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  1. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Can't really tell from this video. I heard Azhar Mahmood praised him, if that is true then this kid might have some potential.
  2. omgg.....just hurry up and finish the ongoing series....when are you guys playing overseas in Eng, Aus or SA again?
  3. Junaid Khan tampered the ball against England in CT

    Everyone can see this including all cameras, batsman, 3rd umpire...it's the new ball, not a single ball bowled yet. It is nothing out of the ordinary. lagta hay abhi tak nahi bhoolay aap log...actually we haven't forgotten it either.
  4. Whats up with our poor luck in Finals?

    Yessir....jis tarha salt banta hay by acid reacting to base, Kohli nahi hota tumsay chase...Raj nahi hota tumsay chase sir baat yay hay kay jub mauka mauka walay ads aur match say pehlay lambi batien kartay ho to...reaction to Milay ga hi naaa but well done to the women team, they played good.
  5. Whats up with our poor luck in Finals?

    Ofcourse it was a one off
  6. Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

    One of the legend captains of the game. Happy birthday.
  7. Kohli is officially the greatest Chaser in the game

    kohli nahi hoga tughsay chase
  8. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    well, to be honest it's not BCCI'...it's the indian government's mandate to BCCI, you know because mixing sports and politics is very healthy.
  9. Also the score to get was 83....wouldn't call it a rescue.
  10. Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling

    Yay to Bangladesh fan wala scene ho Gaya
  11. Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling

    Man you copied my DP... I don't mind though
  12. Fakhar Zaman was disappointed with Dhoni

    He is young, probably thinks international cricket is like Galli cricket, where your opponent is your friend on the field lol
  13. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    I think bumrah should stick to ODIs and T20s if he wants to prolong his career, simply because of his action. He is a great death bowler.
  14. Why do subcontinent players retire so late?

    Shoaib akhtar for sure was 40+
  15. Lmaooooo ... always fun looking at past threads if your team wins eh
  16. Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling

    LOL, no i have heard it all. Blame the loss on Kumble and Kohli's riff lollllllllllll. Bhai rehnay do, kuch aur baat kartay hain
  17. Why are we so slow?

    lol...india had it despite that no ball, but yea I get your point.
  18. i dont think it matters how good you were in your playing days to qualify as a good coach. Just like how Azhar mahmood did wonders with pak bowling line up and he himself was an ordinary bowler. Some players know the ins and outs but are unable to physically execute on the ground...but judging by his last stint...lol....get Zaheer or something.
  19. Dil ko khush rakhnay ko, Ghalib, yay khayal acha hay
  20. SA are not chokers now

    usually after getting knocked out in a big tournament, SA goes through changes; low team morale etc etc....but they will be back being the kings of bilateral series' pretty soon...until ofcourse another major ICC event happens in the middle. lol, story of the SA cricket team.
  21. bring back gary kirsten
  22. i wonder if they will put jadeja and pandya in the team together lol
  23. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    that maybe what kohli wanted. But Kumble, would he have accepted to step down?
  24. Should be a cake walk for India. Indian spinners will slaughter WI on those turning pitches.
  25. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    Do you think he would have stepped down had india beaten pakistan? He was tentative until the champions trophy final and for good reason, since you don't want to step down mid tournament ...but still.

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