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  1. I have followed each of 4 contemporary greats in last 3-4 months, apart from Virat each one struggle to excel in one format of the game or another.I rate Smith quite highly and actually rated him better than Virat based on his test credentials but I have changed my mind now looking at all 4 perform in last 2-3 months.There is no single batsman who can compete with Virat in terms of excelling in each and every format : can he score big in tests ? yes can he score runs overseas? yes his odiu credentials? one of greatest ever, supreme consistency his t20 credentials? one of all time greats can he score at a high strike rate ? yes can he chase ? yes is he elegant ? yes We are seeing a complete Genius,comfortably most complete batsman of this generation.Proud feeling
  2. Bow down to the genius Kohli,it doesn't matter whether it's tests or ODIs,home or away,he keeps piling it on
  3. So this was definitely a 300 pitch,great bowling by wristys kept us ahead in the game
  4. Kya baat hai,if only Rahane can do this consistently,great stroke play
  5. Impressive from Rahane, hopefully not a false Dawn,his play agnst spinners is what we need
  6. Rahane and Dhoni are ideal for the opposition in middle overs lol
  7. What a shot,Kohli is class apart
  8. Ball coming nicely on to bat
  9. Hopefully we got at 4 rpo at least in first 10
  10. Good test for thigh five and Hitman
  11. Pathetic fielding,whoever the fielder was there
  12. I agree,aur yaha sapne Shubman Gill ko team mei dekhne ke Hain
  13. BC kabhi Rahane back up opener ,kabhi no.4,sahi chewtiya bana rahe hain
  14. As the title says , U19 boys finish the job on 3rd Feb , thanks
  15. bat- de kock ball-bumrah field- de kock
  16. Dont want to see another finals choke

    seriously you guys dont get it, we are messing up in knock out matches for far too long in every format u19,male,female ye dil maange icc trophy , no finals loss
  17. Dont want to see another finals choke

    I m talking about a recent trend which I want to see end
  18. Dont want to see another finals choke

    so you ll be alright after losing another final? tournaments are all about winning not about only doing well once you reach finals That long haired Aussie all rounder and Sangha are the danger man

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