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  1. Reddysaab

    Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Pakistan is no longer pace bowling factory. but the CT final could signal the beginning of the resurgence of Pak cricket. a new beggining.
  2. Reddysaab

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    well that settles it.
  3. Reddysaab

    India tour of SL

  4. Reddysaab

    India tour of SL

    u are downplaying SL too much. are u a girl or are u a guy with an avatar of jaqueline fernandez?
  5. Reddysaab

    India tour of SL

    Something about Sri Lanka, the cool breeze which tempers the sun and happy Island culture. Something about it always makes me happy thinking about it because I had such a great time visiting SL. I had run into a tuk-tuk driver the first day i was there. For the next week for the time that I was there, he became my designated driver and go to man and guide. Once he found that I was also interested in partaking some local herbs He even took me to a beach shack to some of his buddies, when I smoked some weed on a beach shack right next to Mount Lavinia hotel (where i was staying). It was some dreamy stuff. I still remember very vividly looking out of the shack and into the Indian ocean and being in the moment. SL by far is a largely uncomplicated place, a much simpler place compared to India and the rest of the subcontinent. It felt good going down memory lane. Right then, time for a full Sri Lanka tour - 3 tests, 5 ODIs, 1 t20. First test, is in Galle. I have seen the Galle fort and it looks very nice. Inspite of SL being written off, its going to be a tough series and India will have to play as well as they did last time around to win.
  6. Reddysaab

    India certified Final Chokers

    correct India finals record is 6-4 and way ahead of Pak finals record of 3-3. India is a more decorated team than Pakistan in all world tournaments. that is fact not hyperbole.
  7. finally able to run the website and it seems fully functional. I like it better than the last version... ofcourse nothing beats the vintage version that is mentioned by Cricketics in the above post. that was the best. but this current version combines some vintage elements and has a classier feel to it than the previous version. especially the current version looks really good in mobile.
  8. again and again? i said that in one post. no way i dont work under such cheapos
  9. its atrocious. the desktop site is completely broke. they shud fire the project mgr
  10. Cricinfo rolls out great new look but Desktop version is broke? Cricinfo has updated its look and I can see it in mobile and its great. but it has broken the desktop vesion. can anyone else confirm or is it just me?
  11. Reddysaab

    Thank You Kumble

    hallo, come on lets talk about the real topic and not this bullshit topic. anyone want to start a real conversation about indian cricket, u can read my post and reply ur welcome
  12. Reddysaab

    Thank You Kumble

    and shameless Kohli was laughing with the Paks. it smacks of immaturity and unprofessionalism. its not the laugh that I am bothered about. its the nature of the laugh. I think its Kohli's way of dealing with embarrassment. but its a poor way and reflects an insecure personality.
  13. Reddysaab

    Thank You Kumble

    not one to go down silently, this diplomatic post by Kumble has pretty much thrashed Kohli on a public forum. this is a scathing and a straight shooting post from Anil Kumble and I believe every word of it. Kohli thinks its his way or highway. what is Kohli going to say now? as per reports Kumble wanted to bat after winning toss. ofcourse that's basic commonsense. in a big final always bat first. Kohli made the same mistake that Ganguly did wc 2003 final
  14. Reddysaab

    Thank You Kumble

    this is very bad for Indian cricket. I have serious reservations about Kohli's ego issues and fear the worst for Indian cricket. its on the downward slope. if Kohli is not reigned in and soon, we will see more of these bipolar results. either we win big or we get thrashed. and usually teams like these don't win trophies. its the scrapping teams that take the games deep (cue Dhoni) , that win trophies. Pakistanis are celebrating a rebirth of their cricket on Sunday in wonderful fashion, all credit to their humility and hard work. while the haughty culture introduced by Indian captain Kohli is wallowing in his excesses and running Indian cricket to the ground. The downfall has begun.
  15. Reddysaab

    Pakistan winning this CT.

    ya I am THE REDDYSAAB from TMS, the all time legend. ya I was active back then. even now I post with some TMS oldtimers at worldofcricket.net

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