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  1. Strangely he is all fist pump and aggro on the field but when he makes these statements he comes across as a loser. You are finishing at the bottom and you are gratified with your performance.
  2. Wonderful hitter, I hope this guy gets some games in the WC
  3. SK_IH

    Dhoni 10 of 12 balls vs K11

    Even last game he was 13 of 12 balls
  4. Looks like Dhoni played for his average today and at the same time lacked the necessary passion
  5. Yusuf , I think that ll be it for his IPL career
  6. 2007 Asia Cup? , Abe chewtiye facts tou sahi likh leta apni book mein. Good to hear Gauti riled this juvenile and coarse individual.
  7. If I were in Punjab think tank, I ll not only change the captain but also throw Ashwin out of this team next year.
  8. I hope KKR wins, they have a better chance of competing in playoffs than Punjab
  9. The idiots at KXIP have wasted Pooran throughout the tournament
  10. SK_IH

    Sam Billings on Dhoni's glove work

    you have just contradicted yourself by stating he had ample time in case of Sabbir's stuimping. The fact that he took the bails off the at the right time points to perfect timing. he is obviously watching the batsman and when he sees there is a chance he attempts the stumping, its not as if he is dislodging the bail every ball.
  11. SK_IH

    Sam Billings on Dhoni's glove work

    only Dickwella in recent times has potential to be close to Dhoni in terms of quickness in stumpings. He has aped the same technique
  12. SK_IH

    Sam Billings on Dhoni's glove work

    its perfect timing, remember Sabbir Rahman in WT20
  13. I have lost confidence in Jadhav and I think he will be a liability
  14. Yep that's his greatest utility to this ODI side. But he should also move on after WC and enjoy his play in IPL. WC result will decide fate of many careers.
  15. So I didn't watch the game but checked scorecard, this was no different from what Dhoni does intl matches. He just targeted the last over, which he does even in the intl matches.He hit Boult out of park, that's a legit bowler. Going into 19th over, he was 13 of 12 balls, which is the fundamental issue with his T20 game over a long time. A legit T20 player can't be calculative. But it has been great to watch he has connected very well in last overs in this IPL, hope he can support Pandya in slog over during WC He should not be picked in next T20 series for sure, but these threads after each good performance from Dhoni are monotonous, kabhi hajam kar liya karo achi batting
  16. True, his decline was disappointing. At the end of the day, one has to concede he was not at the level of Cook and Amla, as I thought he was during 2009-10.
  17. SK_IH

    Boring matches in this year's IPL 2019

    bingo brother, same thoughts. Its so monotonous, not even following scores.
  18. SK_IH

    Boring matches in this year's IPL 2019

    IPL in general is getting boring now with CSK and MI in top 4 everytime and teams like Punjab/RR/RCB missing in similar fashion evry year. SRH and KKR fight for final 4 and sneak in. Delhi will be back to its middling best next year. Borefest Secondly, these strategic ad breaks is the biggest disgrace.
  19. mere sight of that phoney in LOI sides boils my blood. In this day and age a player is getting selected because of his fielding.
  20. Virat has taken the safer route of experienced players

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