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  1. We are blessed

    he should make merry in tests and can take a break before SA and i think he would
  2. Rangana Herath joins 400 wickets club

    herath's second coming in tests was against pak in 2009, when i remember he was playing some club cricket in eng but got selected because of some injury to murali.since then he was tormented pakistanis mostly,apart from 2-3 instances when sarfaraz has swept(only shot he knows) him off his length i would say he is in same class as harbhajan,good bowlers,nothing more nothing less
  3. just caught 1st session highlights, this hasan ali gets on my nerve everytime he does that stupid celebration, this time after getting no.11
  4. We are blessed

    odis n t20s are a nice chance to try out so many deserving youngsters, hitman should be given captaincy duty
  5. seriously lanka won , they looked like a club side agnst india , pakistanis
  6. lulz pakistanis have lost to lankans , this has to be one of the most pathetic performances but kudos to lankans after getting walloped at the hands of indians, special mention to dickwella,chandimal and tireless herath
  7. BP 11 squad for warm up game against NZ

    just noticed deepak chahar,ye kaha se aagaya ,wtf is going on
  8. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    tumhe duaon mei yaad rakhenge
  9. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    your type crowd? tu konse elite crowd se hai ,what are these forums for ,to discuss and disagree whenever you feel like,ab isme bhi jalna hogaya kya?, kyun ignore karu tere jese maharathiyon ko, expose tu tune khud ko kar liya bhai kal wicketkeeping ki bakchodi kar ke aur dhoni ko defend kar liya teri bakchodi pe tou main dhoni fan hogaya ,wah bhayi wah , tujhse agree karke tou hame bhi non fanboyism ka certificate mil jayega kya
  10. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    hogaya firse tera chutiyapa shuru ,just to circumvent a stupid point made earlier , now add sipderman,hulk etc dekh pallack firse likhta hu aakhri baar padhle , wking is a specialist position, he is just not any other fielder and aur haa dhoni being the wkt keeper along with batsman and captaincy is our greatest odi cricketer, go suck on it now
  11. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    i have read enough of your crap regarding dhoni , dhoni ke naam se tou teri jal jaati hai , your statement wktkeeping is fielding but more demanding is laughable at so many levels .you are trying to downgrade a specialist position in cricket for justifying wking should not be treated as one of dhoni's qualities
  12. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    apna chutiyapa chupana ke liye kuch bhi bolega ab tu ,tera hi chutiyapa likha hai,dhyan se parh ,ek baar likh lu zara wkt is fielding but more demanding
  13. but i feel he can take spinners out of game like pandya ,although not same quality as pandya
  14. The no.4 conundrum

    No.4 is a pivotal role in ODI lineup,sort of a mid runner in a relay race who takes the baton from the top 3 and passes the baton to so called finishers(i hate this term) to finish the game.In some ways no.4 has to be a player with a finisher mentality himself but he has to be well versed in playing dual role of consolidating and finishing. Yuvi played the role of no.4 really well for half decade circa 2005-2011 but post that no number 4 has been able to establish himself.Though Pandya batted at no.4 in last 2 ODIs but in the current set up there are lots of players who are vying for that no.4 slot: Hardik Pandya : He has done a great job in last 2 odis. In the modern ODI setup he seems an ideal no.4 to me as he has shown the ability to take singles according to situation and sixes against spinners are never far away.That he isnt a slogger has been on display in the last 6 months or so and to me he has certainly fortified his credentials to be a regular no.4.But I believe if he is to be the regular no.4,there has to be inclusion of one more more power player in the lineup. Manish Pandey : His demotion in the last 2 odis must have given him signals that the team management has not been impressed with him.But Pandey to me is someone who needs to time to build up his innings and I dont think he is someone who can be very successful in lower order.He plays all his cricket for KKR at top order and thats where he has been successful as well.So, he is another one who at the moment is playing at a position where he is being disadvantaged and he has himself to blame for that as he failed continuously against NZ last year and then in the 1st ODIs this series.But personally I believe he is someone who needs to be backed,that innings at Sydney always come to mind where he played an ideal innings for a big chase. Jadhav : Very good player,always likes to aggressive ,sometimes unnecessarily aggressive.What I observed even yesterday about him,he has these pet shots which he plays whether its cut or sweep.I was very disappointed the way he played against Zampa , he got into bad positions and was premeditating too much.Not one of the top contenders for me for sure. Dhoni: The favorite of many on this forum.He is someone who in many fans thinking is the ideal no.4 at the present with the way he bats these days.The way he takes his own sweet time before getting into groove.Somehow I believe he is good at the position he has scored runs at no.5 recently ,though I was hoping he is sent earlier than when he came in because I wanted to see how he reacts to the situation,his modus operandi etc.There were many who believed he would have taken RRR quite up and made the situation even more difficult.Sadly,even though am his fan I agree with the said notion,because we can only presume what he would have done and too much tuk tuking is exactly what he has done in recent past when there has been a huge target to chase.But even if he is given a chance at no.4 ,its not a bad option to try but he needs to be tested in situation like there was one yesterday. KL Rahul: Only few bright minds in the team management think Rahul can be a no.4/middle order option,.I ll only hope,this guy's career is not ruined in the process. Then ,we can throw in a curve ball in Krunal Pandya: I truly believe this guy is a very good batsman,who can play according to situation,street smart and also has the ability to play big shots when needed.Last year I believe he was playing at no.3 for Baroda,which clearly shows he is primarily batsman,who has the ability to build up an innings. The batting order should be set, keeping in mind that when the situation of 60 runs of 36 balls comes,there should be a player left who is adept at taking side home from that situation.Exhausting all players capable of playing at good pace is also not a bright idea.
  15. Pant @rkt.india has he recovered from his sickness? Sundar Krunal Thampi Heck even Hooda could have been selected WTF were the selectors thinking? This is beyond disappointing
  16. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Agle match me Hitman se fielding with gloves on karayenge,Kya tha rule no.,haa rule no.27
  17. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    Criticism? Wking is fielding was criticism ? Khair chorho but yes ab tou kar diya forum worse ,but don't run away & keeping posting your quality posts to maintain the balance of the forum
  18. The no.4 conundrum

    Sadly team mgmt don't agree with you
  19. Disgraceful squad,there is no logic no foresight,it's sad Virat even agreed with these selection Nehra?? why wtf DK?? same as above Dhoni?? at what number will he bat,had no place in the side Dhawan??,again has an ordinary t20 ,record Mother of all ironies ,oldies in a t20 squad Shame on selector,shame on Virat
  20. simple question, how? who were the bowlers?how is to possible to let him score 300 not once,not twice but thrice? WTF?
  21. Probably the cleanest hitter in the game today
  22. India vs Australia Predictions

    So I was horribly wrong
  23. Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    rehene de bhai,continue your chutiyapa,chutiyapa khatam hojaye tou thode squats maar liyo ,wicket keeping is fielding lulz
  24. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    amazing six hitting by hitman

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