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  1. pandya playing superbly,lovely on drive ,i like his technique,may work in eng as well lol
  2. i would have continued with maharaj against pandya
  3. lol at review,even the upmire was saying it hit bat
  4. god forbid if kohli gets out today,there could be carnage
  5. true,hitman was the only one trying to cash in on lungi maharaj
  6. wonderful stand again,this time with virat,imagine if we had lost another quick wicket after vijay ,he ensured there is no follow on
  7. its a travesty he didnt open in last ipl,thankfully with dravid gone,hope to see him open in ipl
  8. he should be playing limited overs intl cricket for india,thak gaye kehte kehte
  9. amazing day as icfan, ind colts outpaced and out bowled aus quicks ,ian bishop was salivating and was in complete awe,he was saying nagarkoti has more pace poitential in 2-3 years time
  10. Will India avoid the follow-on?

    i think this will be repeat of cape town 1997
  11. A performer with both bat and ball dropped for some vague reasons.Kohli the captain is explicitly making some retarded decisions ,purely whimsical and is treading a dangerous path.I agree with all who are saying like Dhoni,too much power has been bestowed upon him and with a dummy coach,he has absolutely free control. Feeling for Bhuvi,he is being earmarked as someone who can only bowl in limited conditions,absolutely gutted
  12. he is a better version of jason roy , guy will be a beast in loi very soon
  13. another valid point,what happened to current form reasoning,he is getting exposed by each passing day
  14. incidentally last game reminded of durban 96 and this one reminding of cape town 97
  15. markaram opening up ,he will show his full range today

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