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  1. Those were the dark days. MSK Prasad chewing the gum, opening the batting for India against McGrath and co. Most of the runs were edges towards third man. He was well complimented by Kanitkar, Jacob Martin, Dighe and Vijay Bhardwaj
  2. Indian cricket is sinking to the new lows and depths. BCCI should be bold enough to convey thank you very much, you are not needed actually. Is Indian cricket at Mercy of certain individuals?
  3. SK_IH

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    I feel you brother, same here. I have stopped taking them seriously. Not worth it.
  4. SK_IH

    Can the Rat do this?

    He is a choker in tests as well .You have to see the recent performances : Failed in both chases in SA, similar in England, he was not the stand out player even in Aus. It's a travesty that Kusal Perera outgunned the so called number one player in world in SA
  5. Another wrong precedent is being set. Dhoni should not be selected ever again. Indian cricket can not be run according to an individual's whims and fancies.
  6. SK_IH

    Can the Rat do this?

    Don't know about others but i have no words to defend the Rat any more. This guy proved to be a classic stats booster in the mould of South Africans. Not at any point in this world cup he looked like the best batsman in the world. Add to that the failure when it mattered the most. Too many failures for him when one has to show the supposed greatness. He can pile on as many runs as he wants in the forthcoming bilaterals, however his legacy at the moment is of a loser and choker.
  7. SK_IH

    Can the Rat do this?

    More than enough
  8. SK_IH

    Can the Rat do this?

    Both are not clutch in the league of Steve Waugh, Gilly or Ponting or Gauti. IMO both are quintessential run machine, Kings of stats.
  9. SK_IH

    The best ODI ever

    99 semis, higher quality
  10. More stats boosting exercise for the perennial choker, c'mon @Gollum this needs some mc bc
  11. I am neither pro NZ nor anti England, but a world title concluded in the most inconclusive way.
  12. In football, they go to sudden death if the scores are equal after 5. Similarly in tennis 5th set sometimes is decided by who blinks first. However incompetent ICC is always leading in buffoonery. England eventually won the WC because of ICC's nonsensical rule.
  13. As the dust has settled, my view has changed. I think cup should have been shared. Not to take anything away from England, they won within rules. But it's really flummoxing to see a world cup winner being decided based on boundaries.
  14. SK_IH

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    sure but they beat the supposed best team of the tournament, hence they deserve it

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