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  1. Pak_cric

    Rahul Gandhi-isms....

    bilwal bhutto of india
  2. It is the trend everywhere, nations are now becoming more and more fascists.....wouldnt be long before we see a modern hitler pop up and start **** disturbing.
  3. Respect of flag comes from patriotism not religion. Awwal darjay kay chutyay hein aap. An arabic person would say "al-chutyaul-darjaul-awwal" . but i dont think there is anything wrong with her dancing with the flag...but u sir are a certified chutya with an actual degree in chutyaism. Before you were like, people turn gay due to being restricted to see women....now you come up with this chuyta masterpiece.
  4. Y’all messed up when you decided to sack Kumble after the champions trophy loss.
  5. Pak_cric

    All is not lost .

    sir jee pehlay aik test match to jeet lo in england in 2018
  6. Pak_cric

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    Like I said before, people will still complain about kohl’s even though he scored a century in the first innings.
  7. man these guys finding it so hard to get kohli....lol....Amir would have gotten him by now.
  8. okay there...Mr sane Indian fan.
  9. So this is Kohli's time now...i kind of feel bad for Kohli, even though he got a century in the first innings. If he doesn't perform right now, people will say he was a flop......
  10. "A roar goes around Edgbaston...it's getting lively. Root calling for the crowd to get behind England" There is probably more Indians in the crowd
  11. "Anderson to Vijay, 1 run, dropped, by Malan again! He's had a shocker of a Test. Full outside off, drew the drive from Vijay, well away from his body, it's a thick outside which goes to the right of Malan but he didn't have to move too far. Bursts through the hands" RIP Malan...this might be his last test
  12. So India should win from here........good performance!, bowlers did their job.
  13. shami looking good. sharma...same old......i would out yadav with shami.
  14. Pak_cric

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    I reckon Imran Khan won due to majority support from the people. I mean if this wasn't the case, then where is the uproar from the public that we saw in 2013 when massive rigging happened? Also if the military was involved to such an extent, then why not give PTI more seats so they can form a majority government?

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