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  1. Game is drifting towards Aussies.....
  2. Kohli finishes off in style.....no msd for hitting winning run.....
  3. DLS method is so stupid....
  4. Test 2 : South Africa vs Toygers

    Wow.... toygers so useless outside their sher e Bangla....5 SA batsmen made century each
  5. We are blessed

    So another torture will begin shortly
  6. Afterall that CT win was fluke.....and this result confirm it...... though great effort by SL unit after receiving quite a hammering from India in last series......and Herath is such champion bowler always turns up against Pakistan.....great performance
  7. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Great victory..... sweet revenge of last odi series played in AUS...in exactly same manner 4-1
  8. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Man of the series Pandya or Maggie man?
  9. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Pandey came rather than ms
  10. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Popat ho Gaya logo ka
  11. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    No not out innings for msd....so sad...
  12. India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    Hope Hitman scores his 100 and leads India to victory with captain...
  13. Chiku man of the match.... without him we would have only scored 252-92=160
  14. Kuldeep Jana bankable player... in reality we can bank on him to give us wickets in difficult situations..
  15. Who will be the man of the match?
  16. Hope selectors keep Ashwin and Jadeja away from odis....
  17. Unlucky Wade....but who cares....wkts keep coming....just 4 more
  18. If we don't win by margin of 4-1 or 5-0...then that will be disappointment after looking at Aussie team missing big names in bowling department...

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