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  1. Pak_cric

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    and who will provide this genuine pace and seam? BK? Bumrah?
  2. Pak_cric

    Fakhar Zaman

    okay, so scoring 200 no matter the opposition is a big thing. You have to basically play the whole 50 overs while playing all your shots, which is a hard thing to do. BUT this is a chootiya zimbabwe side with no backbone lol. That being said Zaman is a good player, he has good hand eye coordination which is a huge part of his batting.
  3. Pak_cric

    Has this team already started disintegrating?

    I feel like Kohli is afraid to drop dhoni, obviously because of his status in Indian cricket but also because he relies on Dhoni for guidance when things get tough on the cricket field. When things get tough, you will see Dhoni guiding the bowlers, Kohli will be far removed from the action. Just my view.....
  4. He also talked about having Ashwin as a batsman and bringing back jadeja
  5. Even though I am from Pakistan, my grandparents are from Bihar, India. So, i think i am qualified to laugh at you guys.
  6. chalo good practice for india before the worldcup...now they know what changes to make if they want to win games in England...Kuldeep was a good find....Raina is useless again...KL Rahul was a good find etc etc.....the pace battery is even more **** without Bumrah and BK....also on a side note, wtf happened to Shami?
  7. But as a captain, even if Misbah brought in new players he would have instructed them to keep it slow during the first 10 overs. That was his gameplan EVERY game. We saw that change up when Afridi took over for a short span of time, talking about the mindset not the ability.
  8. I agree, but what it did was it created an environment where it was okay to defend every ball and take a super cautious approach approach where the team score would be 20 runs in 10 overs with no wickets. Then they would try to force hit and the score would be 30-3......then Misbah would come in with his slow approach.... Atleast Indian openers still play there natural game and can score 100 in 20 overs easily until dhoni comes in. To be honest Dhoni should be coming in lower in the order.
  9. this is reminding me off pakistan during Misbah days.....Misbah stays and instructs other batsmen to hit out while he defends so that wickets don't fall...other batsmen get out...misbah starts hitting when tailenders come in...total team score 220 odd runs lol
  10. i mean Kohli still made 71 odd runs @ almost a 100 strike rate..can't expect a century from him every game.
  11. Rashid and Moeen Ali have Kohli locked
  12. Bowl him a delivery which straightens after pitching from the leg side first up...he is LBW 10/10 times. In the 2nd T20 vs ENg, he got that ball first up, but the ball was going over due to height.... Mohammed Amir has him locked
  13. ..... "tujhay mirchi lagi to mein kya karoon"
  14. good comeback. lets see how indian batting powerhouse performs.
  15. koi baat nahi yaar..smile...yall just got a wicket

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