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  1. The guy gets heavily lampooned even on Twitter
  2. SK_IH

    Asian Cricket Emerging teams Tournament

    Ind lost to Lanka in the finals.For a randomly picked team, I think they Ind did well.Also by the scorecard it seems, Ind made a good comeback in the finals after a hopeless situation.
  3. SK_IH

    The real unsung hero of the team

    Thanks for the numbers,He can be a lot better and consistent especially in crunch situations.
  4. SK_IH

    The real unsung hero of the team

    Dude 1-2 good innings overseas per tour doesn't make him the best player. Even this Eng tour which you are calling a fail, he did the same. What is expected out of Rahane is what Virat did in Eng this tour , SA this year and Aus last tour.CONSISTENT performances, if he does that no one will ever question him. He played a superb innings today with the perfect approach, carrying on from his innings at Adelaide, which was great to see. It's up to him now to make this tour his own.
  5. No he is not consistent overseas, he scores one good innings and then goes off again.If he maintained his touch throughout the Eng series, Ind would have won it.
  6. If he maintains consistency, no one will question him.If you are in form,score truckloads of runs.
  7. It's so disheartening to think that there are 4 duds from 7-11, there ll be no resistance.Everything has to accomplished by these two and two newbies
  8. Six from Rahane, if it's short and wide, it should get the punishment
  9. It gives you a feel of Gabba
  10. I thought Travis Head played a very good innings
  11. These are kind of tracks where Pujara will always struggle to score big
  12. Hope Rahane is not wild but a bit more smart
  13. Harris and specifically Head showed in the 1st innings that you can't score runs here by tiring out bowlers, you have to attack.
  14. I like this approach from Rahane. If you get the ball to hit, hit it.

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