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Everything posted by SK_IH

  1. anything close to 150 will be tough here i think
  2. too easy for kuldeep
  3. pandya has to bowl one short ball per over
  4. lulz lucky break, warner was looking dangerous
  5. we can look to defend any target with our bowling attack now
  6. virat chose to field but looked unsure about that decidsion somehow
  7. lol trundler abbas picks a wicket , wrong timing for lankans
  8. although yasir is bowled to dust every test he plays because of ordinary pakistani seamers but yasir has improved a lot since that eng tour. i remember he was more of lbw or bowled kind of a bowler ,but now spinning some big, leg spinner is definitely coming out pretty well
  9. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    is hasan ali dropped or did he get injured while doing his exaggerated celebrations
  10. i must say i agree with you that samarawickrama looked like a typical lankan attacking batsman,i liked some of his drives on dickwella, yes a very annoying blabbering wk but good counter attacking batsman
  11. dickwella 47 of 44, am becoming fan of this guy
  12. even chandimal could have overturned the decision with a review, as we watch shafique merrily bowling a negative line
  13. is that troll shaz1 banned?
  14. Warner over Smith as captain.

    looking forward to seeing warner captain
  15. dhawan another guy who gets stuck in t20s but we have not learnt a thing,thankfully no rahane , small mercies
  16. dhoni should take t20s retirement after this game , perfect time at home , he might play 2019 wc but definitely not next wt20 , no point in his selection and nehra, i mean wtf , his selection is beyond normal human wisdom t20 is all about sixes and uninhibited cricket, we have middle order options of kartik (wtf again),pandey (good player but has to play in top 4) and dhoni. only player worth watching is pandya ,but our bowling is brilliant for t20 cricket, thats why i see our side winning ,although i wont mind this illogically selected team getting thrashed
  17. dickwella has made this match somewhat watchable
  18. lol both reviews gone ,another bad one
  19. dont think its even attritional when you are in your shell even when bowling wasnt that great , it was plain boring cricket
  20. and waqar-russel arnold commentating,pure gold
  21. two pedestrian sides playing boring cricket in front of empty stands,just what test cricket needs
  22. Test 2 : South Africa vs Toygers

    as expected exposed away from sher-e-bangla minefields

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