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  1. looks like Ind gave away 30 runs extra on this pitch
  2. Virat brought back Shami 2 overs late, but nonetheless big wicket, great catch Bhuvi
  3. Superb counter attack from Maxwell. Bring back Shami
  4. Great chance for India, need to bring back Shami for couple of overs here
  5. i must say Mark Waugh in batting n slip fielding both, you just be jizzing
  6. Pandya's injury and now this chetwiyapa
  7. Now, need to target Maxwell to get his wicket. Aus wont score 200, if he gets out
  8. he is forced to do that. If gets out, Aus will have Maxwell and bowlers to follow
  9. Virat should look for wickets, bring back Shami. Two wickets here and Aus wont score 200
  10. Jadeja will be always leathered by any good hitter. This guy is an absolute rubbish limited overs option.
  11. he aint the artist with the ball, no guile with this guy
  12. SK_IH

    What’s the point of Ravindra Jadeja in LOIs?

    cant wait to see the back of this phoney from limited overs side
  13. cant wait to see the back of phoney Jadeja
  14. anotehr one goes, only if both wristys were playing
  15. thisphoney is playing every amtch in the name of all rounder
  16. lets just throw him out of the team instead lol
  17. Last series decider Ind lost was in Eng, otherwise they have a good record in deciders

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