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  1. rahane playing again,would make people not even follow scores on cricinfo,there are so many exciting players waiting and we see rahane
  2. pant dhawan kohli dhoni kedar pandya jadeja kuldeep umesh shami bhuvi jadeja not needed,but no options with poor selections
  3. post of the thread,thats why this loss wasnt that bad ,match was over in 6th over of our innings
  4. How do Indian's rank this defeat?

    we didnt play the right side and our players were not good enough on the day and i tell you those defeats are more painful ,where you go the whole way get a chance of a win n then lose,for example that 2007 wt20 defeat would have taken me ages to recover lol in terms of number it surely will be biggest loss i think
  5. How do Indian's rank this defeat?

    not very high tbh,honestly last year sf against wi was more pathetic because lost a chance to win world event at home
  6. now thinking he played both in ct 2013 as well but three frontline pace bowlers were played but ironically pandya bowled well
  7. his history doesnt suggests that
  8. this is not about this game ,talking about in general
  9. spinners from pakistan also got hammered,both teams played wrongs team for the pitch ,in the end pakistan as many say here were destined to win and had things going for them
  10. i disagree in big game dhoni will never play two spinners againsnt pak
  11. yes he made mistakes but somehow i feel he is always too near yet too far kind of guy
  12. no pandya is at perfect number,dhoni cannot much at lower batting slots now
  13. dhoni not good agnst spinners ,he puts pressure on the non-striker ,he needs to work on that instaed of old technique etc
  14. this is not way of handling things,i remember in 2011 semi final everyone thought ashwin will play but dhoni played 3 seamers,3 seamers always a must vs pakistan,also that zaman never looked good against pace even after a 100,we gave him 20 overs of his strength
  15. what a brilliant post,what hold our side back from taking necessary extreme steps is these sf n finals performances in world tournaments,status quo is maintained
  16. The disaster which this really isn't

    i am not displeased with pak winning the title,its good more competition in cricket which i like to see and any ways their team is more or less still flawed but pakistan can get into such a roll it was same in wt20 2009 but am, not happy with virat way of thinking as far as team selection is concerned and captaincy
  17. Should Jadeja have sacrificed his wicket for Pandya?

    having said that result same hi rehta,but i was enjoying clean hitting of pandya,what a find and it showed even if we were 200-2 after 35 overs it was possible and thats why i thought aamir was man of the match
  18. Should Jadeja have sacrificed his wicket for Pandya?

    not even a question,i dont trust jadeja to win ind a match even if 60 runs to win last 8-9 overs,he wants to become mohammad kaif of this era play because of his fielding alone
  19. this is not good sign if he doesnt acknowledge the mistake
  20. Why did we choose to bowl first on such a flat pitch ?

    it was a gppd toss to lose,even sarfaraz wanted to bowl first
  21. you should listen to ashwin interview post sa game,he was like he thought he was always a certainty and didnt know why he was dropped
  22. Dil Dil Pakistan...!!! We won...

    bas theek hai bhai,congrats enoy
  23. Commiserations India & fans

    haha ok
  24. Kohli in tournament finals

    kohli's captaincy was more ordinary than batting

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