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  1. so what's the point of this thread?
  2. congrats poyz for 5-0 whitewash,but i must say nz is not that great a side,they have many chinks,i back ind to win against this nz side even in nz
  3. Team for 3rd test

    likely xi dhawan rahul pujara kohli rahane dk pandya ashwin bhuvi ishant bumrah
  4. Kohli’s “niggled” watch

    one out of Vijay or Rahul and Shami for sure
  5. "Shastri Hai Hai"

    i ll not blame shastri at all ,captain can remove him like he removed kumble if shastri was not doing his job but obviously shastri is doing the job he was hired for, @The Realist can throw more light on this subject
  6. he is great captain if you look at: celebration after taking a wicket doing bak bak on the field saying aggressive/right things and increasing the jazba of fans at press conferences leading from the front with bat (i think it has saved him a lot because he has made many blunders as captain but got away) but he is ordinary if you look at : basic cricket strategies on field team selections
  7. yesterday i heard a lankan commentator taking positives after defeat against zim,i think lankan free fall has been accepted by their fans and admirers
  8. i agree, a completely overrated and overhyped team for dont know what reasons,average bowlers ,their best is far from winning anything ,only bowler with respectable stats is deemed as "certain conditions" bowlers in so far as batting is concerned, there were always question marks and all turned out to be true,just like any other side in the world these days kings at home and poor overseas
  9. well no,he scored a 100 in that series but there were string of failures in 2015
  10. it was tried in lanka and he failed
  11. Feel for Ashwin

    once again it highlights his shortcoming ,may be jaddu was better choice than him here
  12. Feel for Ashwin

    SA didn't need their spinner as their seamers were enough to trouble our side Also Ashwin is a premier bowler in this lineup ,he is expected to win matches on such "Subcontinent type" pitches Granted he had many catches dropped but that doesn't mean his average performances will not be highlighted,at least I expect more from him
  13. Feel for Ashwin

    we expect much more from Ashwin ,he was just okayish this game,4 wickets for 100 runs and 1 cheap wkt in 2nd are ordinary returns

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