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  1. Dhoni's ass will be on fire atm, he is getting castigated left, right and centre. The pressure is on upward curve.
  2. Eng have made some unnecessary changes throughout the tournament. They should stick to Woakes, Plunkett, Archer, Stokes, Rashid, Ali bowling combo.
  3. Not that pretty much everyone is aware of this fact but the most cogent argument that the Cricinfo writer has put forward here is the bold part. There is one thing playing at snails pace yourself but exacerbating the situation by influencing the batting partner in your madness is another. I concede the pitch was not great but that cannot absolve Dhoni off his ordinary aimless batting. If India has to win the world cup, Dhoni has to be more forthright. Ostentatious displays during stumping appeals is not the only thing expected out of Dhoni. Yeh dil maange more Source : https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27035836/dhoni-middle-india-middle-order-mess
  4. Source : https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/cricket-world-cup-2019/story/india-vs-afghanistan-world-cup-2019-match-sachin-tendulkar-ms-dhoni-slow-batting-1554761-2019-06-23 For the first time in I dont know how many years, Sachin has spoken without any diplomacy, well done
  5. SK_IH

    End of road for Shoaib Malik?

    lol who cares, a middling cricketer at best
  6. his batting has reached absolute nadir facing upto leg spinners and left arm spinners.
  7. Dhoni may be a good guide in a tense chase but he cannot tell others to follow his flawed methodology in every situation.
  8. What a ridiculous decision that was,clueless umpiring
  9. And winning 4 games is easy for Pakistan lol
  10. Lol yes making an average spinner look good. Markram looked like getting out every ball
  11. Some people on this forum unnecessarily hype up Poyz
  12. Looked not out but looks can be deceptive, well reviewed Pakistan
  13. Looks chaseable though. Pitch looks placid, however yeah SA batsman not in top form
  14. This Tahir celebrations are getting on my nerves
  15. SK_IH

    Venues of Upcoming games for India

    India needs 1 victory to clinch a semi spot?
  16. Reminded of that Harsha Bhogle parody Twitter handle #captainobvious
  17. Lets keep a tab of performances of these 4 bulwarks of modern day batting. Forget the past records, this is what matters, lets see who comes out trumps among them to clinch the title of undisputed king. Player Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7 Match 8 Match 9 K.O. Total V Kohli 18 82 100 J Root 51 107 21 179 S Smith 18 73 69 160 Williamson DNB 40 79 119
  18. SK_IH

    KL Rahul as WORLD Cup Opener

    The point is even after getting a start he looks uncertain. Dhawan usually scores a 100 once set. Rahul disintegrates when he is ready to hurt the opposition.
  19. Toss is crucial but I don't see Pakistan doing much against SA bowling
  20. Kudos to his knock yesterday but it was hardly convincing. Pant has to come in for Jadhav.
  21. Kuldeep did his bit today, he was hard to get away. But yeah whenever wristys don't pick a we feel shortchanged, such has been standards set.
  22. Wow when I dozed off after wkt of Lewis, I couldn't have imagined such a fightback. NZ getting over these close games nicely , however they might use up all the luck before the knockouts.
  23. I think Pant should come in for Jadhav. The captain couldn't conjure up the courage to bowl Jadhav on a track like today , that just underscores his bowling is not being considered. His batting well average at best
  24. Interestingly both teams who qualified to play this WC
  25. I am in minority here as I rate his batting

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