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  1. Enough is enough. I was a big fan but he has taken fans for a ride for far too long. @velu stop trolling and don't even try to defend this man now.
  2. Pandya needed in LOI sides.But we have to see his batting form.
  3. SK_IH

    Dhoni at #4

    Kohli said no.5 is ideal for Dhoni.
  4. I am pretty sure the best bowling attack would win the world cup.Takings wickets right through.Bowling has been our strength in the recent past and also Pandya coming back would mean no need of Jadeja or his batting.
  5. I think 10 over 65 runs 3 wickets is better than no wickets and pathetic batting lower down.Wristys are lifeline to the captain.Jadeja is a proven failure apart from CT 2013.
  6. Take that team and put it in your Dil.Both wristys are needed over that phoney Jadeja, irrespective of how Dhoni bats.
  7. SK_IH

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    This should be Jadeja's last ODI match for a while.
  8. SK_IH

    Dhoni at #4

    with Dhoni's place intact, Virat has to be smart in playing xi and backups. I hope Pant and Gill are in the squad somehow.
  9. this performance was not earth shattering enough for us to say he is back. Is he back to his best ? no , can ind depend upon him to win matches ? no Kudos to his knock in last two matches but he was not the reason Ind won those matches instead he relied on others to stay at par with RRR. I would have been over the moon had Dhoni played differently to what he had been doing over the last 2-3 years but he was the same. I have always maintained runs scoring will never be a problem with MSD, but the way he gets is. He still has that partnership building ability intact but the way completely shuts shop sometimes will be highlighted even more when others fail and we chase a relatively high score. TBH what he has done in this series is expected out of any good batsman. Dhoni has been a ODI Legend, he was master at percentage cricket. But Indian cricket has so mich bigger depth and players can easily replace him if given a chance. Obviously he is playing till the WC now, we have to hope he keeps up the consistency and stroke players do their job.
  10. I wont say ye series bohat padegi as Dhoni was alwys going to play the world cup. But Dhoni is neither a match winner nor finisher. He is a run of the mill batsman, where we have to hope he augments enough for other match winners to do the hard yards.
  11. even if he might not be doing this intentionally, it comes across as selfish. He has lost the art of percentage cricket.
  12. Dhoni might be Man of the Series @velu , khatre ki ghanti
  13. thats a timely boundary, with his pathetic dot dort approach, he has to go for these boundaries every over
  14. India should not let the RRR go up any high. Moron Dhoni is ensuring 3 dots per over, he needs to go for boundaries every over if he is hell bent on not rotating strike
  15. 4 and then back to dots. This guy doesnt believe in rotating strike
  16. Virat will shower praises in the post match conference irrespective of the result
  17. man these jokers dont play sweep or paddle sweep at all.Especially Dhoni good for nothing against leggies or left arm spin
  18. looks like Ind gave away 30 runs extra on this pitch

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