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  1. Pak_cric

    Modi: This will make or break you

    ....Bhai .. India presented the dossier after pak attacked when they summoned a pak official. imran khan has been saying for days to hand over a dossier...all of this could have been avoided. Violating airspace of a country without permission is not permitted by international law.
  2. acha chalo sorry....aapto ghusay mein agay. par konsa context? kay aik pakistani "celebrity" nay kuch bola ....jaisay kay indian celebrities to phool baras rahay hein na after the "Balakot airstrike" .... wo bhi Veena malik ki post ko lay kar .... ab kya kaho mein lol...all this is doing is creating unnecessary hysteria.....bas thread bana do...aur celebrities ki post yah say waha...waha say yaha....aur tag laga do kay "pakistani log buzdil hein" ....ya " indian log buzdil hay".....thanday dimagh say socho. what about the countless "No war but peace" posts from majoroty of pak celebrities?
  3. bhai...pehlay research to karlo..for real. blind leading the blind and creating war hysteria. this is pak army RESCUING him from the mob of people. Local residents were beating him and the army rescued him. We all know how rural Mobs operate in BOTH India and Pakistan. Kasam say......
  4. Nobody is saying that india raided with Mig-21s. It clearly was an on the ground call to chase pak fighter jets (which were not F-16) into pak territory. Pak responded to what they said was a violation of their sovereignty when india entered THEIR airspace earlier. Pak clearly mentioned in the statement that the motive of today's "attack" was to cause no fatalities and to hit supply depots only as a show of strength to India's earlier violation. which country in the right mind would allow its "enemy" to enter its airspace to conduct an airstrike and not respond back? that is when the escalation happened. Pak ofcourse further escalated it today but this is how it goes...action ..reaction...propogands..action ..reaction...propoganda...
  5. so look at this now: India claims they shot pak F-16 jet: - it fell on pak side of border - pak saying no such thing happened Pak calims they shot 2 indian jets: - one fell on indian side - india says no such thing happened - one fell on pak side ...here is proof - india says yea that happened clearly both parties are doing damage control on what really happened.
  6. so far i have seen evidence of an indian MIG being shot down - they have a pilot in custody. where is the evidence of pak -16 being shot down? India officially denied any jets being shot down then changed its tune when pak released the video of the indian pilot. Then they said that we also shot down their F-16 jet. In regards to india attacking at blakot...pak army said it was just a payload that they dropped in the jungles, but there was a video where the locals said that they heard a loud bang - so it did happen (pak propoganda trying to do damage control).....however there are no pics of 300+ casualties that india claims (indian propaganda at work - jet fighters have cameras installed and india can easily release those pics which they haven't) so you guys do realize that propaganda is being played on both sides and we idiots are falling for it. Do you really want india and pak to go to war?
  7. Plantiffs themselves? these are the victims of 1984. So I guess the testimony of a victim identifying their attempted killer is biased because they are the plantiff themselves? Their testimony should be enough to open a case. The testimony of holocaust survivors is biased because they are the plantiffs themselves? When there is a genocide at this mass scale, victim's testimony is crucial in the court of law. No one from the sikh community before 1984 hated amitabh, there is no bais towards him from the victims. There is a reason they mentioned amitabh and not other bollywood stars.
  8. ya saying "khoon ka badla khoon se leingay" in a congress rally while congress is organizing the genocide of sikhs is subject to conjecture. He was summoned by the US court for inciting violence and after saying that he would go and defend himself, he defaulted and did not go. Why hasn't india opened a case on him? No one had this live broadcast taped in 1984, but doordshan ofcourse has a recording. You have to understand that congress was in power at that time and doordshan was a government channel. There should be an inquiry into this because all those survivors are surely not lying. You think these survivors who had their entire family wiped out have a personal agenda against amitabh bachan? Also eyewitness is the most relevant evidence in the court of law. There is a reason witnesses are brought to the stand, specially if there are a lot of them. One of the eyewitnesses
  9. Words are what inticed the violence in 1984 lol, you think the congress party leaders were going house to house killing and raping? No, they would address large mobs of criminals through speeches. Inticing violence. As a result, many people died. There are criminal laws against inticing violence in India. Amitabh bachan's reach was huge at that time and congress used him as a resource to spread their hateful message nation wide. If that is your argument then Hafiz Saeed (who i think is a terrorist) is innocent because he just uses words in his speeches. There are sikh survivors who are eyewitness to the fact that amitabh bachan was on TV saying all this stuff. I have already posted one such article where an eyewtiness gave his statement. My point is why not open an investigation into this instead of giving him a pass like you are because you once were a fan of sholay.
  10. what kinda logic is this? because so and so also does this therefore this person is innocent.....this incident resulted in people getting killed and raped. Amitabh bachan is not above the law because he is a celebrity. With the money he has, the least he could do is set up a foundation for those effected by this massacre
  11. oh yea...ofcourse...i forgot this is about pakistan saying "khoon ka badla khoon say lengeing" in a mob crowd rally with congress reps present...while being the top celebrity who people follow....yea..not inciting violence at all.
  12. what the hell is up with people commenting on the "bad behavior" of Kohli? bunch of snowflake fans who get offended for no reason.
  13. He was vocal during the massacre (it was a planned massacre, not riots; most of the mob involved were not locals. They were criminals paid by the congress) due to his strong ties with Indra Gandhi and the congress party. Survivors of the massacre describe amitabh bachan screaming "khoon ka badla khoon" on the govt news channel. “I watched live relay on Doordarshan and saw Amitabh Bachchan raising his arm and shouting the slogan, ‘khun ka badla khun sae laengae’ (Blood for blood) two times.” https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/1984-riots-Why-nobody-noticed-Amitabh-Bachchan-spewing-venom-in-India/articleshow/10429011.cms An investigation should be done on Doorsarshan to see if the footage still exists.
  14. what about amitab bachan? here comes the negative comments
  15. its just sledging tactics from Tim....But good to know that Kohli managed to get under Aussie's skin. They are clearly bothered, he got the century that aussies said they wont let him get. If anything Kohli needs to be more aggressive to get the upper hand in the mental battles.

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