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  1. Haaaaa....I would love them to meet again...mi has 4 match winning streak against them...
  2. Who would be more pain in the ass for csk dc or srh??
  3. Shaw can be WC back-up opener...great to watch him bat...
  4. Pratik77

    Ban the Chepauk from hosting T20 matches

    I am glad podu csk lost
  5. Pratik77

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

  6. Pratik77

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

    I think show has gone backwards since season 5...nd this third episode was just **** show after what was promised nd build up from season 1...as mega fight vs night king turn out out be joke...
  7. Pratik77

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    What a crook...lol these liberals are born retard.
  8. People from Mumbai North are not fool...she will lose by big margin... Sanjay Nirupam bhag gaya idhar se 4.50 lakhs votes se haar Gaya tha last time...
  9. Pratik77

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Even in 14 when bjp-ss win all seats in Mumbai Thane region turnout was around 49-52%...I am from North Mumbai constituency bjp-ss in driver seat here...no chance for Congress maybe except south Mumbai that too big question mark on it....Thane Palghar is NDA easily...
  10. Pratik77

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

    Haaaaa.... this **** is amazing
  11. Pratik77

    Yuz chahal

    Even Kuldeep got hits out of the park...also Jadhav was expensive..
  12. Most probably...means still there is slim chance of him not retiring after WC...god save us..pls
  13. Pratik77

    Rahul Gandhi Jokes

    What a joker...lol

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