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  1. Indian cricket will never go tot he heights Australia/England attended .... As long as this hero worship dosen't stop ! There is no performance to back and still players refuse to quit. Does BCCI have Ba** enuf to not select such players ?
  2. ANother day going by !!!!! Just read yesterday how Strauss and the ECB management is already thinking of Phasing out Morgan keeping 2023 in mind. And mind you he will only be 36 by 2023. That age by Indian Standards is considered "Prime" in cricket. Indian Cricket will never improve until the day we continue to select people based on their fan following

    Different fans, personal experience, UK, world cup 2019

    I will go 1 step more.... I honestly feel we shoudnt have been in Semis too.....
  4. Waiting patiently !!!!!!!!!!! every day !!!!!!!!!

    A shared World Cup would've been better.

    Not really . Last I know u guys were whinning about net run rate and how other teams are conspiringg against you .

    A shared World Cup would've been better.

    NZ deserves equal praise as Eng . End of story .
  7. Keep trying !!!! may be some day your grand grand grand grand grand children might get lucky LOL No one respects Akram in Pakistan ?????? Time to put that bottle down man !!!!!!

    Spirit of game.

    Umpires even if they wanted could not have been able to do anything. Remember the ball went to the boundary. As per rules thats a 4.
  9. yeah right even ur great AKram accepted it was a "fluke" win. Now get over it.
  10. Pakistanis are telling their kids this same story from 1992....and it will always remain that - a story...
  11. DGBOSS

    Waqar Younis - You Have No Shame

    This idiot needs to understand that his team played crap cricket and so did not qualify for the semis. India and the other 3 teams incl NZ made to semis on their merit. Serial Cheaters giving lectures now !!!!!
  12. But got beaten by a team who finished 8th in the WI LOL. Thats Pakistan for you.
  13. LOL. A team that got dismissed for 105 against a third grade WI attack
  14. No they got in due to superior run rate. Pakistanis were too stupid to not improve on their run rate when they should have. No one will remember Pakistan in this WC . Everyone will remember NZ almost sharing the trophy with England in this WC. Thats the difference !!!!

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