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  1. lulz havent seen anyone play that shot so well
  2. i guess jadhav is nearing an axe, good player but too many liabilities attached
  3. good last few overs by aussies, as jadhav tries a slog
  4. ct final scorecard has been the general response from pakistanis
  5. and that ladies n gentlemen was the shot of the match by virat
  6. i am surprised, hitman usually makes use of pattas
  7. not watching the match ,just looked at the score after reading your post,will catch the highlights later,but 100 of 50 balls must be hitting them great
  8. looks like ali butchering the windies
  9. you ll get another dhoni if you want that too happen,remember gilly he was maverick he used to just tee off, i remember 2002 vs sa, he bulldozed everyone that he came up against obviously not talking about blind slogging,but if the ball is in the zone just go for it
  10. couldnt agree more, i think he has started doing what you have talking about recently,just see it n hit it

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