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  1. dont think we have many t20 against WI in recent past and we should play as many ODs as possible , hopefully right selections are made though
  2. Kya yaar acha bhala maar raha tha, should have continued hitting, instead of taking singles last few overs Anyways good entertainment
  3. Biggest lulz was Virat saying he has no role in selection,coach tak tou apna fav select kar liya aur ab chewtiya bana raha logon ko Kohli and Shaz are bigger culprits
  4. Great post , everything I wanted to say about this phoney Rahane has been encapsulated in your post.There is no denying the fact he is still getting these chances because of his supposed great record overseas, which is another fallacy as we have seen. As you said, this is 2nd time now that an emerging batsman had been dropped for phoney unfairly. Just for small mercies thankfully he is now gone for good in LOIs.The other day there was a great article on cricinfo about one of the worst T20 innings where his innings in 2016 SF was on top of the list. I have had enough of this phoney.
  5. true, i have problem with this guy being vice captain of the side as well. He needs to be booted out
  6. lol likhte hi out hogaya, bohat mazza aaya
  7. I hope this Rahane gets out before making 100, Vihari deserved a chance today ahead of this phoney.
  8. Superb progress by Shaw, some of shots today were crisp, reminiscent of Veeru. Hopefully he keeps progressing.
  9. It's a proven fact Dhoni has not adhered to his own high morals in so far as leaving enough time for replacement player to be comfortable ahead of WC.
  10. Itna tou CSK ne bhi back nahi kiya tha isko
  11. true how is he getting selection ahead of siraj, when he was dropped in the eng test.
  12. Shardul , when will we get rid of this mediocrity
  13. Yep Rohit is no great strategist or an exceptional captain but he is a winner, knows how to win tournaments.Basically he has the temperament unlike Virat.
  14. He is, have seen it enough times to make that conclusion.Let him win something worthy to change that notion.
  15. Extremely discouraging for Nair.No communication regarding expulsion is even more disheartening.Looks like he has been given pariah treatment all along. He should never have been dropped for Rahane post his 300 in the 1st place especially considering Rahane couldn't buy a run in that Eng series in 2016.
  16. TBH Dhoni did captaincy in Asia Cup for some parts, over bowling Kedar in the finals was classic Dhoni or may be Rohit is too similar to Dhoni the captain. On OP no Virat would have lost as usual, a perennial loser, in the CT finals he never made an effort to introduce Kedar early and relied on Jaddu & Ashwin for too long and generally he is not street smart in using a part timer.
  17. Phoney Rahane should have been dropped and Nair retained.Rahane needs to made aware he is no certainty in the side. And of course Shardul is a redundant pick.
  18. I agree this team needs Virat at 4 and Rahul has to play.Rayudu and DK getting chances ahead of him throughout the tournament was really cringy. What kind of leader is Kohli, he could have communicated TM for Rahul to play at 3 and get comfortable but Rayudu instead was given preference, so that Virat's no.3 remains intact. Viratis not only a loser captain but an unimaginative one as well
  19. Yesterday when he got out,some commies had the nerve of attributing his dismissal to Jadhav's injury.Some eminent people around him are condoning his continuous wanting abilities,however I hope deep down he knows the truth and takes a call, ambitious thought but still. It really frustrating when Dhoni struggles like this every match.
  20. SK_IH

    And the loser is India.

    Well said

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