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  1. saintshokz

    Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    Like I said only 2 types of people in the world. You shouldn't be generalizing, none of the "your country, your countrymen" stuff. There are terrorists all parts of the world including pakistan and India, they're all bad people. But how would you feel if I start equating you to Indian terrorists and spreading hatred? Your hatred is misdirected, and can never bring about any good change in the world. Atleast play your part in being part of the solution and not fuelling fire and becoming part of the problem.
  2. saintshokz

    Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    I sincerely disagree there, on the other forum you'll rarely find anything truly bitter/hateful about India in their cricket forum. And the mods do a good job of keeping everything civil. Heck PP has Indian mods too, so everyone feels welcomed, it caters to pak fans yet because of the nature of the forum attracts people from all countries including India. There's probably a reason there are more Indians on pp than Pakistanis on here. I think people should be more welcoming here, it's a cricket forum not a political one, sport should stay sport. We are the common people of the world, if we start to hate eachother, who wins?
  3. saintshokz

    Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    This is the kind of bitter stuff I see posted on this forum. You need to learn some manners. They are not "my people", theres a a saying that goes by there's only 2 kinds of people in the world, good people or bad people, that's it, nothing more nothing less. You come accross as a pretty bad person tbh. The world would be doomed if more people thought like you. I suggest you better spend your efforts in thinking about whether what you are saying and doing is bringing any good to the world.
  4. saintshokz

    Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    Indeed that is true, my closest friend is actually Indian. That's why it just doesn't feel great to see so much hatred around.
  5. saintshokz

    Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    I'm a pakistan fan and regularly post on another site. You cant do anything but praise India after they've performed in SA in all formats. I felt I needed to make this post, just from reading some comments here and from posts that are often made on this forum, why so much hate towards pakistan or a pakistani forum, some of the posts I have seen on this site have been outright bitter, you don't really see such poor quality of posts on the other forum. I mean there's banter and then there's just blind hate and bitterness. Most Pakistanis (I'm from the uk) often praise India and their batting, and especially how well they've done coming to SA. I think people shouldn't spread more hate in the world, just because.

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