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  1. Ours is a double whammy, top order can't bowl and lower order can't bat.Thats just criminal in this day and age.
  2. Nice pic If Ashwin doesn't win Ind the match tomorrow, tou iss saale ko bhi bahar nikaalo
  3. SK_IH

    Ashwin back to bowling filth

    Let's see if he can win the match tomorrow.
  4. SK_IH

    India A Tour of NZ

    Vijay Shankar surely putting his name forward for WC squad.Proper batsman who can bowl 4-5 overs of seam.I ll pick this guy ahead of Jadhav.
  5. Lol Khwaja throws it away, ironical catch taken by Hitman, only man who could have matched it
  6. There is one more wkt in this spell for Shami surely
  7. Who is the idiot behind slip cordon
  8. SK_IH

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    Yep this is India's game to lose now.
  9. Veeru might have rejected to give you an autograph but that doesn't mean you ll include him in every debate. And Veeru used to open and his shot selection was near perfect as he mainly relied on ground shots and he never resorted to slogging like Pant does. Yes we also know what his strike rate was in that Ranji season and nobody is saying he is a technical batsman but some kind of sanity is expected from him and not just blindly going after anything. His first innings was also very ordinary.

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