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  1. prasen82


    Kohli is so insecure... doesn't want anybody to perform on these easy tours... wants to rack up meaningless 100s. Bcci can you arrange a tour with Afghanistan on absolute pattas for the oldies..
  2. Gaekwad was a decent Indian team manager .
  3. prasen82

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    top scored in second WI a team match
  4. prasen82

    India's New Middle order player and finisher

    1 and 2 Mayank, KL rahul , shaw 3 Kohli 4 Shubman gill/ shreyas 5 Nitish rana/abhishek Sharma 6 Pant 7 Pandya All these players should get chances down the line..
  5. It might seem reactive to the loss, but the sequence of losses , pathetic team selections and choking in most important stages makes me wonder if all the stats are meaningless. Average of 12 in WC knock outs is pathetic. Having the best bowling attack and probably the second best batsman , if kohli can't win it, when else could he do it.. add to the fact that the balls change, pitches are flatter, cricket enthusiasm waned in so many countries, powerplayrules, shorter boundaries.. his greatness is amplified due to a slew of external factors.. easier bowlers and shorter boundaries means easy to score as a consolidator.. All wc winning teams had clutch players.. Steve Waugh, Smith, symmonds, aravind de Silva, Ponting, yuvi .. Kohli just pads stats .. and now with the media focus tries to act as some angel.. walking off when he did not touch the ball against Pakistan and doing drama when pant gets out.. If he does not win us the next WC, he will just be remembered as a manipulative run accumulator. For now, he is a useless team player... I am sure many will have similar stats if given the backing and position at which kohli bats in ODis. His era just coincided with one where our other batsmen were so bad or the good ones did not get a long enough run to get their confidence. Leave apart dhawan,rohit,kohli,dhoni none of the others got vote of confidence among batsmen..
  6. They should be watching the finals in stadium as guests and their laughter and nonchalance s spectators should be captured in camera.. sadly this team is a master of PR, so sadly will not make those mistakes...
  7. prasen82

    Player salaries by country

    Considering purchasing power parity where we can buy 3 times more things for the same dollar denomination as compared to NZ/ Australia/England this is one bunch of overpaid underachieving morons... performance be damned... all that kohli has to do is perform better amongst the worst in a sport which is prevalent majorly in India and prevent others from succeeding .. The returns are mindboggling for the mediocrity that this Indian team dishes out when you consider the level of competition..
  8. Pandya can get into this side for just his batting.. bowling and fielding are big bonus. Pandya would probably score 100s if he batted top of the order...
  9. With whatever he was asked to do, he outperformed. He had more meaningful contributions than Kohli . The only ones better than Pandya in this 11 are Bumrah Shami and Rohit. I think he produced wickets when the min one couldn’t .. and Pandya was not sent in earlier to bat. He has potential to be number 5..
  10. Miss Yuvraj and gambhir.... big match players.... biggest match winners ever for Indian ODI team.. Kohli performances are moot if he does not perform in key moments... I would strip Kohli out of captaincy... no way you want someone who chokes in most semifinals and finals... bekaaar player...
  11. prasen82

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    We don’t need hacks.. just need a player who can play the glorious occasional big sixes like Yuvraj ... we need to find our next Yuvraj.. what about the leftie chap in under 19 team.. he had some glorious shots...
  12. prasen82

    Virat Kohli wanted to bat at #4 in Semi Finals.

    Agree.. the money ( sponsorships)involved seems to be huge.. no wonder Kohli-Dhoni-shastri nexus is strongest.. Jadeja saved their ****. Dont want other batting superstar to emerge... this is no longer a team game... it’s for top order to Amass meaninglessness odd runs and sponsorships and not allow anybody in middle order to thrive.. if the game has to evolve we should have larger boundaries and do away with power play after 20 overs and also 2 new ball rules. The openers and 1 down have it too easy... longing for Ganguly specific days.. though we did not win much, there was hunger and passion among players in those days.. these guys are commercial artists.. care no hoots about cricket or fans...
  13. prasen82

    Replacement of Shastri and other staff

    Bangar is the panauti here.. DK also will get the blame a bit.. Shastri, Kohli, Dhoni escape.. politics in indian Ian cricket is mind boggling... no wonder we choke .. goal here is to preserve brand equity by performing optimally and not allowing others to grow .. Always have 2-3 players and staff who can be the scapegoat upon failure..( DK, jadhav , Vijay Shankar, Rayudu) its political manipulation at best.. never make anyone feel secure that way cometh a crunch situation probability of likely suspects to fail is high.. defect blame to them and escape... i feel eel it might be in best interests of Indian cricket if Kohli leaves as well .. we might lose some games, but considering our talent pool and lack of talent in other countries it should not take much time for us to come in tops.. when our a team wins everywhere, doubt why the senior team struggles so much...
  14. prasen82

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    Let's play to our strengths ... considering our vast reserves , we should have the best spinners and best players of spin identified for the next world cup and dish out those tracks only for domestics for first two years to identify the best and the last 2 years open for internationals . That way we have a leg up and also make the cricket grounds bigger. That way hacks cannot hit Sixers. So only proper batsmen who can play spin and whoever's possesses the big shots can play. With interest levels waning , India would be the only. Country which can unearth 6 proper batsmen into lineup . Bilateral be damned . Experiment now.. 2023 we need to win.. no other way around it..

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