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  1. CSK need close to 30 of remaining 2 overs. Bumrah won't leak many.
  2. Actually it was Raina who derailed the chase
  3. Epic choke there by Dhoni, run out stealing a overthrow lol
  4. I want to see Pant included not in place of Dhoni but DK or Jadhav. Ind is lacking power hitting, Pant provides that dimension.
  5. Wow I knew he was bad, but that's a shambolic record
  6. Great chance for Kishan to make a name for himself.
  7. Hitman flops as usual in a big match
  8. @Ankit_sharma03 you say you are not from Delhi, so I can enlighten you. Dilli wale bhare baithe hain, let the assembly elections come in 2020, AAP will have existential crisis.
  9. WI nearly chased down close to 400 against Eng few months ago lol. Eng just finding reasons to select Archer.
  10. I am sick n tired of the current opening pair of Ind. Let's move on post the WC.
  11. When I see hacks like Fakhar getting success at intl level, I wonder what damage a better batsman like Pant can do if he can given the opening slot. Need a leader with vision post the WC.
  12. Hitman is the main issue, he derails a chase upfront
  13. Eng has better hitters of the ball, it's not that Ind has lots of potential in that regard apart from Pant. The ones you mentioned should be in the team but they are not someone this Eng side is filled with. Even after so many years of IPL, Ind has only Pandya and Pant to talk about. Mind you Pant definitely is not in this league as of today but surely has potential. @Norman this is not about comparing players man for man, this is about having match winners with the bat, Eng has lots of them.
  14. You can say whatever, Ind cricket doesn't even have players of such quality.
  15. Sad to see Mushtaq Mohammed and Asif Iqbal not in the list.
  16. SK_IH


    Good core for future seasons. They should have used Ingram more fruitfully I thought, after playing him @4 in 1st game, they constantly batted him lower down. Bowling is sorted for future as well. I think they should be playoff contenders for more following seasons but you never know with Delhi.
  17. Such a sense of inevitability to this final. Might be repeat of last year CSK-SRH clashes, only change will be MI winning all games this season. MI definitely has a better side, with less passengers than CSK. CSK winning will be an upset and batting first is their only chance I think.
  18. SK_IH

    Bored of the same old teams- GO DELHI!!!

    Yep they were never were going to win against MI/CSK in knock outs. So, predictable.
  19. He finished the game in the 18th over itself.
  20. SK_IH

    Golden opportunity for Rishabh Pant

    There is not such a thing called finisher in cricket, there are only batsmen and bowlers. "Finisher" is just a gimmick.
  21. Good stroke player but needs one stand out innings
  22. SK_IH

    Why is CSK such a MI's bunny ?

    Rohit overpowers Dhoni again, MI would love another MI-CSK final, which is inevitable
  23. If it's a usual Cheapuk pitch, then MI don't have spinners to take advantage. However MI do have the confidence of beating CSK more often. Let's see who takes the bragging right this match.
  24. SK_IH

    Make predictions for the WC

    Kuldeep Yadav will bounce back after a disappointing IPL like Warner after a mediocre WI series in 1999 Eng will oust Aus in SF Virat Kohli will have a great World Cup, time to set the record straight Pakistan will be exposed as it was in the WC 2015 and Asia Cup WI will be dark horse, Eng will win the WC

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