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  1. 3 hours ago, zen said:

    The pace of change needs to increase considerably. Such polls can help to drive discussions that can bring about positive changes relatively quickly 




    Improving the lot of women is India's internal concern and we should be putting presssure on our own governments and create cultural awareness to this very important issue. If you look closely at the people involved in this campaign (Reuters/Bolly/ConPartyMSM), none of them give a rats ass for women's safety. To give a better example they are like Pakistani Jihadis. Jihadi's will sacrifice the last soldier if it helps to destroy the kaffir. Likewise, our vile MSM and Bollywoodiyas really dont care about M women or H Women and actively suppress any crime against a Hindu woman if the perps are M or against M women if the perps are M males. 


    And the most important thing with this Reuters poll is it will hit hard on Indian tourism and will take away roti, kapda for lot of poor people dependent on this. 


    And once again, if Modiji addressed the out of control Jihadi's in Indian MSM in 2014 it wouldnt have come to this. 

  2. 9 hours ago, dial_100 said:

    If proved a corruption against a political member,

    1. no immediate family member from the same party in 2 generations
    2. vertical - Father, grandfather, child and grand child
    3. lateral relation - sibling, sibling's child, Uncles, Uncle's child 

    can contest elections for 10 years from the same party ticket or hold a party positions (including that of city, counsel level).


    It is ridiculous that Lalu's pillu is holding party positions just the way his father was. Isnt it the status quo?


    Kill dynasty politics by systematic reforms. discuss


    Modi was given a thumping majority hoping he would bring in laws like the above with a firm hand. But Modiji ne dhoka de diya. 

  3. 1 hour ago, MCcricket said:

    Indian culture and mindset is about class and caste, yes he was apoor guy and seems to be bit like a show off, but he hasn't cheated, fixed matches, fought with his team mates or been indisciplined?

    I think Hardik has a lot of talent and is a natural, hopefully he will mature, he works very hard on his fitness , fielding ,yes his style comes of like a Ghati wannabe or a Patel wannabe but who cares, he has performed decently till date and you cannot hate on some one just based on that, look at Gayle , Barbie they for me are cringe worth with some Pakistani cricketers.

    Indians have this colonial mindset and infiriority complex and demure, subjugated guys even if selfish they prefer, guys like Dhoni, even Sachin for his personal records, same with Gavaskar.

    Kohli is the face of current gen, confident, fit, and not meek, I see a lot of uncle Tom's here in US who try to be Soo much like the whiteys but poor guys n girls look like Tribals fro Andaman , that comes from not having confidence in your self and denial




    Sad that so many here are making fun of Pandya based on looks and style.  Sad thread!

    And of all the peoples...desi's passing certificates.... lose-lose situation... soch lo...

  4. 13 hours ago, Garuda said:

    Quota system is a always gonna fail. How about doing quota system for applicants for medical school :fear1:. Coming back to the article, this seems to me a leftist rag, which is not good for the minorities forget the majority. BCCI will never budge to these articles no matter how serious they may seem. BCCI is interested in making money which requires quality cricket. And BCCI is a private enterprise. So boo hoo

    Correct. And this EPW article promptly promoted by the Con Party bast*** Ram Guha is a call for a payout from BCCI. Pay up or we will create a storm with other ring leaders like Shekar Gupta et all. 

  5. Someone was mentioning that using Commies/Dalit/RoL activists, who are half Bhindu anyway, as opposed to cleaner, more efficient Jihadi's is a thoroughly thought out process to handle the backlash in the aftermath. 

    But as things stand today, even if 10 JP coterie publicly orders a hit, we Bhindus are too meek to do anything about it.

    The most likely outcome of this is BJP/Namo will bend even more and give even more power to Sonia out of fear. 

    Bhindu qaum hi aisi hi. We are not cut out to even stand up against RoL/RoP games. 

    A revolutionary change in Bhindu mindset can give us a fighting chance but then that never happened. 

  6. Shows the importance of practice matches or ODI's (Pakistani vs Ireland) leading up to important Test matches (Pakistani vs Eng). India could have been 1-0 up in so many away tours if BCCI inexplicably didn't start the tour with a test match.

  7. On 3/8/2018 at 9:38 AM, MechEng said:

    I'm not religious but I believe in karma. Christianity for example grew aggressively all over the world during medieval era and colonial era through violence and forced conversions, and today many Christians are either converting to Islam or becoming atheists, this is the karmic debt being paid for violating one of the ten commandments - "Thou shall not kill."


    I was wondering who this poster is...


    then his next post was 



    The academic history tends to view things in black and white while the reality is grey. It's easy to see the good guys Buddhists being demolished by bad guys Islamists but what really happened back then nobody knows and it's impossible to know since nobody from that era is alive today to tell the real story.


    Guys, you are witnessing a master class in yarn spinning. This is way up there in pure class. I have seen many Pakistani liberals spin with this logic. 

  8. Woah! Is he a "coach" of an international side or a substitute part-time PET teacher? 

    He hasnt spoken a word about tactics, preparation, plans, turning points, winning sessions, behind the scene stuff...nothing... 

    He is in commentator mode. Its working fine now with most players in form. 

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