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  1. DK will be a good middle order bat at 5 if Kohli drops to 4 and Rahul at 3.we need busy batsmen who can rotate strike and DK and Kohli will be ideal foil. I am not convinced with dhoni. He needs to retire. Hope he grants us that wish.
  2. U r right. Maybe shreyas gopal instead of krunal. Else go for a out n out wild card like saini or mavi . Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. prasen82

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    A middle order of Rahul pant Pandya and Sundar is too unreliable. You need kedar and dhoni/DK . Only one of Rahul/pant can play now . Sundar batting I am not convinced. He is more like Bhuvi and Pandya batting these days is like number 8. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. prasen82

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    If Jadhav bats decently averaging 30+ with 130 strike rate he will be our number 6. In England we need at least 4 pace bowlers. So Pandya is more or less a lock. Kuldeep is a lock Bumrah will be a lock Khaleel, bhuvi and chahal will play musical chairs among themselves. Top order - Rohit/Dhawan/Kohli locks. DK as backup is a lock . Dhoni /Pant is open ended. Pant will come in if dhoni retires. He will not replace DK. Rahul should be there too. Last 2 spots in 16 member squad will go-to jadeja and maybe siraj if he does great in Australia.
  5. prasen82

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Agree with most batting two selections. DK should be there instead of Dhoni. And a new fast bowler like prasidhh instead if bhuvi in 11. Bhuvi, pant, chahal and jadeja will complete the 15
  6. I think we are being too harsh on Karthik considering his age. Karthik is doing well in limited overs and he did not get a chance in England. He played only two tests where everyone failed and second test is just nit even applicable. Rahul hit a century on patta where DK did not even get a chance. Rahul I agree seems a better talent . But is he better middle order bat at 4 or 5 than DK. I am nit too sure. Lay the blame on dhoni. The only problem with Karthik is Jekyll and Hyde and the same applies to Rahul , pant and Pandya. You never know which version will show up. Rahul should be above rayudu . But DK needs to be the keeper and dhoni being the keeper is making him look bad. Why is nobody talking about that. Similarly for Rahul to be accommodated he has to open or be number 3. Is that feasible?
  7. prasen82

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    Applying Game theory it is win win for dhoni. Anyways we will get screwed in world cup and dhoni cannot play after. So if he retires now saying DK and pant are good enough he will be seen as Selfless, retiring on high and increasing his brand equity for post retirement . He could be a bigger brand than Sachin post retirement. He will also be escaping from pressure and not be made the scapegoat for wc loss. His gamble would have been to retire after 2019 win but with the current team it looks unlikely so better to quit. If India wins wc then dhoni would be considered the selfless teammate And If India loses , all blame would go to virat or pant/DK with fans wondering dhoni could have won the world cup. He has everything to gain by retiring now. Timed to perfection . Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. prasen82

    Krunal should replace Hardik in the Asia Cup squad

    I have a feeling dhoni will retire in windies series. Karma bites. And if dk plays next two matches I feel we will see a century from him. Pant will not be for wc 2019 unless DK flops miserably. Jadeja might make to the team is my guess. Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli DK jadhav Hardik Jadeja Kuldeep Khaleel Bumrah
  9. prasen82

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    I think he can rotate strike well.if he is in form he will be a good no:5. Let's see. He lends better balance to the side.
  10. prasen82

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    I think they are preserving Rahul. He is no:4 . No doubt about it. Want to check 5 and 6 . So KDK, rayudu and pandey will play musical chairs.if dhoni form drops alarmingly we could be in for pleasant surprise.(read retirement)
  11. Looks like he is a big liability. Get pant now.
  12. We have 4 batsmen who can't bowl and a keeper. So rest 6 will need to bowl. So 4 bowlers and 2 all rounders. All rounders Pandya Bros,Jadhav Bowlers Bumrah, Khaleel,Kuldeep . The last spot if spinner should be krunal. Else go with bhuvi. Ideal team would be Dhawan Rohit Kohli KL Jadhav Pant Hardik Krunal Kuldeep Khaleel Bumrah Can't have more than 3 strike bowlers. Else need to drop Pandya Bros and have saini and siraj . Makes batting super weak.
  13. prasen82

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul KDK/Pandya Pant Jadhav/Pandya Kuldeep Prasidhh Khaleel Bumrah 14th and 15th Chahal Bhuvi Pandey or DK will get in. If bhuvi misses jadeja could come in.
  14. prasen82

    India start as underdogs against Pak??

    Wow.. never seen this stats before.. being a dhoni fan I confess, he needs to retire now.
  15. I wish shastri was my performance appraiser at work.

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