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  1. yes, pretty good screenplay and acting by all. The movie has a nice build up and the director has given it a unique treatment of various chapters within the film. You will feel the "josh" watching the film. Also one understand the true meaning of "Best of Luck" watching this film. If your luck deserts you, you are gone. Encounter scenes are brutal but look real PS: Hats off to Indian Army
  2. SK_IH

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    at his position we need more batting fire power than bowling.
  3. SK_IH

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    Krunal, Gowtham, even Anukul Roy is better than crap Jadeja
  4. Dhoni gonna score a 100 and Ind gonna lose. Latter will be a result of former
  5. Pak batsman have just tried to hit boundaries and no one has tried to stay there to play a "test innings". Dont think you can win test matches with that kind of selfish approach.
  6. SK_IH

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    amidst all the criticism about Dhoni, we should not forget this all time phoney. How has this guy come back in the squad and hold that crucial lower order hitters spot is unfathomable. Once again in the last match, he came and was looking for singles n doubles adn whenfinally decided to hit a shot got out. Dhoni, Rayudu and DK need to go for sure, but this phoney should be the first to be thrown out.
  7. SK_IH

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Virat sounded so positive and confident about Rayudu at 4, as if he is some kind of proven great. Virat has to change his mindset first.
  8. Definitely quality stroke player
  9. He is Pak's Rahane. Good fight shown by Pakistan. Rabada needs to step up tomorrow, he has been lacklustre throughout.
  10. SK_IH

    Ffs Get lost MSD!!

    Enough is enough. I was a big fan but he has taken fans for a ride for far too long. @velu stop trolling and don't even try to defend this man now.
  11. How obnoxious is this guy Hasan Ali, got smashed in his 9 overs so far, gets a wkt courtesy a crack but didn't forget his OTT celebration
  12. Poyz going through the motions
  13. SK_IH

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Some egotistical individuals are settling personal scores in the name of this controversy. Full support to both the guys and I hope people of some stature in Ind cricket speak up regarding this whole mess of an inquiry.
  14. When will Sachin do something useful instead of random congratulatory tweets
  15. Read a report regarding Edulgi recommending snub from WC for these two guys.Someonevhas to bring sanity into this colossal mess now. Even an admonishment would have been enough.
  16. SK_IH

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Middle Order Junk , nice phrase
  17. The best part is Gill is slated to join the squad in NZ.By that time, Rayudu will fail or succeed in 3 matches for TM to make a decision.If both Rayudu, DK continue to flop, surely Gill will make his debut in NZ
  18. SK_IH

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    89 I think.Last won in 95
  19. Good to see Gill in the scheme of things. Just hope Pant is also selected in the 15 .
  20. SK_IH

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    Scored a 100 on the most testing pitch this series I thought. Funny, people still think he struggles in Aus. Even today's pitch was flat.
  21. SK_IH

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    Well he has scored runs in test matches there.So, he has nothing to prove.
  22. Agreed. If we are two spinners, it has to be wristys
  23. SK_IH

    Ffs Get lost MSD!!

    True, I have a feeling bubble gonna burst soon. You can't fool all for long
  24. SK_IH

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    He has scored runs in both the countries before.He need not put his hand up and prove any point. On the contrary , Ind needs more such situations to test the middle order and preferably induce much needed changes.

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