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  1. Charlie_

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    Correct. And this EPW article promptly promoted by the Con Party bast*** Ram Guha is a call for a payout from BCCI. Pay up or we will create a storm with other ring leaders like Shekar Gupta et all.
  2. And yet again BJP lets it go. This 43 crores and bungalow business is chump change compared to billions looted in his tenure and more importantly his active Jaichand role in letting Sonia do her thing in accelerating mini Pakistan creation in parts of UP. Don't forget Muzzafarnagar riots.
  3. Charlie_

    ROLers, Commies planning Namo's assassination.

    Someone was mentioning that using Commies/Dalit/RoL activists, who are half Bhindu anyway, as opposed to cleaner, more efficient Jihadi's is a thoroughly thought out process to handle the backlash in the aftermath. But as things stand today, even if 10 JP coterie publicly orders a hit, we Bhindus are too meek to do anything about it. The most likely outcome of this is BJP/Namo will bend even more and give even more power to Sonia out of fear. Bhindu qaum hi aisi hi. We are not cut out to even stand up against RoL/RoP games. A revolutionary change in Bhindu mindset can give us a fighting chance but then that never happened.
  4. Charlie_

    Is Pakistan test team that bad?

    Shows the importance of practice matches or ODI's (Pakistani vs Ireland) leading up to important Test matches (Pakistani vs Eng). India could have been 1-0 up in so many away tours if BCCI inexplicably didn't start the tour with a test match.
  5. Stupidity all over. If the tiger had harmed the bewda (not the tiger's fault), it would have been put down. An unnecessary loss of animal life.
  6. I was wondering who this poster is... then his next post was Guys, you are witnessing a master class in yarn spinning. This is way up there in pure class. I have seen many Pakistani liberals spin with this logic.
  7. Charlie_

    Ravi Uncle doing what he does best

    Woah! Is he a "coach" of an international side or a substitute part-time PET teacher? He hasnt spoken a word about tactics, preparation, plans, turning points, winning sessions, behind the scene stuff...nothing... He is in commentator mode. Its working fine now with most players in form.

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