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  1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    i think the role definition needs to be done. 1,2,3 are set in stone...they have been doing their job. so we are good there. Number 4 - need to be a proper batsman who can accelerate --- There is nobody for this role leaving apart KL Rahul . He might fail here and there but he is the only one we have. jadhav/ pandya/dhoni do not fit here. Number 5 batting allrounder - Plays mostly as a batsman. can bowl 3-5 overs max. I think pandya fits here. this will also relieve pressure that he has to bowl 10 overs. my guess is his bowling is impacting his batting a la irfan pathan . We need to rectify this at the earliest. The other competitors for this spot are Raina, Krunal and Vijay shankar. Number 6 bowling allrounder - Can bowl 6-7 overs and can contribute 20-25 runs at 120+ strike rate . Only jadeja comes here. I hope he has a monster IPL. Number 7 - Pinch hitter Wk (Dhoni) - he has not been doing it because he is in the mode of consolidating. I think we need to just say that the role is to hit those sixers. If top six fail there is no way we can expect number 7 to bail us. I just dont think we have any replacement here unless sanju samson can do decent wicketkeeping. not too convinced on Pant. Number 8,9,10,11 - depending on pitch and opposition its between kuldeep, shami, chahal,bhuvi ,bumrah with ashwin and jadeja as outliers. we need to rest rohit, kohli and dhawan as well as bumrah and one wrist spinner from SL series to play situational cricket to see who can perform.
  2. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    My order would be Rohit,Dhawan, Kohli,Rahul/Shubman, Raina/Iyer,Dhoni,Pandya/Krunal , Bhuvi,kuldeep,chahal,boomraah. i feel shubhman could have an early induction as he could be the next sachin/kohli ... considering the lack of options it is a wishful thinking.. dhoni can come in 4 when we have lost early wickets or if there is more than 20 overs at play.
  3. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    Agree to this . We need a 5 and 6 batsman who can bat at around 120 strike rate. We need pandya because he is a freak . You never know when you need the freaky innings and i dont think any team has a number 7 allrounder who is great . Point in comparison Morris. So we might need to give pandya as much exposure as we can unless we feel we have a better freak player than him.in retrospect I feel even krunal or Vijay might struggle now. We should have been in experimentation a year back . Now is too late. For 5,6 my gut says choose between shubman, rahul, iyer and raina . Prolly raina needs to come now . I wouldn't be surprised if raina is not in scheme of things in next series.
  4. Dhoni should bat at number 4 or not be played

    I think we need a consolidater at number 4 . I will be happy with a strike rate of 90-100 And I think dhoni fits in here. Considering the world cup is too close we cannot try pant. I am still not sure if any wk batsman can hit from the go like what dhoni did earlier . Yes dhoni strike is pretty pedestrian these days but he holds up the middle order which will otherwise collapse.we need to be realistic. Everybody is failing in middle order and singling out dhoni is not fair. Number 5,6,7 are bigger worry. Manish , shubhman gill, KL rahul , shreyas and raina need to be tried out for 5,6. Pandya needs to get his act right soon else we have yousuf pathan 2.0 bubble building up. Pandya, vijayshankar and krunal should be tried for the 7 slot. Give each of them at least 5 games consecutively. Rahane should be out because we have dhoni . Rohit need to retain as there is nnok alternative.
  5. Though I feel happy for kohli, i an getting reminded of the 90s where we were dependent on sachin. This team will not cut ice for the world cup. Pandya, jadhav, dhoni and rahane are a big liability. and considering that rohit sharm a outside subcontinent is a bigger risk . Shreyas iyer, shubman gill might need to be groomed faster and hope they click . The Only Silver Lining Is We Have Kohli And The Bowlers . It Would Be a shame If We do Not Win The 2019 wc because of selection issues.
  6. Virat Kohli opens up about Anil Kumble's resignation

    This is definitely Kohli and bcci media machinery at work . Making a villain out of a thorough gentleman by twisting tales. Feel more confident about Kimble's story. As for kuldeep's selection it is common sense to try him out as jadeja has been a continuous failure. Does not in any manner show that Kohli was backing him . We will be next Pakistan cricket team with this type of culture. Bye bye 2019 world cup .

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