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  1. SK_IH

    Ajinkya rahane is not a number 6 in tests!

    Rahane has been tried at no.3 before ,he was not a success and Rahane is not our best batsman against pace and movement ,that would be Kohli He is very overrated
  2. swing bowlers hain nahi aur catching hoti nahi
  3. I have come to conclusion that these ex cricketers have absolutely no clue what they talk about
  4. probable xi: rahul dhawan pujara kohli rahane dk ashwin kuldeep ishant shami umesh lack of out and out swing bowler in the squad
  5. look at those names, horrific memories of 90s come back
  6. SK_IH

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    ostensibly a good death bowler, thats why he became the certainty
  7. SK_IH

    The sleepwalking openers

    Excerpt from one of the pieces in cricinfo, this archaic approach from Hitman needs criticism from the team mgmnt and needs drastic improvement http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24123341/india-happy-headaches-turn-real-ones
  8. or may even 5 in terms of batting, he showed against aus last year he can play as a proper bat, these were the kinds of things kohli should have experimented in this tour instead he played raina for his bowling
  9. gangully balanced it out by suggesting rahane along side rahul for no 4 slot, i dont know what cricket these guys watch
  10. SK_IH

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    typical college debate
  11. SK_IH

    The sleepwalking openers

    dhawan and kohli rarerly play slow, you cant compare their approach with Rohit, you must be kidding
  12. SK_IH

    The sleepwalking openers

    i have debated on this argument with you before, i reiterate thats no reasoning for playing the way Rohit does, i can guarantee thats what Rohit will do even if we had Viv Richards, ABD and Bevan to follow,because thats the only way he knows to play You justify his modus operandi with the middle order muddle ,which is certainly not the case
  13. SK_IH

    The sleepwalking openers

    neither can english openers, infact many batsman cant
  14. SK_IH

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    abhishek would be a stretch at the momentum mind you i am his big fan but krunal is more ready for that spot
  15. SK_IH

    The sleepwalking openers

    dhawan has played a superb tempo but its the Hitman who is the culprit.scoring 100s cant wish away his fault in this regard
  16. SK_IH

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    its more of a self inflicted problem, you can guuess the collective acumen of the mangament if they thought raina can play as a 6th bowler and dropping rahul for DK and calling it as a tactic
  17. SK_IH

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    it was a tactical move , tactics were to ruin Rahul's career
  18. SK_IH

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    my xi rohit (unfortunately stuck with this guy) dhawan rahul kohli hardik/pant pant/hardik krunal bhuvi kuldeep chahal bumrah krunal is a must , cant depend on hardik's bowling and krunal is more than capable.Also we need to tap more of Hardik's batting abilities,even in this series he could have been better no 5 than dhoni or raina.I ll also not be averse to the idea of playing another seamer in place of either leg spinner on a side note Hitman will play by default,his selfish approach upfront puts extra pressure on dhawan to be ultra aggressive, people with come up with stats etc but he cant endear himself with fans like me
  19. SK_IH

    Strike rates of batsmen at 5&6 since 2015

    That was just a gimmick, abdicating captaincy will lead to fearless cricket

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