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  1. Scar

    IPL Match 2 KKR vs SRH at Kolkata,25th March 2019

    Looks like SRH will eek out a win here.
  2. Why would anyone want to apply for this position, given how partial the last induction process was. I will be surprised if any big names apply this time around. Even they know that it will be just elaborate scheme to retain Shastri under the facade of fair hiring process.
  3. Scar

    Most likable team

    I dunno, I might support MI or any underdogs.
  4. Scar

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    Why suMk1 wasn't able to bring it down when it was behind f16. Damn
  5. Scar

    1st T20. Ind vs Aus at Vizag

    Nope injured or Smthn
  6. Scar

    Is Kashmir Worth Fighting For?

    Would have agreed with you if not for those 7 rivers which are lifeline for many states up north and also for its strategic position in geopolitical arena because what's there to stop Pakistan to 'gift' a part of kashmir to China again, severely compromising our terrain advantage over China in those regions. Secondly, it will set a bad precedent for potentially fragile country like India. What next? Entire North East will be up in arms, asking for freedom which some of them already do because of CAB and other issues, so Where's the line? Best solution is to whip these kashmiri white bums out of the region under a small scale warfare as anything done during war is justified. And influx the area with Biharis and shoot any one who raise voice against it.
  7. Scar

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    Well firstly, give yourself a pat on your back for using all 9 brain cells that you possess to come up with such diatribe. Point of contention : Only Indians have inferiority complex because they watch reaction videos. Let's put this theory to acid test, shall we? So Americans suffer with huge inferiority complex as well, that they prefer to watch reaction videos? What about the Koreans? Are they having inferiority complex as well? So manchilds and kids suffer from inferiority complex as well? Moreover, I find it funny that I disgust you, yet you will probably be the first one who will run onto Padosi forum whenever India wins a match against them, to see their reaction(s). I always backpack a shovel, just to put keedas like you in their places. So come up with usual feces you vomit and I will reply whenever I have time for vermins like you. Good day!
  8. Bet many wives were left high and dry today because of Rahul. This guy is earmarked to take on the baton from kohli down the road. S. U. P. E. R. S. T. A. R written all over him.
  9. Scar

    Jos Butler

    Haha! Btw Mariyam your mumbai's up-end restaurant are way too overpriced. My sister went to one of them with her other two friends and waiter bombed a 15 K bill on them. And restaurant wasn't even that pristine.
  10. Scar

    Jos Butler

    I still think he is susceptible against googly, but who isn't. Other than that, he is complete package, I have hardly seen him hurried by any pacer. A very bold thing to say, but he somewhat reminds me of de veillers.
  11. Hahahaha! VIRAT be like, "Fitteh moo tere".
  12. You seem to have 'tête-à-tête' with Pandya to know that much. #AchcaSorry
  13. Scar

    Jos Butler

    One of the most talented batsman I have ever seen. Phenomenal batsman.
  14. OMG itna gussa! Totally non sequitur but, 1. You girl, never join journalism, you have talent to single-handedly end some careers. 2. Remind me to never be in your bad books.
  15. And what exactly are you cringing about? Just because he doesn't follow the lifestyle as per your wish, doesn't make his capricious lifestyle any bad. Scrutinizing his cricketing skills is fine and then discussion can venture into his lifestyle, but it's bit odd to make a thread about his lifestyle and then bring along his cricketing career as a side boost to prove your point. I don't follow him on Insta because I find him cringy too, but that's none of my business to tell him how he should behave. He can have an affair with Anushka for all I care, as long as he delivers on cricketing field.

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