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  1. i have a different opinion, rahul got hundreds as an opener in odi n t20s and if he had to backed he had to backed as an opener, unfortunately rahane for some odd reason is our back up opener,rahul can be an ideal opener who scrores runs at a good pace unlike rahane anyways batting in middle order is difficult in odis , its not as easy or straightforward as opening in limited overs cricket and just because he can hit sixes should not be the criteria for selection in the middle over, his strength has been opening and as far as being proactive in middle overs is concerned, there are options like iyer,pant,krunal but our team management are short sighted n devoid of any plans it seems
  2. actually if rahul was not going to open i am not that against this move,may be there is something more in this exclusion than we know,may be team management have dropped the idea of having him in the middle order but discouraging part is the selection of kartik,its bizzare and retrograde
  3. bhai ye dinesh kartik kaha se selection radar pe, does kohli like him, wtf
  4. ok my bad, i thought read something about his injury on cricbuzz ,has sunny gavaskar selected this side
  5. Rahul injured apparently
  6. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    its disappointing actually but jaan hai tou jahaan hai
  7. na bhai the point is its like if we had lost to kenya in 2003 world cup sf, i mean how did we let this **** batting lineup get to 330 odd ,
  8. lulz no , quite good bowling unit but thats about it
  9. karn sharma or axar patel, i like karn ,he was pretty good this year in ipl as well, domestic followers can tell about his batting abilities, is he better than axar or at par with or inferior to axar the batsman @rkt.india , @express bowling
  10. lol dont waste your time , you ll be labelled a dhoni fanboy
  11. https://twitter.com/BCCI/status/918398851832102912 It's always good to retire when people are asking Why rather than Why Not? - Ashish Nehra on his retirement- WTF
  12. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    No thanks bhai
  13. Ab zabardasti kotla mei khelega,one of lucky ones who is getting a chance to retire like this Also in a indirect way calling out the chutiyapa of the selectors for selecting him
  14. Dhoni T20 Batting Strategy is Wrong!!

    I agree with you,but the constant criticism and his general failure as a t20 batsman has got to him.you could see he was trying to be aggressive but he was certainly out of his depth attempting to be aggressive.
  15. Absolutely shameful stuff,bcci should take some action
  16. henriques , so many crap cricketers playing this series
  17. haha dhoni was completely fooled there
  18. yep same here,but you would be stretching it if you think rohit is not highly suspect against moving ball
  19. and i dont give fcuk about what dhoni does, he is a liability in the t20 side
  20. seriously, he couldnt play the inswinger because he was forcing the pace ?

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