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  1. SK_IH

    Get the feeling that Manish is settling in...

    this looks like an apt description of the hitman
  2. SK_IH


    no **** sherlock, msd is superior batsman to none even in this lineup in t20 cricket,let alone DK
  3. Feel so old,watched the carnage live,great days of only ESPN star sports
  4. certain facts : badrinath was not dropped virat scored century against nz virat got a chance to open in that series,dhoni i rmember backed him throughout the series and i rememeber vividly he pushed him to receive the series trophy as well so chewtiya news,move on
  5. there are so many factual mistakes in this news, i want to know what was vengsarakar smoking before going to that event
  6. SK_IH

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    this is a useless tournament anyways and ind have given themselves no chance to do anything in this tournament with the bowling attack they picked,so it was great chance to play all the hopefuls
  7. SK_IH

    DK > Pant

    what is dk doing in this team anyways
  8. SK_IH

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    hope pant gets a chance in top 3 or 4 this series, rohit or dhawan should have been rested for series as well,now they will hog the opening position,it should have been a complete novice side,if we can rest all main bowlers why not batsman
  9. I have followed each of 4 contemporary greats in last 3-4 months, apart from Virat each one struggle to excel in one format of the game or another.I rate Smith quite highly and actually rated him better than Virat based on his test credentials but I have changed my mind now looking at all 4 perform in last 2-3 months.There is no single batsman who can compete with Virat in terms of excelling in each and every format : can he score big in tests ? yes can he score runs overseas? yes his odiu credentials? one of greatest ever, supreme consistency his t20 credentials? one of all time greats can he score at a high strike rate ? yes can he chase ? yes is he elegant ? yes We are seeing a complete Genius,comfortably most complete batsman of this generation.Proud feeling
  10. Bow down to the genius Kohli,it doesn't matter whether it's tests or ODIs,home or away,he keeps piling it on
  11. So this was definitely a 300 pitch,great bowling by wristys kept us ahead in the game
  12. Kya baat hai,if only Rahane can do this consistently,great stroke play
  13. Impressive from Rahane, hopefully not a false Dawn,his play agnst spinners is what we need
  14. Rahane and Dhoni are ideal for the opposition in middle overs lol
  15. What a shot,Kohli is class apart
  16. Ball coming nicely on to bat
  17. Hopefully we got at 4 rpo at least in first 10

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