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  1. SK_IH

    IPL is the biggest Scam : Bishan Singh Bedi

    I have seen several clips of his bowling, looks run of the mill, what was so great about Bedi the cricketer
  2. i think all 3 bowlers are inconsistent. Regarding batsman , both Rahane and Pujara both have been dropped in test matches during last 2 tours and they will also be evaluated based on this tour.
  3. All the bowlers so far have not any propensity to dominate a series and be series winners. Scattered performance here and there will not win India anything.
  4. If the trioka dont lead India to victory, in this Aus tour, Ind should thank them for their services and move on to the next batch of promising bowlers.
  5. workhorse plus brains = Wagner workhorse minus brains = Ishant
  6. On the flip side, kudos to NZ, way better than over rated Aussies, who don't even compete in these conditions
  7. Especially Pakistan, didn't miss a ball since lunch coz I thought Pak is capable of a brainfade, didn't disappoint
  8. Aus likely XI: Finch Lynn Short Stoinis Maxwell Mcdermott Carey NCN Tye Beherendoff Stanlake Even if one hack gets going, it could be carnage. Lynn at Gabba
  9. What could be the likely eleven of India for this game.Whether to go in with two wristys or one, whether krunal will play as a 5th bowler, Virat comes in in place of whom etc Rohit Dhawan Virat Rahul Pant DK Krunal Bhuvi Kuldeep Khaleel Bumrah
  10. SK_IH

    India A Tour of NZ

    On this performance, Vihari deserves to play ahead of Rahane.
  11. yes Kohli is to be blamed for inconsistency in selection. also to add how did Jadeja came back into the reckoning for ODIs.

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