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  1. i agree in bowlers's case line should belong to the bowlers.
  2. SK_IH

    India A Tour of NZ

    Gowtham has been impressive throughout the series
  3. SK_IH

    India A Tour of NZ

    India sweep the series , @Ankit_sharma03 bhai mubarak ho Kaul took 4 wkts
  4. What Gambhir is talking about was also highlighted when it took place in CB series 2012. Three seniors were being rotated in the prelims and they all played when Ind were in trouble in Sydney and Hobart. It all points to hypocrisy of Dhoni, who is now hogging the place even when he is an absolute weakness in the batting order.
  5. havent seen quality from Lyon to say he is a improved batsman. he is batting at no.10 for a reason.
  6. just in context of that ENG series, you couldnt be suer if we batted fisrt all tests we would have won. Toss plays a role but not when reasons for defeats were much deeper.
  7. i dont think you can extrapolate on basis of one test match. Ashwin surely have better skills as a batsman than a tailender like Lyon
  8. i dont rate Ashiwn's batting much as an all rounder however he is still way better than Lyon the batsman.
  9. he once again was trying to be too funky, instead of just being simple in execution. For a bowler who has that many wickets, he looks too innocuous during 4th innings, irrespective of pitch. You can see right from that harmless performances in Joburg in 2013 to yesterday's effort. I am not sure even Jaddu can do that also, thats why I think Ind should move on to Kuldeep for overseas matches pretty soon.
  10. SK_IH

    India A Tour of NZ

    Krunal completely failed in this series
  11. really did you watch yesterday's match ? last 4 wickets scored close to 140 runs
  12. In SA may be, not in Eng. In Eng more than toss, Sam Curran was the difference and Ind batting bar Kohli was in poor form
  13. Ind vs Pak SF on 13th December
  14. SK_IH

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    Batsman regularly scored 200s and 300s when Dhoni was spreading gyaan and fear from behind the stumps. MSD stolid style was boring and irritating at the same time.
  15. SK_IH

    Virat screaming..

    I think he hates Aussies with passion, that was over the top but natural.
  16. SK_IH

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    I enjoyed it. Dhoni was so boring behind the wickets and even Saha is quite boring. Pant mentioned it he does it to play on the concentration of the batsman.
  17. SK_IH

    Best year for INDIA in SENA ever

    changed id ?
  18. SK_IH

    Best year for INDIA in SENA ever

    where is @Gollum. he should make comeback post this victory
  19. SK_IH

    Best year for INDIA in SENA ever

    i am not abusing him , i am just stating a fact regarding his captaincy. a win cant chnage what was on display in so far as his captaincy is concerned. A quintessential follow the ball captain. However his contribution in so far as captaincy in three matches won was him winning the toss ín couple of them lol
  20. Simply not good enough overseas. Time to move on finally
  21. SK_IH

    Best year for INDIA in SENA ever

    acha theek hai bhai he should have won atleast one series so far out of two played this year. Batting under him has gone to the dogs,will you blame him for that, if you are attrubuting bowler's success to his name.
  22. SK_IH

    Best year for INDIA in SENA ever

    he is a pathetic captain no doubt, defensive, strategically poor and regularly makes inane team changes. Ind won despite his captaincy.

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