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  1. we need a whitewash at home
  2. yep chasing is ideal here,poor decision at toss
  3. lulz virat chose to bat first here, that was pretty dumb in the first place as someone pointed out
  4. or rayudu ,dangerous thoughts
  5. kudos to hardik, figures suggest he bowled well in the game, he is becoming a asset, should be sent early to bat next game,iski batting hi dekh lein dhoni,kartik se pehle
  6. superb planning by kiwis as usual,hitter at top opening and latham in middle order to combat spin, compare such shrewd planning to indian nincompoop selectors n team management
  7. bas issi ki icchha hai
  8. sri lanka se 4 match jeet ke fir zubaan khul gayi hai inki
  9. annihilation se yaad aaya looking forward to pandya against shadab , imad and other chucker
  10. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    or is it a plan to bring back the grand old man yuvi at no.4 just before 2019
  11. so a new no.4 next time
  12. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    why is there so much love for kartik all of sudden
  13. looking forward to only pandya and kuldeep this series
  14. Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz approached by a bookie

    so an intl player is being praised for reporting a bookie, seriously?
  15. most people were clamouring for wrist spinners for long but we stuck with ashwin-jaddu,then it took a final bashing for virat to take cognizance both ashwin n jaddus incompetence in that format. So yeah need a similar wake up call for virat , who to be frank is bordering on insanity by labelling a player middle order option in 2 series and then opener in another series
  16. i really like the pakistani selection panel,they seem to have both brains and common sense
  17. I want same to happen,ideally want a 3-0,something has to be done to end this nonsense ,Kartik is middle order option because he is aware of how to bat in middle order
  18. When the going gets tough,AB gets run out
  19. I agree with Laxman's and Kapil's innings are for sure best in respective formats T20s it's debatable ,for me Hussey's heist against Pakistanis is greatest ever,watching that was pure fun rofl
  20. superb performance from Pakistan,bowling is looking very menacing but the question arises how the hell they lost to this **** Sri Lankan side in tests,that must be considered a big blot for them
  21. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    true that,cant ever foget that summer of 2002

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