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  1. SK_IH

    Rohit Sharma's SR in LOIs

    Rohit is non issue in ODIs really. He can get on your nerves with his slow starts while chasing big scores but he usually converts and a beast when set. He has lots to prove in the upcoming WC as well, he needs one ousttanding ICC tournament to be regarded as one of the best ever in this format
  2. SK_IH

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    PSL would hope BCCI don't go extra mile so that big players boycott transpires lol
  3. SK_IH

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    @Gollum would feel gratified
  4. SK_IH

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    That's an interesting point of view. But that would mean subverting ICC and intl cricket in general, making it extremely difficult to execute.
  5. ATG attack is stretching a bit I think
  6. SK_IH

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Haha Don't think anyone was watching in Ind anyways lolz
  7. After so many winless tours (some even at home) this is a dream come true for Lankan fans
  8. Yep SA wanted to remain unbeaten at home
  9. Yep 4 tests in a row now, 2nd win @Durban
  10. SA deserved this for their hubris of playing 5 batsman and underrating Lankans.Lankans have hurt them real bad , now that extra batsman would come in next test
  11. Amazing innings, the opposition was lulled into thinking he would get himself out , Faf was really ordinary in his captaincy
  12. True Kohli fluffed so many chances in SA and Eng, a choker in tests so far? @Gollum
  13. Shame should be for Poyz who lost 3-0
  14. That was a great innings from Kusal but one if the worst pieces of captaincy in history of cricket.Faf you have been exposed boy
  15. Oh you gotta be kidding, Well done Kusal, one of the greatest, lol @ SA
  16. Agree with you, WC 2019 would define Virat's ODI legacy in more ways than one
  17. Munro should have played this series.He would have made mince meat of Bang attack.Guptill alone is not entertaining enough
  18. In T20s he has done it but ODIs he still has to have that outstanding performance.I am hoping he would put paid to this notion of not showing up in big matches in 2019
  19. SK_IH

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Good to see Markhande getting a look in
  20. looks like the master of contrarian view has struck again
  21. SK_IH

    WI, the dark horses for the World Cup

    Gayle Lewis Hope Bravo Hetmyer Chase Russell Holder Nurse Roach Gabriel This looks like a decent lineup,if Russell plays then they are most certainly better than over rated Poyz
  22. TBH apart from Pakistanis and Dean Jones no one gives a flying fk about PSL.Ind should snub that terror state on all fronts and that kind of isolation would be prudent. Ind has to smart in tackling China as it seems it's the new Baap of Pakistan and to my knowledge they have earlier protested against JeM getting sanctions at UN. PS : This should be in Chitchat
  23. Good start for SL but SA bowlers will like to bowl them out for less than 200 and I think they will.
  24. SK_IH

    Poll: SFs at the ODI WC19

    that would be fun if it happens

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