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  1. He is as unreliabe as one can be and neither he is that compact as people assume he is,so he is a big no as far as opening and no. 3 goes Anyways he needs to score runs otherwise he will find it difficult to sustain place in the side
  2. Time to move on from the likes of Rohit,Dhawan in tests
  3. Wasted opportunity,don't think he ll be there on the next tour
  4. It ll be a defeat for Kohli himself,his big eyo won't let that happen so easily
  5. Really disappointed with Virat. Although he was par excellence with bat in the 1st test but how the things have completely unravelled has been shocking.The two day defeat was reminiscent of the despair and gutlessness of the previous tours Poor team selection and lack of preparation has been clear and it betrays all fake bluster Virat shows about his seriousness regarding test matches.As Gavaskar rightly said in one of his article, Virat might not be needing all the practice but others do. This was a golden oppurtunity to demolish Eng and once gain everything has gone down the drain. What is particularly irritaing is its not been Root and Cook who have done the damage with the bat but its been the ensemble cast of batting lineup that we have been unable to restrict. Batting looks under prepared and apparently looks lost .Bowelrs cant be relied upon to seize the initiative and captaincy has been same old mundane, defensive follow the ball type. All in all, 5-0 is imminent, however some changes are bound to happen but i dont see many happening with kind of backup selected.I hope all the experts and analysts who overrate this Ind side , dont tag them as favourites for the Aus tour later in the year, this mediocre team cannot starts as favorites any where outside Asia. Hum honge kaamyaab ek din....
  6. SK_IH

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    i am not averse to such a radical move
  7. i think there i no love lost in so far as Dhoni's test captaincy goes but there is great sense of disillusionment among fans regarding Kohli the captain, who is just continuing the status quo as per my understanding, the implicit gist of this thread is Kohli making all supposed regulars fidgety with great inconsistency in selection
  8. SK_IH

    Match lasted 170 overs

    bas yehi dekhna reh gaya tha bc
  9. that was great month and a half, ind-eng series and then champions trophy, abiding memories as a fan
  10. the genuis of Dravid on display
  11. he should retire from lois and come back as batsman in tests , dual purpose solved
  12. i dont think anyone has any unrealistic expectation from any youngsters, its just a desire to move on from TTFs and seeing the same old **** repeating every tour. If given a chance, the new comers may not click but they have to inducted into the setup
  13. Nottingham is fav hunting ground of Anderson, abhi tou aur jaleel hona hai
  14. the horrors of last test and this test has convinced me our bowling attack on the whole including the fast bowlers is just not good enough as well.Wagging of tail was a familiar story which has happened all too often in our history and now in this test letting an opposition score in excess of 250 runs after having them 5 down all point to the fact , this is same old hit and miss bowling attack which cant seize the initiative Bhuvi would have been useful here but dont think he would made a massive difference in the outcome. And it s serious issue if a seamer who made his debut in 2018 itself, is considered to be someone of this prominence that he is being missed, that in nutshell tells you about the lack of growth of bowlers who have been playing for so many years
  15. 1,2 and 3 and then there is nothing in the team,if in any match any of 2 from top 3 flop,it will be all over Ours is the most retrograde and formulaic ODI sides in the world
  16. If I am not wrong Shatri was a similar snail at the crease(old timers can tell better).He can help Pujara here with his mindset but we only hear stuff about ,"Go Smash 'em " from him. Shastri needs to prove his utility here and talk to Pujara where is he going wrong with his approach
  17. What growth of fast bowlers? They still bowl on both sides,no consistency, still let the tail wag, Umesh still gets dropped,Ishant is still ishant
  18. He looks absolutely pedestrian,later on Pandya and Ashwin both looked better than this guy.He dead bats everything ,even half volleys. This approach is not going to take this guy anywhere against this ruthless bowling attack.
  19. Only thing we are winning with this duo is babaji ka thullu There is no foresight,no planning,lots of delusions about various players.

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