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  1. Yep you are right @Jimmy Cliff Last one for the day Complete this list : ? Eden Gardens Eden Gardens Southampton ?
  2. No, it is in southern india
  3. Two WI legends made their test debut on my home ground. I made test debut in a famous cricket ground. That test match turned out to be the last match of a legend of my country. I am part of unique list of ODI batsmen. Who am I?
  4. Just rewriting the question I read somewhere Who am I? I’ve played 7 Tests for my country. I’ve hit 6 consecutive sixes off 6 balls in a county game (same bowler across two overs) I was involved in an infamous Test match in some other capacity—the result of the match is unique till now. @MultiB48. @Jimmy Cliff
  5. Another thing, has Ganguly paid them to overestimate his captaincy in every interview. If you listen to thes guys, it would seem Ganguly was the only captain in history of cricket, who gave chances to youngsters. Dravid was India's finest captain no one talks about, even genesis of Yuvi the ODI legend began during Dravid's captaincy.
  6. Have started to despise these Yuvis and Bhajjis ever since their retirement. Same old BS every year
  7. Ok this was man of match in semis and finals of world cup
  8. Oops, I was earlier typing debut in odi and test on same tour, didn't delete it lol
  9. A certain easy one What is the connection between a leg spinner from Australia, a second generation cricketer of India and middle order batsman from Srilanka?
  10. The answer is Sachin Tendulkar
  11. I have certain connection with late Aus cricketer Phil Hughes
  12. Ok guys i am back Another one to start the day I played my first and last ODI against the same team on the same tour. I played my last test against a team led by two time world champion, who has now retired from test cricket. Edited : @MultiB48 check the last part of question again
  13. Wow didn't know this fact, Samuel Beckett thank to google
  14. No one tried, Cowdrey became 1st player to play 100 tests
  15. Another one What special distinction was achieved by Colin Cowdrey in Ashes series of 1968?
  16. Another hint, the event was held in Asia
  17. Not a U19 WC but it was part of an event in 90s.
  18. Thanks google was quite helpful in this , Younis Ahmed
  19. No but it was in the 90s
  20. Ok next one One Lankan left handed batsman top scored in this event and highest wicket taker was one of the hattrick takers in test cricket. This event was played in one of the venues of certain edition of U19 world cup and was won by a team led by second generation cricketer. India also participated in the event and was captained by a player of royal background. Identify the tournament. Enough hints, don't google
  21. Yes Atapattu straight away came to mind but that no world cup thing made me think of so many other cricketers. Saala aise hi dimaag laga raha tha main
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