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  1. trundler Abbas picking wkts again, good lad
  2. yep he will be reported again
  3. His stats are insane, needs a permanent stint with IPL team next year
  4. lets see if Aussies survive the spin threat from Pakistan in this game. Pak should speed up now, 100 more runs would take Pak to near safety.
  5. Asad Shafiq is the only quality batsman in this Pak lineup, however he is too inconsistent
  6. Apparently he is a cousin brother of Anmolpreet Singh
  7. And for the viewers.....
  8. Lol Pak should have moved on, this guy is pure mediocrity
  9. SK_IH

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Lol what hitting by Prabh Simran and Ayush, @rkt.india are they eligible for next U19? They can cause real mayhem
  10. SK_IH

    Who overstayed their welcome more

    Dhoni had great 2-3 years post 2011 WC but I think his struggles became apparent during late 2014 and were blatant in 2015 WC, should have retired post 2015 WC.
  11. Seriously even if you try n watch , it is difficult to not switch off after an over or two, no crowd, no exciting player
  12. SK_IH

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Saw bit of Rawat,looked pretty good, would be a star in U19 WC
  13. SK_IH

    India should have batted again

    Really should have batted out today, thodi batting hi dekh lete chutti wale din
  14. Yes 30 overs of batting would have been fun to watch on Saturday morning but Virat has to show his machismo and these are great opportunities
  15. Can someone post that vid from BCCI site. Its hillarious, agar stumps pe na lagta tou Jadeja kaafi gaaliyan sunta.
  16. SK_IH

    Rahane finished?

    dont insult Gambhir by comparing him to phoney Rahane. Gauti was a world cup winner and versatile batsman unlike Rahane
  17. should have sent Shami for some fun
  18. SK_IH

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Anmol has awesome stats as of now in domestic, isnt he the same who played u19 with Pant and Kishan
  19. I have contrary view , however I dont mind his selection in the 15
  20. dont think Pandya deserves a place in the test side straight away, he can be a liabiity sometimes as we have already seen
  21. i like the way how you include Pandya in every list , however his place is not certain in the test side. In ODIs , our side can be really entertaining as well with right selections as well.Pandya should play higher up in batting in ODIs.
  22. you are asking a redundant question really, answer to which is quite apparent, excluding trolls/baiters ofcourse. Its a cruel joke on us fans by selectors and Virat

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