as the best choice for no. 4 then me thinks there are some underhand deals and corruption going on. And KL Rahul's confidence and form is being killed while promoting Rayudu.
  11. 6 out of 11 cant bat Dhoni Jadeja Shami Kuldeep Chahal Khaleel

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