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  1. I don't understand why doesn't Ashwin wear long sleeves like other spinners? It may gives him the license to tweak once or twice while getting the phainti.
  2. I am loving this....

    I love Rashid to bits, but the way he threw the ball to wicket to sabotage the woodwork just to entice the universe boss, I gotta say, boy he really humbled Rashid big time. Rashid was becoming too confident of his bowling, right time to have reality check to keep on improving.
  3. Ashwin outsmarts old man Dhoni

    I believe axar was out with a niggle if I remember the Ashwin's words at Toss correctly.
  4. Okay, i laughed hard but kudos to mumbai for making a game out of something which seemed like an one sided affairs some overs ago. They are an entertainment guaranteed team.
  5. I want over... I want super over. Please pleasantly please!
  6. Stanlake on strike.. Should be fun
  7. We need wickets, one-sided match would be so boring. Gabbar not helping my cause, he needs to channel those days when he used to come to the pitch just to do bhoomi-poojan.
  8. Don't know whom to support, heck I will what I always do. Support the underdogs. Go IndIans.
  9. Batsmen who needs to eat some meat !!!

    What about Dhoni, dwayne Smith, faf, kohli, these guys are cocooned in muscles yet when it comes to six hitting skills they are not as fearsome as other non muscular guys like maxwell, pandya Et cetera. Gayle, Russel, pollard are genetic freaks and are hence, anomaly. Average Joe can only dream of possessing the framework and brute strength they do. Anyways that's not the point I want to make, my point is :- A player who learned through out his life to not play across the line, or to never loft the ball over mid-on, never ever play ugly cross batted hoicks will have a very tough times to snack the ball even if he gain muscles because that's not his natural playing mode. Sure, it might help him clearing the inner circle more often than he do currently but can't bank on him to turn into a fearsome six hitter even he have muscles like Mccullum.
  10. Batsmen who needs to eat some meat !!!

    GOMAD wouldn't solve rahane's problem though. He is a touch player, it will hard for him to muscle the ball as his twitch muscles aren't adjusted to it. The myth has been debunked many a times that being muscular helps you in hitting better. It's mainly the core strength of body, adjusting the weight and bat swing speed that helps more in six hitting than raw power, look at de Villiers, or rohit,these guys just have beautiful swing of the bat with solid core and that's what rahane need but it's really improbable to mould your game at such stage of his career and his body won't respond to it.
  11. Are you gonna leave us hanging? share the dirt bro!

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