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  1. Revolution

    Let's all laugh at the padosies

    Pak fans have still hopes
  2. Revolution

    If TN had a seperate national team how would it fare ?

    Karnataka team can easily defeat lower ranked teams in ICC.
  3. Revolution

    Sachin criticized MSD for his slow batting

    We are baring dhoni torture from 2015 world Cup
  4. Lol.. Why can't dhoni advice to all bowlers. First 10 balls match over.
  5. Revolution

    Road to SFs for all teams (WC19)

    In my view teams with 13 or more points are confirmed to semis.
  6. Kohli need 57 to reach 11K runs in ODIs
  7. This world Cup schedule is for best teams. Best teams perform consistently. There is minimum 3 days gap which is enough.
  8. Revolution

    NZ v India washout.

    Sad!!! Pathetic it is..
  9. Revolution

    Shankar va karthik

    Rahul opening with Rohit and 4th down not yet decided.

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