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  1. If Rayudu is being propped as the best choice for no. 4 then me thinks there are some underhand deals and corruption going on. And KL Rahul's confidence and form is being killed while promoting Rayudu.
  2. 6 out of 11 cant bat Dhoni Jadeja Shami Kuldeep Chahal Khaleel
  3. Charlie_

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    Smith is 6'3, Matt Hayden is 6'2 and KL Rahul is 5'11
  4. This is ridiculous and a result of COA incompetence. Not matter what not a single penny should be released to PCB. Paks dont care about money, ethics or intricacies of the law. All this is only to show Indians their place and showcase Pak ability to "manage" high and mighty in India, in this case, COA and other BCCI haramis who are probably colluding with Paks. The day BCCI pays "jijya" to Pak...they will martyr few more of our soldiers to celebrate... 1000 cuts and all...
  5. Charlie_

    Championship mindset

    Pakistani dont consider border guarding and Ron Jeremying as insults. They have decades worth of mahoul where they are beshtest in border guarding and Ron Jeremying and Indians the worst.
  6. Kaul gone. Poor running by the tailenders. Lack of a real coach hurting again.
  7. Last 4/5 Indian bats are pretty subpar. To win the world cup, India has to outhit England.
  8. Charlie_


    I would say corruption. The amount of money that goes around...it most is likely corruption.
  9. Charlie_

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    The only way Rahul may come into the team is if Pakistani win this one.
  10. Charlie_

    Has IPL hurt Indian Cricket?

    IPL surely has helped Indian cricket. The Eng test series loss is due to poor planning and selection. We easily have at least an additional 5 India A batsman who could have debuted. All we needed was consistent ~280-300 scores in every innings.
  11. ODI's - If we had Panth, Bumrah .. the series was ours. Test - Few tosses our way and inclusion of Nair, Vihari, Shaw (all we needed was a combined 70-80 runs from these three) from the third test onwards would have given us the series at least 3-2.
  12. Jadeja at 6? ICF jumping the gun again. 3 tests ago some wanted Ashwin to be the captain of the test side.
  13. Thats it folks... this may go the lords way.
  14. Charlie_

    Rahul Gandhi-isms....

    1000 year war folks...he said it.
  15. Charlie_

    Rahul Gandhi-isms....

    If Con Ecosystem, Jihadi's and EJ's are lording over a 80% Bhindu nation with a Raul Gandhi.....imagine what would have happened if Rajeev's son was someone like Deora Jr or Scindia Jr. Modi has a totally betrayed the Hindu Rashtra. He should have dismantled and run riot inside Parivar camp. There is no crime that Parivar hasnt committed.
  16. Another thing to note is Indonesia has P-a-k-i style hunt-your-Qadiani.
  17. Charlie_

    After Party Shastri

  18. Should have played Nair or Jadeja. Get Vihari/Shaw/Mayank for 4th and 5th test
  19. All I can say is Pakistani have progressed a lot. A few years ago this kiki dance on PIA would never happen.
  20. Whats with Pakistani and youngest this and youngest that....youngest Microsoft certified...
  21. Charlie_

    Why no practice?

    Miky Arthur. Without him chichorapan like umpteenth times over the years.
  22. Charlie_

    Squad for 4th and 5th test match

    Shaw Rahul Mayank Agarwal Kohli Rahane (Captain) Vihari Pant Ashwin Bumrah Siraj Shami ---------- Kuldeep Yadav
  23. Charlie_

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Earlier when India performed badly in away tours there would be coach interviews/articles etc about what technique changes, approach changes were being made going into the next match. These days no one asks these questions to Shastri, Kohli. Yes need Kumble or some foreign coach (not like Greg Chappel)

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