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  1. prasen82

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Saini probably?
  2. prasen82

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Kaul selection is just to impress upon khaleel that he is also a trundler like kaul. If he has any self respect it should energize him to start bowling with more pace as opposed to what he does now .
  3. prasen82

    Squads announced for Aus series

    Agree.. this is the squad.. not sold on rahul yet... Let's see how he performs .. would have been better to try out Mayank and rahul in first 3 ODIs instead of sharma and dhawan
  4. That's Gen X. Millennial are Gen Y . 2000 born
  5. Master strategy MSK.. By leaking this info in advance you have ensured that rahane selection cannot happen without public notice . There will be huge media and fan scrutiny .. MSK a true servant of Indian cricket
  6. prasen82

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    take DK as a pure bat.. 2 of DK/Dhoni/Pant will play.
  7. prasen82

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    i am a DK supporter, but will go with Pant due to X factor. DK can come in if pant fails midway in WC. i would however take all 3 to WC( dhoni ofc) Ideal 11 Dhawan,Rohit,Kohli,Pant,Dhoni,Jadhav,Pandya,Kuldeep,Shami,Chahal,Bumrah. rest 4 for WC squad will be BK, DK, Rayudu, Vijayshankar. If Dhoni starts crapping midway replace with vijayshankar. we dont have a back up opener and probably it will be rayudu.
  8. i think the discussions here make up for more fun than the action on the field.. and i think if you notice the posters most of them would be the 80s and 90s generation for whom cricket was the only sport. so this forum gives a outlet towards engaging in meaningful conversation because you are not able to really converse with other fans near you because cricket as a sport has diluted and very limited fanbase .. just ask the current generation of impactful ODis or stats or cannot miss shots/ deliveries in recent past. we can talk about jadeja six of waqar or kanitkar 4 off saqlain, chauhan six, sachin six off caddick, sachin delivery to moeen,prasad delivery to sohail... that should give an indication of how eventful the sport is for fans. the fact that people commenting here does not imply that the cricket is entertaining. its just a means for people to find common ground with indian fans across the globe.. once time becomes a constraint for the posters here, they will also dissappear.. will the next gen fill up the void.. time will tell..
  9. i think as a society social media and internet is throwing up challenges. with so short an attention span how can sports or key professions thrive. think about professions like doctors. i am thinking very few will put in the grunt yards as compared to older generations and how that will impact quality, time can only tell.. this will be a video game generation.. so sports will need to be dominated by aspirational children who have less mobile phone and internet exposure...
  10. The biggest reason has to be lack of space. Earlier in flats there were not many cars or vehicles or children can play in roads. Today how many children can play like that. Besides too many paraphernalia required for cricket. Add to the fact that hard ball is dangerous . I just stopped practicing with hard ball once my finger nail ruptured as a kid..And parents will also be loathe to allow kids to play with hard ball. For small town kids it's a way to achieve dreams, bigger city kids have more options and probably are content playing for 1 hour and watching it on television. Cricket has huge challenges going forward . For me personally, I find other sports to be more relevant than cricket. It's one dimensional and very rarely thrilling.
  11. prasen82

    Team for World Cup 2019

    Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rayudu Dhoni Jadhav Pandya Shami Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah Reserves Bhuvi Pant DK Vijayshankar
  12. Hardik pandya. No point carrying a dead weight bowler for the sake of taking one .. I will take pandya and Vijay Shankar both for the tour. I don't not see how any of the above bowlers add value.
  13. No need for 4th pacer. Take Vijay Shankar, pant and DK as last 3 open spots considering 12 spots are already taken.
  14. prasen82

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    Replace umesh with Pant.
  15. Rayudu WC birth confirmed .... Bye bye Gill.

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