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    Who wants to see Kohli fail as captain and player ?

    Thats what you wish he retires early ? WHats wrong with all you people...... The guy is a diamond. Not even Australia or WI in its prime has such a quality player. Support him please !!!!!!!!

    Who wants to see Kohli fail as captain and player ?

    I have seen big Idiots but not a bigger idiot then you .... Yes Kohli is arrogant as we love it !!!!!!! Take your stupidity elsewhere
  3. Yes we rightly believed that for past 8 years and all continue to believe
  4. Big words by a team ranked No 8 few days back .... Its just a matter of time before Kohl and Sharma spank the living daylights out of the Pakistani bowling attack Like the norm has been for last few years Having said that, definitely the Pakistani Bowling attack looked good in the CT. The batting though is still a big question mark. Unless the batting improves , Pakistan will hover within the No 6- No 8 Mark.
  5. One win....One win and you guys seem to be on Cloud 9...Understandable...cos it has come as a shock to you and your team has been winning nothing lately Same thing happend with India in 2003 WC... Somehow we started thinking we are world beaters until Australia brought us crashing in the finals.
  6. he he he ....Your captain says in press conference "I am still learning to be the captain" . You don't learn the job ur already doing !!!! That shows his maturity level BTW Kohli has sweeped the floor with you team for last 5 years . Numbers speak for themselves !!!!!
  7. oo Bhai again lets not start why we wont play you cos it goes nowhere !!!! Indian team is going through shocking performance ??? Its going through a lean patch I would say ...nothing to press the panic button on !!! And BTW one win in a blue moon does not qualify for "We don't need those greats if we can beat your current team."
  8. And west indies were world champions 2 times in a row .....!!!!!! How many times have you been told to come out of dark ages !!!!!! Days of your so called greats Miandad and that Imran Khan are long gone and dusted. Your team is a pale showdow of what it was 20 yrs back . Sooner you guys realize that the better !!!!
  9. His record speaks for him. Power and Arrogance comes with performance and Virat Kohli has that to justify !!!!!! More Power to Kohli in future !!!!!!!!!
  10. PSL You mean the tournament that is not even held in Pakistan ????
  11. I pity those Green Fans who suddenly have started thinking of Pakistan as a Above Minnow team No sir Pakistan is still Pakistan. And Sarfaraz is a below average captain
  12. Since last 8 years the Green Storm has been laying flat in front of the Blue Hurricane. And god willing it won't rise in future too !!!!!
  13. For all those haters who are saying Indian cricket's downfall has begun witht he appointment of Ravi Shastri...just wait and see !!!!!!
  14. DGBOSS

    "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Just amazing how many clowns this country has in its cricketing circles - Miandad, Sohail, Basit Ali, SHaryar Khan, Najam Sethi...list is endless...

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