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  1. Virat said many times that he look for pressure players. Who have character, who can rise up when other fails, rahul's nervousness is too palpable and it's not good trait to posses in sports business.
  2. This is why playing him in test was so wrong. It might have messed with his brain given the talent he possess it's not easy for him to switch formats easily.
  3. Yet there are people on forum who told me Rohit is performing better than kohli in last few years. Absolute farce how this guy is able to maintain his place after destroying our chances many folds many times bysucking the momentum at the start of the innings.
  4. Depends on venue, in NZ it will be more of a fair fight, as mavi and nagar on those pitches won't be easy but on Indian pitches seniors will spank juniors everyday and twice on Sundays.
  5. We got this in the bag

    ban this traitor!
  6. Well it's just conjectures, and it's not like I am asking something completely irrational as he wasn't in test side for a long time. Secondly, NO, it would not have been same if anyone else replaced him, as nobody is capable of playing such counterattacking innings like he do. I think, everything which could've gone wrong this series have gone wrong.
  7. Well, he decided to sit the English tour out and was gone from the team for almost a year but as soon as he heard of INDIA at stone throw away, he came wagging his tail thinking of us as some easy meat and padding up his stats. IMO, he was more of the decisive factor in us loosing first match than the team selection. discuss.
  8. The selective bias we show

    so are we supposed to castigate morkel for not getting our batsmen out?
  9. Sri Lanka might have done South Africa a favour

    So because of left right combo, we shouldn't drop dhawan? ffs
  10. When I think of our batting lineup always forget saha is also playing, that is the level of confidence I have in him. I repeat, we need extra batsman here possibly lower kohli down to 5 and add another cushion of batsman to blunt/survive the ball for first 25 overs. This is why I wanted to vote for 6 batsman but then realised we have Rohit to bank upon in 6 batsman strategy. So voted for laude lg gye.
  11. Fan boys and fan girls.

    I am a fanboy of whoever makes India win matches. No personal favourite.
  12. It doesn't have to be Rohit but someone more dependable than Ashwin, parthiv maybe. Point is, centurion is an unforgiving pitch, we need batsman to make runs after bowl is old ( when it stop spitting venom). My XI: Rahul Vijay( will learn faster than the jatt) ChePu Anushka Rahane Rohit/Ashwin Saha/Parthiv Pandya Bhuvi bumrah shami Batting looks thick now and can feast on once we get through first 20 overs.
  13. I think drop ashwin and play rohit in his place and add rahane, we need more batsman at centurion.
  14. Can India avoid a 3-0 whitewash?

    No it won't, I think it will be 1-2 to India, centurion win will be nothing short of miracle with tons from Rahul and kohli while highveld is where India will create history as they have never lost there before. Expect the unexpected boys, we got this covered. I can feel it. and yeah someone please kick Rohit in the nuts for that shot.
  15. Dale steyn wont bowl in this test again

    Mixed feeling this, was relieved at first but to see a champ bowler go out like this is rather sad.

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