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  1. prasen82

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    Tbh .. a fair selection based on our experimentation. If only they did not choose rayudu for last one year it could have been different. DK is more versatile than pant . So TM trusstrd DKs experience over Pant's explosive potential . I think it's okay also for pant not to be there . Imagine there is a pressure situation and he chokes or plays a rash shot, it will haunt him for life or probably kill his career. It's better to leave it to DK and dhoni who have no future after this WC. Jadeja is probably a gamble here . But having dhoni, they feel they can control pace of game through spinners. Kuldeep and chahal are different when dhoni is behind the wickets. And if we play 2 spinners jadejr will be there. Probability of playing kulcha pair is remote.
  2. prasen82

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    They are taking additional 4 pacers to WC but not in squad. Saini is part of it.
  3. if chennai wins this game, dhoni will start taking rest for majority of the games ..
  4. shreyas has bowled much better than him and chahal.. this WC is not for us.. unless we try something outlandish like pant in opening..
  5. prasen82

    Shreyas Gopal

    agreed. chahal with zero batting , fielding and biceps should be nowhere near ODI team after WC.
  6. rayudu will not be in. KL, Pant and shankar will get a shoo in. saini ( wildcard) vs jadeja is the biggest question but i feel they might go with jadeja. rest 11 select themselves by default( including chahal)
  7. Is rahul playing for WC slot??
  8. prasen82

    Prasidh Krishna can be our Pat Cummins?

    What harshal Patel has fans??? This seems synonymous to being member of fan club of actors ranjith and Karan of Tamil cinema...
  9. prasen82

    Virat Kohli should rest remaining IPL??

    Continuous defeats even in gully cricket can tamper momentum and confidence. Better to take rest now...
  10. prasen82

    What is Ind's flavor of cricket?

    Tuk tuk tuk..
  11. pant doing his reputation all the more harm. he is considered number 6 and with this carelessness throwing his WC selection to doubt...
  12. iyer mightnot be stylish but will get the job done. good hitter. decent offside play. should be in ODI scheme at number 4 . should give a stretch of at least 15 ODIs to find footing . rayudu was total time waste. mayank, shaw, kohli,iyer,vijay shankar,pant,pandya,saini,bumrah,shami and kuldeep .. post 2019
  13. Orey kallula 2 maangaa...
  14. Should we just go with under under 28 team???? Shaw looks classsssyyyyyyy..
  15. 17 crores a year.. who is going to leave that money...he anyways has records galore..
  16. prasen82

    WI, the dark horses for the World Cup

    Russel holder Gayle alzarri hetmeyer hope .. too many match winners.. Will root for them this WC..
  17. prasen82

    Alzarri Joseph

    Windies winning 2019 WC by a margin ..after 40 years...
  18. Mayank has been in consistent form. Why not utilize him as dark horse..rahul is metally shot. Don't want rahane ...
  19. prasen82

    How are teams shaping up for the WC?

    How things have changed.. Australia and England look like sure shots with nz,windies,india, pak fighting for remaining 2.
  20. Jadhav and VS have similar skills. They should be number 4. Considering MSd is not returning at number 5, pant/DK at 6 and pandya at 7. Ideal combo would be Mayank, dhawan/Rohit ,Kohli, Vijay Shankar,pant,DK, Hardik
  21. the ODI rules have changed. we are going with test match philosophy into ODIs. too many specialists in the team. to put in software parlance, while the rest of the world is following agile we are in waterfall model..
  22. prasen82

    What we gain from this year IPL??

    I think they should play Jadhav, dhoni and VS in number 4, 5 depending on pitch and situation. Rayudu will not go to WC which is good. Pant should mostly be on flight . Last spot between DK, Mayank and KL.if KL hits at least 3 50s in remaining matches he will be in. Mayank could be in if he has a Rahulesque 2019 IPL. Else safe bet DK would be there as a floater .

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