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  1. Pratik77

    Yuz chahal

    Even Kuldeep got hits out of the park...also Jadhav was expensive..
  2. Most probably...means still there is slim chance of him not retiring after WC...god save us..pls
  3. Pratik77

    Rahul Gandhi Jokes

    What a joker...lol
  4. Pratik77

    May Bhawani be with you our dear Armed Forces!

    Har har Mahadev
  5. It was so frustrating they didn't do anything...Mumbai was burning for 3 days fighting terrorists...it's like this was revenge for that cowardice attack
  6. Icf is always hyper...be it about cricket or any other things.... patience hi hai aaj kal...Pakistanis denying the attack as usual One minister commented that only trees got chopped lol...
  7. Even I noticed that...I wanted to quote that here...I didn't watch victory celebration of SL..
  8. Pratik77

    Is this govt serious!

    NDTV source..
  9. yeh... October should come sooner...we will win by big margins...
  10. Saale under hi itne Dushman baithe baher wale ki kya jarrorat
  11. What a chuttad need to boycott him from any event show...Kapil ke show me se bhi Nikal feko...
  12. Literally I felt something from my body is gone after watching those horrific scenes strict actions needs to be taken...first it needs to happen in Kashmir...
  13. Specialist Bowler such as Jaleel??I really hope selectors don't considers him for WC squad...what a waste of one spot...
  14. Pratik77

    Fastest T20 50s !!!

    Are yaar

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