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  1. Lol SA would be happy they got a 80 run lead
  2. Good fight from Pakistan, unlike Saffers not dropping anything.
  3. Wow this SA team is totally dependent upon Markaram
  4. Let's see how many SA gets,my guess 200
  5. SK_IH

    Ffs Get lost MSD!!

    As I said earlier, with Pant banging the door hard, people have started to marvel at Ind playing dud in the name of experience. I thought, Ind would have lost today's match irrespective of personnel playing after losing three quick wkts.But killing any chance of a victory by going extra slow is not the way to approach an innings.Rohit was setting it up nicely, he actually needed someone to play at better pace than him but Dhoni was again going at snail's pace. Whythere is constant talk of numbers whether it's 4,5 or 6 for Dhoni, why can the TM and senior players see his abilities are gone and he is a complete liability. Dhoni can't hit in the end apparently because he needs time to settle before starting to hit and he can't pace an innings when he comes early because he can't rotate the strike. Ind cricket is really healthy at the moment vis-a-vis talent and potential. Dhoni please get lost and take these DK & Rayudu with you P.S. :Can't believe Virat thinks Rayudu and Dhoni at 4 & 5 will win him the WC
  6. Pak should groom Shadab as a batsman
  7. Lead of just 77, should have been double of that
  8. Don't think SA will bowl anything in batsman's half in the 2nd innings
  9. SA really fked up, should have got a 150 runs lead here.
  10. SK_IH

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Dhoni should not be used.
  11. SK_IH

    India needs Pujara in ODI

    Kapil Dev should replace Pandya
  12. Lol the luck runs out for Sarfaraz, Amla barely managed to catch that as well
  13. SA have completely lost the plot.
  14. Dropped catches, over throws being gifted, letting a hack score boundaries every over lol, this is the worst I have seen SA play
  15. Sarfaraz as usual riding his luck
  16. Another drop in the 1st over post lunch
  17. Poor session for SA, somehow they have let Pak remain in the game.

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