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  1. Pak_cric

    Gautam Gambhir retires

    Came in through during important games, but could have been much more. His numbers don't really reflect his potential and he is to be blamed for that.
  2. Pak_cric

    India XI for the 1st test at Adelaide

    well the way pakistan won was they stacked up on more seam/swing bowlers instead of spin. Aus prepared for spin and were shocked by the quality of abbas. Also they suck on these slow type of pitches in UAE. In Aus, even though the team is ****..it's still their own backyard. Starc will not be the starc in UAE, he will be a force in AUS.
  3. what the .... F***.... i mean.. like...but....what?
  4. according to IG, virat kohli has more likes
  5. Pak_cric

    Ayodhya Verdict

    so im not familiar with this....but the debate is about where a temple should be built? lol, correct me if i'm mistaken.
  6. Indonesia had put a ban on them before for 3 years after they executed one of their maids before. Surely they can afford a permanent life ban now after this situation.
  7. imran khan did a good job avoiding IMF...but Saudi is one muslim country pakistan can do without. If you know how they treat pakistanis over there then you would understand. Just because they speak arabic and have kaaba doesn't mean they should be worshipped. Heck, they have even turned kaaba into a business.
  8. I don't understand why countries like pakistan, india, indonesia, bangladesh, philipines keep sending their labour to saudi arab. Put a ban on this **** and watch those arab *s try to work on their own.
  9. If india loose, i consider this an example of strong india and pakistan relations. Since most of hong kong team is indians and Pakistani.
  10. Pak_cric

    Bhuvi in ODIs

    Bhuvi is good overseas not in sc. I mean this is Hong Kong though ...
  11. Pak_cric

    Which race attracts you the most?

    Lahore punjabis, afghanis, turkish, south indians
  12. Pak_cric

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Being gay is not a disease, i mean these are some good tough genes...like you gotta be touch as * to take a d*** up your ass.

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