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  1. Rabada vs Amir

    AMIR in ODIs for me, however in test rabada by fair margin.
  2. oh man, looks like I missed yet another hardik pounding.
  3. Star bags IPL media rights for INR 16, 347 crores

    that's for global rights and star will sell the rights in different countries to the highest bidder. These people know very well to extract money out of our pockets. So, I wouldn't be worried about their breaking even when they are about to swim in moolahs because of most watched league in the world.
  4. Why the hell it keep happening to us? Somehow, whenever we have max chance of winning - some way or another things placidly form a sequence of events to screw us over.
  5. So many posters here are missing the point. Rohit is not someone who can take attack to the bowlers from the word go, he takes too many balls to settle in and never unsettle the bowler unlike dhawan and kohli. Next WC is in England and it might swing early, can't afford to have a dud opening against Amir/ starc & co. Moreover, he hardly perform in important matches save for matches against bangs. We need someone who gung ho on the leather like sehwag use to do and make bowlers his bit*h. Rahul can easily do that and that's why I want him over hit-my-pads-man. A opener with 50 (30) is always better than someone with 72 (81) type scores.
  6. What try? I am genuinely asking this. It's okay if you don't know.
  7. Does anyone know much Pakistani player scored in their last yo - yo test? Iirc only misbah and Younis got 20 or so.
  8. happy to see yuvraj dropped. Finally we are ready to move on.
  9. people are over-reacting a bit here, we are no.1 team in the world and beast of it's own kind in SC, it was always going to be one-sided but that doesn't make lanka a weak teams who recently whitewashed Australia. IMO, teams like lanka who are going through transition should play champions like us to aspire to become one. Truth is, very very few teams can competition to India in SC and this series is more of a result of recondite behemoth team India is, and hardly about the scaffolds of platitude regarding lanla being a weak team.
  10. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    Still big enough for many club cricketers.
  11. India's international cricket schedule till March 2019

    Golden opportunity for India to defeat aus in 2019 ODI series, it's much easier to do so in 3 match series. Hope we do it this time around.
  12. At what men's level is women's cricket?

    All that bit about women's cricket being a rung below men's might be true but the ease with which kaur plundered those sixes on tha ground having 80 metre boundary against Australia might still be a wet dream for many club cricketers.
  13. India certified Final Chokers

    You lost 12 out of 12 times when it really mattered. lol
  14. IPL gave us dhawan, pandya, jadeja & co who are very good in international in cricket. Ashwin and jadeja are top 2 test bowlers in the world. What else do you want mate?
  15. Anti Virat Kohli Club:AVKC Reborn

    I would like to be a member of ANTI-VIRAT KOHLI CAPTAINCY CLUB but at same time want to retain my membership at Virat kohli the player fan club.
  16. Getting sick of these drama, since when we started to dry our dirty laundry in public like our padosis?
  17. The Vegetarians/Vegans of ICF

    Well, I am a vegetarian and treat my paneer ( farmer's cheese) like it's chicken.
  18. Kohli will soon realise that captaincy of Indian team is nothing like captaincy of RCB where you don't give results and people won't bat an eye. Cricket in India is raison d'être for many and you can't treat it like your personal buddy hangout club. Hope you realise it soon Captain aggressive.
  19. How unprofessional CAC? (srt sg vvs)

    A drunk person fluffed his car keys on a lonely road filled with darkness. The person plodded 10 metres to his left and started searching for the key under a street light stationed there, not because that's where he dropped his keys but because it was easy for him to search the keys under light. A little bit similar situation, Indian cricket find itself in. The problem is not the coach or CAC but the culture Indian cricket as a whole has embraced & we foolishly look for solution under the street light while problem lies in the darkness. It ought to be reckoned a virtue in a biased fan ( like me) to relish, wallowingly, the beguiling contradictions of the evidence we have of the past and to dodge and slip between multiple vantage points, and this trait is visible in all person to some extent. So, whether you think CAC was completely unprofessional is subjective to where you want to look from.
  20. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    It's Ok, with the burden on pant to perform in a single match he got chance to play in, he played okay.
  21. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    My first ICF commentary post, hoping for a good match.
  22. He is an ATG and his drive to excel is peerless save for smith. Yes he failed in important matches but he also scored in important matches so he just need one of that innings in finals where he hold the match by scruff of it's neck and own it, to cement his position as GOAT LOI player surpassing sachin and viv.

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