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  1. dont want to see mukund playing for ind,hope rahul is fit for 26th
  2. opener combo of mukund and dhawan
  3. good post i agree with you but i dont think this team management thinks this much about planning n future,i just hope hitman is not unleashed
  4. manjrekar being roasted even on twitter ,its a unanimous view this guy brings negative energy. i remember his comments during sf that this women team is like indian men team of 90s ,ordinary as unit but individual brilliance
  5. no yuvi is certainly not polarising ,opinion regrading him is universal whether it being a great odi cricketer or him being failed test cricketer or him being finished now
  6. no man,nothing would have happened,this is first time ind playing a team with so many intl level women cricketers and situation only gonna improve,we may enter next tournament as one of top sides like aus/eng/nz
  7. ache din laane padenge 2019 mein
  8. acha theek hai bhaijaan
  9. what truth lol ,pakistanis you know what you saying in this hour of bliss