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  1. On 3/8/2018 at 9:38 AM, MechEng said:

    I'm not religious but I believe in karma. Christianity for example grew aggressively all over the world during medieval era and colonial era through violence and forced conversions, and today many Christians are either converting to Islam or becoming atheists, this is the karmic debt being paid for violating one of the ten commandments - "Thou shall not kill."


    I was wondering who this poster is...


    then his next post was 



    The academic history tends to view things in black and white while the reality is grey. It's easy to see the good guys Buddhists being demolished by bad guys Islamists but what really happened back then nobody knows and it's impossible to know since nobody from that era is alive today to tell the real story.


    Guys, you are witnessing a master class in yarn spinning. This is way up there in pure class. I have seen many Pakistani liberals spin with this logic. 

  2. Woah! Is he a "coach" of an international side or a substitute part-time PET teacher? 

    He hasnt spoken a word about tactics, preparation, plans, turning points, winning sessions, behind the scene stuff...nothing... 

    He is in commentator mode. Its working fine now with most players in form. 

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