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  1. Shaw is an ideal opener for LOIs, he makes use of 1st power play, some other "talents" need to be shifted
  2. Shaw is an opener, should be tried at that position only
  3. 100-3, Rayudu and Dhoni in the middle , perfect time to kill yourself
  4. True, Rayudu was pathetic in VH Trophy and add to that being played @ no.4 in ODI.Thsts a pivotal position, Kohli is backing mediocre player for that role.
  5. For that we need to bat 2nd and chase around 300 odd.All phonies will be exposed
  6. Rayudu, Dhoni and Jadeja, this could lead to real embarrassment in this series
  7. SK_IH

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Shardul Thakur ahead of this guy lol, what's the selection criteria
  8. BC Rayudu, what kind of joke is this, Ind has so many better cricketers than this guy Anyways all the best to Pant
  9. He is a typical bakchod who thinks quite highly of himself.I still remember one of his interviews during the CT, where he openely confessed about the shock of his exclusion from the first XI as if Ind were going in with weakened team in his absence.Post that interview, Virat played him every match in CT and he didn't merit a spot ahead of 3rd seamer. Even Jaddu needs to be booted out.It would be funny to see what happens when Pandya comes back in the squad, ideally Jaddu should be left out but I have my suspicions about that happening.
  10. Against a hopeless and hapless depleted Aus side, your side should be disappointed that they drew one match and were in dire straits at one point of time on day 1 lol
  11. SK_IH

    Mohammad Abbas...

    awesome wicket to wicket bowler, in the last test he was just targetting the lbw and did that without fail.Lets see what he does in SA, where he is supposed to be very successful now
  12. wonderful memories brought back, reserves can be Vijay Bharadwaj, Doda Ganesh and Noel David Its blasphemous that MSK Prasad is not the 1st choice WK
  13. slight disagreement, best was Steve Waugh, most watchable was Lara for sure

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