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  1. Now, there are some anabolic steroids like stanozolol etc, which can significantly increase your endurance and running capacity. If a player who got his break into Indian team after a long lay-off period, will he be tempted to get their hands on such androgens to clear the test? If Rohit is asking for retest within a span of two days, what are the chances that he will be inclined to think along these lines to maintain his place in the team. I think the players should be 'encouraged' to maintain optimum level of fitness rather than giving them the axe altogether, especially in ODIs, where endurance required is not as much as needed in tests. If not, then we should be fine with Manish pandey top scoring everyone in Yo-Yo test with score of 19.2 and playing for Indian team.
  2. So after some searching I stumbled upon this. * Detection times for anabolic androgenic steroids -Anavar 3 weeks -Anadrol 2 months -Andriol 1 week -Clenbuterol 4-5 Days -Deca-Durabolin - nandrolone decanoate - - Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 18 months -Dianabol 5 weeks -Durabolin (Nandrolone - - Phenylpropionate) 12 months -Ephedrin 6-10 Days -Equipoise (Boldenone Undecyclenate) 4-5 months -Halotestin 2 months -Primobolin Depot 4-5 weeks -Proviron 5 weeks -Sustanon 3 months -Test cypionate 3 months -Test enanathate 3 months -Test Propionate 2-3 weeks -Test supspenison No metabolites. t/e should -be back to normal in days -Tremolon Acetetate 4-5 weeks -Winstrol oral (Stanazol) 3 weeks -Winstrol inj (Stanazol) 2 months So, even if there's periodic test, by taking some PEDs orally (which have even shorter detection period) .- one can easily evade such test.
  3. Scar

    Aus v Eng - 3rd ODI - 19 June 2018

    On which app can I see it?
  4. Scar

    Speed Test in line with YoYO Test.

    Mate it's horses for courses. Someone like philander will bowl to you military medium pace of 125 KMPH and you will find it different ball game altogether to face him, as compared to much famed 138+ KMPH bowlers.
  5. I won't believe Pakistan's Yo-Yo threshold even if god himself tells me. Guys like Imad, Yasir and hafeez can't run for their life and you are telling me they cross 17 pointer? I call a big pile of baloney.
  6. Is yo-yo standard everywhere? Or there are fluctuations in the methodology used?
  7. @rkt.india brother, congratulations we found someone who cleared the YO-YO test as opposed to Rayadu who was merely scoring bucket load of tons against each and every kind of Bowling, but wasn't able to clear the fitness test. I am done with this team. But who am I kidding, come any India match and I will in harlequinade deprecation. Does these good for nothing selectors have any modicum of conscience left? I, like many other, don't sleep well at night when India lose the matches but they don't seem to care one bit. They got one job i.e. to spawn best available eleven players in the country on the field, and they fail at that too.
  8. This is bad set of precedant they are setting here. There should be some leeway, given to players who are in exceptional form. Cricketers primary skill is to be good at what they do, and fitness is necessary soft skill but not the ultimate goal for you to get selected. Or the likes of Manish pandey will keep hogging the spot forever because he clears the fitness test. This is not specifically for Rayadu but any in-form, talented cricketer in general. It's been a long time since I have seen India playing any in-form batsman straight off the bat in ODIs. Last time India chose players based on recent form in ODIs was CT 2013 and results speak for themselves. Shame Rayadu has to miss out.
  9. Congratulations Bangladesh and proud of the girls. You have to understand, India winning the Cup would have been nice but Bangladesh girls winning it is monumental, it's like shot in the bullet BCB needs to get serious about finding women's cricket, they are paid peanuts in Bangladesh. Really happy for them.
  10. Scar

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    I think, Pandya should be tried for first two test. But as we get into the later part of the summer, the pitches will start aiding the spinners. It will in our benefit to replace Pandya/Ishant (whoever perform worse) by kuldeep then.
  11. Scar

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    No, we can do away with 10 batsman but giving up a world class glovesman for an inferior product is a huge risk.
  12. I was a good batsman in my gully team. In fact, I was a gully legend with 25 50s and 3 100s. If you have played gully cricket, you will understand how awesome those stats are. To hit every kind of Bowling dead straight direction to get the six, or you will be out if it goes to anyone's home. I was good against every kind of bowling, then one day a new kid next door with weak body frame and frightened eyes, came to play with us. Since, in gully cricket you are allowed to bowl with bend arm if it's not fast, so this kid came and asked to bowl to me. I had a lot of swagger back then, so in my authoritative stance on the crease I vowed to crush the rookie. He bowled a super slow ball, almost a lollipop. My eyes sparkled at the prospect of being offered such halwa, I danced outside my crease to bludgeon the cosco into oblivion, and make the record for longest six in my society, NO! Actually in my whole town or perhaps in the whole goddam city. And then it happened.... The ball hit the pitch. Somehow his ball had backspin, like we see in table tennis ball. It literally stopped at the pitch for a second. I was in between motion of my almighty swing when I felt my time warped, it was like time has stopped except for me, and I went into a deep conversation with my ruffled spirit. 'damn!! that conniving guy got me good' 'should I continue with my swing? No my swing is too fast, it will pass over the ball and if I miss ball, it'll most probably crash onto the stumps.' 'can I just block it? No it's too late for that.' 'i can manœuvre my swing left or right, that will probably delay my swing enabling me to connect the ball. Yes that is it. This should work...... But! If I do, then the ball will most likely ricochet to Bubly auntie's roof. Rendering me Out either way.' Everything was in slow-mo, while my recusant-self was busy in my didactic self introspection, I lend my eyes upon the guy who left me in such precarious and staggering a position. That look, that unscrupulous, diabolical grin which that guy aproned on his countenance to go along with those frightened eyes which reeks of possible premonition, is still the most scariest sight I've ever seen. I shuddered, to think what other guys would say at the sight of me, the absolute legend, the phenom of the gully cricket who is famously known as the rookie crusher, getting out to a lollipop bowling! that too against a rookie? The guys won't believe if I say it had backspin. 'NO, I can't let that happen. If I am going down might as well go down fighting. I will go down as a martyr, a brave heart who didn't let a 20 KMPH teletubby to blemish his stature. Won't let the guy abscond with the glory which can only be matched by, if ever, by Eric Hollis who got bradman out on duck.' Sagacity inside me kicked in. And just in nick of time I feigned a slip of foot/fall down. The ball did went on to crash my stumps but according to people it was because I felt down or I would have smothered the ball to infinity and beyond. My dignity remained intact but only I knew what sort of shtick I have thwarted. So to answer: it's the lollipop bowling.
  13. It's like accusing the good guys to be bad until they are pushed to the limit and do something in order to show them, what it really means to be bad, and then they will be like - see, we told you so. I blame our Hindu society - we are not as ruthless as Muslim world in getting our demands met. A line I read somewhere, "My biggest mistake was not that I was nice, but that I let the world know that.". This show is just feeding off that weakness of our, we are just too nice. I am pretty sure, had Palestine been an Hindu territory, it would have been a non issue by now. Subservience of many Hindus is a double edged sword, while it helps in assimilation outside and projecting a nice image of us in front of outsiders, it also expose us wide open for others to stomp over us without resistance.
  14. A big blot on men's cricket.
  15. Scar

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    This is another level of lunacy by reham Khan. Has this women got any shame? Was she one of her mistress to share such lurid details of akram's preferences. Very 'sharamful' thing to do for the sake of sensationalism. Akram should sue her pawg ass to the court.
  16. Indeed, A Kapil dev like personality for Afghanistan cricket. Emerging cricketing nations need these kind of catalyst to break the ceiling.
  17. I have seen the movie twice and it's amazing how little clues through out the MCU movies since 2008 has culminated into such a big amalgamation of franchises. Will share my review after a day or two but feel free to let us know how you feel about the movie.
  18. Scar

    Book and Detailed Movie Reviews

    I have heard great things about slaughter house five as well. Might as well give it a try. Thanks.
  19. Scar

    Dowry Calculator !!!

    I did lot of dhandlebaazi while providing information to get those 3 crore, man!! *Me sulking in the corner*
  20. Scar

    Why no reservations in the armed forces?

    Because protecting the border isn't as lucrative an option as snatching away the hard work of underprivileged hard working general class in other field where you can have luxury of sitting behind the desk and order around.
  21. Scar

    Dowry Calculator !!!

    Congratulations! "The world is your oyester" and why should it not be? You have worked extremely hard for this day. You are an inspiration for all the prospective grooms toiling towards their dream dowries. Your current Dowry Rate is 3 Crore. Besides, you are assured a lavish wedding, a land property, hefty and expensive jewelry, a fully financed honeymoon amongst other perks. And the list has just started. You have trudged meticulously for this day. Now, is the time to make it count. Each and every rupee. From your in-laws pocket. Bravo! My life is set. Adios muchachos.
  22. Scar

    Book and Detailed Movie Reviews

    Wow, thread of such epic quality. I will go through all the post once in my leisure. @zen @flamy just finished reading catch 22, can you suggest any other book with historical background and yet having dark humour? Thanks in advance.
  23. Our players gets lots of opportunities in IPL. Sometimes, you can cut off of your breakfast if it can feed a famished person.
  24. I don't know when this good will developed but I really like Afghanistan people and the nation. On social media, the only cricketing nation which supports us unconditionally
  25. Scar

    If Pakistan win the second test....

    Playing LOIs before tests is a serious crime, mainly because of the bad habit that barge-in nimble footed in players shot selection. It's not easy to switch your mindset while playing different formats. You would be tempted to drive the length ball, dab the ball to third man and so on. Especially kohli, who have this tendency and might bring his falll this summer as well. Hope that's not the case.

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