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  1. Agree about Virat consistently winning meaningless games. But you ll be hard pressed to find the supposed match winning performances in any match of consequence in ODI-test combined during last 3-4 years. Had he shown any spine in those matches he would have been above reproach and his decisions not questioned. However he has orchestrated all this in hegemonic tenure and exactly the reason people are going after him. Do you think anyone gave two hoots about the recent thrashing of WI?
  2. What are Kohli and Shastri achievements worth mentioning? A test series against Aus sans their two best bats. SL won a series in SA for ffs. Best Indian test captain for what reasons? I think most here demand domination from India looking at the resources available, hence highly disillusioned with this short sighted, smug coach-captain combo.
  3. @Vk1 The World Cup is over and England won it. And no India were not most balanced side in the tournament, it was England. India had loopholes, which were magnified once Dhawan got injured. India required one great performance from the self styled modern genius Kohli and then the finals beckoned. However, the World Cup once again fortified the point that tournaments such as these are not won by stats but by natural instincts and flair. Kohli is a Protea by heart, a mechanical product, a machine, which is dull but productive. He has moulded the team in such a way as well. If things go haywire, they usually collapse and that usually transpires on momentous days ala classic SA. This World Cup IMO was the failure of Virat and only Virat both as a captain as well as batsman. He started messing up things a couple years back by not letting anyone settle in any batting position bar top 3 and ironically the batting hodge podge was on display in the semi finals. He has disillusioned most of us and I am one of them and I think India need a cultural change as Virat's dispensation is not worth following.
  4. Ganguly build a team, Dhoni won trophies. What is the legacy of the Rat so far? The King of meaningless runs and stats. Sometimes actions belie the statements one gives in the media. Virat pointed out the disappointment he had post the world cup exit and there is no doubt he must have been shattered. However the attitude is still the same, hackneyed methods of preferring experience and utter confusion in team selection.
  5. As expected, the world champions have been smoked by Aussies. Lyon has become an artist, splendid bowling. It would be interesting to see what kind of pitch is dished out for Lord's.
  6. He is the most clutch test batsman I have seen since another Steve ( Waugh). Sense of occasion is a great filter to define greatness.
  7. Kane should not be understated. He scored runs in the semis and led his team to a WC final tie. Not to forget his masterclass 2nd innings display in the desert last year. He along with Smith is different gravy and clutch, its proven now. The Rat can take all his ODI records and build his brand.
  8. I havent seen the complete innings, has this been a chanceless innings? If yes , even more respect to Smith.
  9. I have a different view, Aus will win this most likely
  10. Saale chewtiye both of them, that last point you wrote was enough to skip this clip.
  11. Aus looks better side on paper. I think they will smash the Poms in Engerland after long while
  12. I don't know why you get your knickers in a twist whenever there is a mention of Sachin.
  13. Rahane lol, that guy is always the supposed best player for difficult conditions. Rahane doesn't even deserve to be in the test team.
  14. Those were the dark days. MSK Prasad chewing the gum, opening the batting for India against McGrath and co. Most of the runs were edges towards third man. He was well complimented by Kanitkar, Jacob Martin, Dighe and Vijay Bhardwaj
  15. Indian cricket is sinking to the new lows and depths. BCCI should be bold enough to convey thank you very much, you are not needed actually. Is Indian cricket at Mercy of certain individuals?
  16. I feel you brother, same here. I have stopped taking them seriously. Not worth it.
  17. He is a choker in tests as well .You have to see the recent performances : Failed in both chases in SA, similar in England, he was not the stand out player even in Aus. It's a travesty that Kusal Perera outgunned the so called number one player in world in SA
  18. Another wrong precedent is being set. Dhoni should not be selected ever again. Indian cricket can not be run according to an individual's whims and fancies.
  19. Don't know about others but i have no words to defend the Rat any more. This guy proved to be a classic stats booster in the mould of South Africans. Not at any point in this world cup he looked like the best batsman in the world. Add to that the failure when it mattered the most. Too many failures for him when one has to show the supposed greatness. He can pile on as many runs as he wants in the forthcoming bilaterals, however his legacy at the moment is of a loser and choker.
  20. Both are not clutch in the league of Steve Waugh, Gilly or Ponting or Gauti. IMO both are quintessential run machine, Kings of stats.
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