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  1. 34 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    how did he not rake up numbers? He raked numbers so was picked for India, now seems out of form. Doesn't mean he did not score runs before. yes, he is not scoring now but he should have been played regularly when he was in form. Shaw will be more of a test player. Even Pant scored a 50 against touring England side last year that too just in 35 balls.    Did you say the same thing about him then.  Shaw too failed in one days against NZ A.

    simple point,pant type player is needed in odi/t20 squads especially how modern limited overs cricket is played,how difficult this is to understand

    even in this years IPL he played like like this,3-4 ducks and 3-4 destructive innings,you dont anything else from such palyers,we are stuck with safe players with retrograde approach,first we brought back yuvi (he is past it), now kartik,lets see if rayudu is brought back as well :facepalm:

  2. 8 hours ago, King Tendulkar said:

    We all take piss out of Dinda and rightly demand he don't get anywhere near India team or a teams etc . 


    But credit were credit due . In lower standard like fc cricket who is superb work horse who just keeps on running in . I reckon a county team from uk shoudl sign him as would do awesome on the country treadmill 

    bas kar pagle rulayega kya, for me he is worse than vinay kumar , atleast vinay kumar doesnt wear a head band

  3. i agree some great videos being uploaded by various guys, refreshing memory from the past.recently i watched highlights of singer nidahas trophy i think after 20 years

    then there is one channel which uploaded videos of wi tour of ind 1975 and another english tour of 1970s,where tony lewis was capatining eng and i used to think he was bbc presenter :laugh:

  4. 9 minutes ago, Lala2790 said:

    What have been the biggest shocks to you this year in cricket.


    For me, it has to be Pakistan winning the Champions Trophie against India.  Even though I new we would win

    Lala fan :cantstop:,pata bhi tha shock bhi hai 


    I thought a mediocre side like Lanka winning at Emirates was one of biggest shocks of the year as well but then realized may be they are better than Pakistanis in tests ,so yes you are right even though you knew your team would win :cantstop:

  5. 25 minutes ago, sarchasm said:

    Takes skill to come up with that amount of bullshit in one post.


    "stronger than average indians"


    "belonged to minority community so MCA wouldn't pick them"


    Is it now okay on this forum to make casual, baseless allegations without any worry for consequences?


  6. 7 minutes ago, OpeningBatsman said:

    Such a shame, we complain about not having enough top class bowlers and then drop someone who has 90+ wickets in about 50 matches, after giving him just one ODI:facepalm:

    its a logical decision,shami n umesh can play tests as bhuvi n bumrah are pretty much the first choice seamers for odis/t20s, neither of shami/umesh was going to play anyways in a short 3 match series,we should look for a left armer instead 

  7. 3 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    I feel that Rahul may add more value as a middle-order batter, as he has the ability to hit big 6s .


    Our current 4 to 6 positions do not have a single 6 hitter based on current-day ability ..... while we see other teams packing their sides with explosive batters ..... and this is resulting in Hardik being promoted to 4 .... resulting in 6 and 7 being consolidators.

    i have a different opinion, rahul got hundreds as an opener in odi n t20s and if he had to backed he had to backed as an opener, unfortunately rahane for some odd reason is our back up opener,rahul can be an ideal opener who scrores runs at a good pace unlike rahane

    anyways batting in middle order is difficult in odis , its not as easy or straightforward as opening in limited overs cricket and just because he can hit sixes should not be the criteria for selection in the middle over, his strength has been opening

    and as far as being proactive in middle overs is concerned, there are options like iyer,pant,krunal but our team management are short sighted n devoid of any plans it seems

  8. 2 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Rahul has not played a single ODI after Gavaskar's outburst against him and players with tattoos / funky hairstyles.

    actually if rahul was not going to open i am not that against this move,may be there is something more in this exclusion than we know,may be team management have dropped the idea of having him in the middle order:confused: but discouraging part is the selection of kartik,its bizzare and retrograde

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