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  1. Just feel that they did not allow anybody an extended run lest we see how capable the younger batsman are when pitted against dhoni, Rohit and dhawan. Mayank did extremely well, vihari was good, Shankar was revelation in 2nd avatar, pant was phenomenal in tests . Dhawan - downhill Rahane - downhill Dhoni- nadir Rohit - so so
  2. leave apart rayudu no one was given an extended run.. they wanted to prove shankar is a flop and he admirably performed and put pressure. if dhoni and rayudu flop in IPL along with shikhar and rohit, it will set the cat amongst the pigeons. i feel this IPL is going to be extremely important. Mayank, shreyas and manish are dark horses along with saini. pant and DK will fight it out as winner takes all. rayudu would be a dud this season. i want mayank to succeed. some soft corner for hard working talented struggling 25 + cricketers...
  3. hip surgery killed his progress.. he was the biggest test matchwinner for us in subcontinent. cannot take it away from him.. could have reduced variations outside subcontinent and played to potential with bat and would prolly be the atg #2 all rounder for india after kapil paaji. still rate him higher than bhajji and shade lower than kumble.
  4. prasen82

    Myths laid to rest this yr before the WC

    I think they felt Rohit and dhawan would be exposed if they tried both KL and Mayank for couple of series. Mayank could be the dark horse if he has a great IPL and shikhar sucks big time .they will not drop shikhar but mayank could be in the reckoning . Rahul if he has bumper IPL, sureshot ticket to WC. Best performer and match winner amongst pant/DK to go to WC. Rayudu and CSK I feel will flop big this IPL. I am putting on shreyas and Manish pandey to have a stellar IPL this year.
  5. prasen82

    Official 2019 KKR Team thread

    I will support DK.. but loyalties with CSK.. if CSk fails KKR as second up.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. prasen82

    Who will bat at #4 for Team India at the World Cup?

    Yeah. Agreed. Chahal for rayudu and this will be the squad . Any outlier could replace pant/DK . If mayank/Shaw has blockbuster I'll could replace KLR.
  7. prasen82

    Likely World Cup 11

    Tbh ashwin could possibly be better than jadeja. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back. I am thinking DK is back. A number 6 who can score 30-40 while being busy and with varied shots and some maturity in finishing innings . Pant vs KL could be toss up.
  8. prasen82

    Who will bat at #4 for Team India at the World Cup?

    Play dhoni at 4 if wicket falls before 25th over . Play VS at 4 in all chases and if wicket falls after 25th. Play dhoni at 4 only if we lose wickets for a pittance to help stabiIize . Number 6 is toss up between pant and DK. Jadhav if he cannot accelerate should not be considered for number 6. Jadhav ,dhoni and VS are fighting for 4,5 spot. Number 7 only pandya. If panda is injured we r screwed . TINA for pandya in Indian ODI setup. That's how crucial he is ....
  9. prasen82

    Positives of the series loss

    DK is the only number 6 we have . Sadly he can't bowl and because of Dhoni can't be keep er batsman. Playing a pure bat at 6 is a risk. But I feel we should go with jadhav/VS at number 4 and go with dhoni,DK and hardik. It's a decent middle order, not earth shattering but can get job done if bowlers show some promise .
  10. prasen82

    Positives of the series loss

    I think we will do good, get pandya in at 7 , Vijay Shankar at 4, dhoni at 5 and either DK/Jadhav at 6 , bhuvi,shame,bumrah and kukdeep , we have decent ammunition . KLR as backup for worst case emergency back up and we have a good team. We just need blinders from top 3 in semis and finals .
  11. prasen82

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    I just have zero confidence on our bowlers to pull us back in a game. Bumrah occasionally can do it, but not consistent enough ... More in shikhar dhawan mould from a bowling perspective.
  12. Aussies are faking it. They have no tail. Impostors . We are purists in that regard.
  13. Very bad bowling by bumrah.

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