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  1. Wait a minute. Kaptaan Kohli thought Jadeja's run out costed India 20 runs. This is the amount of delusions.
  2. I am not sure whether he is a OD cricketer. This braindead TM lead by Kohli could have used him in place of Jadhav and test his batting capabilities while also playing another bowler. Because it's apparent his batting will determine his future. But obviously Kohli went for Jadhav and also bowled him. I hope this match finally puts the nail in the coffin of Jadhav the bowler. He has had his run, got really exposed now.
  3. Shankar was poorly treated. From no.4 to a discard.
  4. Jadeja has been backed enough in LOIs. He has been a colossal failure. No one has told Virat to be a wizard and create players. That's why I said let someone else take the reins and build a team. We all know Virat goes back to TTFs in the first instance. Virat has been one of major reasons for India's brittle middle order, he has not let anyone settle. And just when wristy's were dominating, he brought in phoney Jadeja in the name of balance.
  5. He is a wonderful stroke player but let him play some significant innings before exalting him.
  6. Virat is an ordinary LOI captain, you need understand that fact before going on a tangent about lack of talent. Why is the captain backing Jadhav,Jadeja ad nauseum.
  7. Lol oh bhai Babar is not even top 10 in test cricket. He has lots to prove in test cricket. Khelne de abhi
  8. If that's the case, TM including the captain should resign. Give others the chance to build a team.
  9. Looking at this innings of Hetmyer feel more disappointed at Pant throwing his wkt when he was well set. It was a great opportunity to score a hundred today but he could not control his itch to slog in the leg side. Iyer too should not miss out on these opportunities. He got out softly when Ind were looking to make a move on.
  10. This is why I think Pant not in class of Hetmyer as a talent. This Hetmyer is brutal.
  11. It looks obvious 300 was not a par score here. Looks a 330 track this now. India cannot win without a contribution from top 3
  12. Don't know why that joker Ambris keeps on playing for WI. Simmons should come in as opener along with Lewis. Hope, Hetmyer, Pooran and Chase as middle as middle order. That's a wonderful batting lineup. They just lack a quality spinner
  13. Jadeja is such a pathetic batsman down the order, he still plays aimlessly after so much experience. Hopefully he gets out soon.
  14. Dube should have come in ahead of phoney Jadeja. At least he will try to hit.
  15. Ironically he always looks good when he is not trying to attack or hit in the air. This was similar to what he did against Bang in WC. But well played today, I think he is trying to find a way to score runs and be successful in middle order
  16. Abject performance from NZ batsmen. Surrendering against a 3 man bowling attack. Test cricket is a big joke these days, no competition, no resilience.
  17. @putrevus You cannot manipulate every fact to satisfy your agenda. So, Kuldeep was dropped because he was struggling? The process to separate the spin duo for Jadeja started in late 2018 against WI, it was another unnecessary random move, which continued till the WC. The only series they played together most of the games in that duration was against NZ when both overwhelmed the kiwis. It was a classic case of fixing something which was not broken, he should have backed the spin duo which was one main reasons of India's success post CT. Secondly, you say you judge a captain by seeing how competitive his team is but most judge by how many his team wins. Also you need to understand there is no point boasting about being competitive against teams who were beatable. Both teams (Eng and SA) since 2018 have been beatable at home and were there for the taking but messed up. In the end the scoreline against that ordinary English test side of 4-1 was an embarrassing outcome, far from being enjoyed as competitive.
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