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  1. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    ye hopefully he keeps on performing but still whatever the pitch is like the pace at which he is batting is remarkable
  2. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    @rkt.india aaj khush tou bohat hoge tum
  3. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    i agree both are different bowlers, Starc's natural length is full , dont think he can match Johnson's terror of 2013-14
  4. waiting till last over to hit in t20s, absolutely pathetic approach
  5. its absolutely pathetic and beyond any logic,so many exciting players around and we have DK in this side
  6. pathetic from sunny g,blatant regionalism
  7. Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Lets see: big liability in the field , below average performances with the ball, apparent decline in pace so it was a no brainer, common sense decision by the selectors
  8. Is this selection committee best India had?

    quite an ironical question this after selection of t20 squad
  9. once again your bias against kohli is making you overlook the facts: 1st odi: he got out to a superb catch, 2 inches more it would have been a boundary,**** happens 2nd odi : he played the best knock in the game 3rd odi: absolute patta, we were chasing 30-40 runs below par thanks to our bowling and virat looked in prime touch , one cover drive still comes to mind of cummins ,but got out to a soft dismissal 4th odi : ok this was a failure,he should have chased down the score that day 5th odi : okayish innings ,tried finishing the game early,got out in the process,another soft dismissal so, it looks like just one failure in the 4th game and every human being is allowed one odd failure.And also it is clear, the returns had nothing to do with the pitches,because most of the pitches were very good to bat
  10. Yeh yo yo Kya Hain, yeh yo yo!

    i agree skill should still be paramount criterion in any format for that matter,anyways i have huge reservations about this yo yo test
  11. it was sarcasm ,dont get emotional
  12. must be at nca but question who supervises this and how the likes of nehra passed it
  13. all this seems so vague ,there is no clarity whatsoever.any one will question the likes of nehra and jadhav passing these tests but not sundar or raina
  14. Lots of heated debate going on in the forum at the moment about Dhoni all about being padding stats and there is nothing great about his batting.Though there are some also who rate his batting quite highly like myself.So,I want to see whats the general view of point of ICF about Dhoni's status as a batsman in ODI cricket? So please vote and also justify if you think he is selfish or no good?
  15. We are blessed

    looking forward to pandya vs lankan spinners
  16. Talent watch

    Bhai the likes of pant,krunal are not getting any chances,you think shaw has any chance in this setup.we might see faiz fazal returning,you never know
  17. wait you seem like a dhoni fanboy,you are bringing the high quality of the forum down with your agenda
  18. Rangana Herath joins 400 wickets club

    off topic but i noticed the numbers of ishant, this guy should never play for india again
  19. We are blessed


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