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  1. I will always be wary of bringing him into the fold especially after that 1st test of aus tour where we could've won had he applied himself better. Moreover, chahal and kuldeep are doing great job for India so don't need someone upsetting the rhythm of the duo.
  2. Hafeez gets caught chucking again

    lol and today he was bowling with "remodelled" action :)) does this guy have no shame et all?
  3. Rabada vs Amir

    AMIR in ODIs for me, however in test rabada by fair margin.
  4. oh man, looks like I missed yet another hardik pounding.
  5. Star bags IPL media rights for INR 16, 347 crores

    that's for global rights and star will sell the rights in different countries to the highest bidder. These people know very well to extract money out of our pockets. So, I wouldn't be worried about their breaking even when they are about to swim in moolahs because of most watched league in the world.
  6. Why the hell it keep happening to us? Somehow, whenever we have max chance of winning - some way or another things placidly form a sequence of events to screw us over.
  7. So many posters here are missing the point. Rohit is not someone who can take attack to the bowlers from the word go, he takes too many balls to settle in and never unsettle the bowler unlike dhawan and kohli. Next WC is in England and it might swing early, can't afford to have a dud opening against Amir/ starc & co. Moreover, he hardly perform in important matches save for matches against bangs. We need someone who gung ho on the leather like sehwag use to do and make bowlers his bit*h. Rahul can easily do that and that's why I want him over hit-my-pads-man. A opener with 50 (30) is always better than someone with 72 (81) type scores.
  8. What try? I am genuinely asking this. It's okay if you don't know.
  9. Does anyone know much Pakistani player scored in their last yo - yo test? Iirc only misbah and Younis got 20 or so.
  10. happy to see yuvraj dropped. Finally we are ready to move on.
  11. people are over-reacting a bit here, we are no.1 team in the world and beast of it's own kind in SC, it was always going to be one-sided but that doesn't make lanka a weak teams who recently whitewashed Australia. IMO, teams like lanka who are going through transition should play champions like us to aspire to become one. Truth is, very very few teams can competition to India in SC and this series is more of a result of recondite behemoth team India is, and hardly about the scaffolds of platitude regarding lanla being a weak team.
  12. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    Still big enough for many club cricketers.

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