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  1. prasen82

    Just recording..

    Play dk as the primary keeper and at 6 and watch how we can max his potential . Playing him as a pure batsman is a big mistake. Doubt if even pant can score when you get in as a pure bat. That's why you see openers , one down and 3 bowler spots along with keeper position secure . The rest are just revolving doors . Panda is lucky that there is no Single pace all-rounder .
  2. prasen82

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    I am thinking play all 3- jadhav krunal and hardik with bumrah khaleel and kuldeep as core spinners. I feel dK at 6 is a great fit but I might be in minority
  3. what are the pandya alternatives. big striker who can bowl decent medium pace?
  4. Play both pandya brothers and play Kuldeep,bumrah and khaleel. Will give a great batting tail.
  5. valid point. only krunal comes close to hardik in terms of all round capability in ODIs. when we fans can see the difference across formats donno why the selectors cant see it and dhoni extending his stay is killing it. dhoni please retire and can we have shikhar,rohit,kohli,rahul,jadhav,pant,pandya,sundar,kuldeep,khaleel,bumrah in the team. backups: rayudu, DK, krunal and BK. this should be our WC 15 squad. would prefer DK to go as primary keeper as i never feel confident with pant to steer a chase.
  6. Agree. He should replace dhoni. And if given confidence he can be Mr.consistent. Say he is keeper of choice till world cup and we will go to pant after that. He will do great.. just give him the last hurrah and he will not disappoint. Win win for everyone Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. prasen82

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    Pant and chahal dropped .
  8. It's good we lost.. kedar has to come next match. And dhoni will be under pressure . I would want rohit and shikar to fail again and rayudu and dhoni to be exposed to chase in 4th odi. If kohli fails that could be the best thing happening to Indian cricket. I expect pant(unfortunate) and chahal to be dropped and have jadeja and jadhav coming in. Wish we had krunal selected for 4th odi. Value the presence pandya brings in for odi. Nobody even closer to him.
  9. I have a feeling giving him some confidence in absence of dhoni will do wonders . Whenever dhoni is not there be is a different player. How can you play well when you know every match you are expected to hit a 50+. Agree he has underperformed but is probably one of the few batsman within India who can play any spot from 4 to 7 currently. Rohut, please give opportunities to DK in the t20 matchea Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Let's cut some slack. We all make mistakes . What's the point in hounding some one for life. They made a mistake , got punished, let's move on... Their punishments a deterrent for others to not indulge in similar crime. When we can forgive so called Bollywood superstars , Warner's crime is no big shakes.
  11. Methinks dhoni will retire after windies series.. .. I might be in minority but still feel DK needs to be in the ODi setup. I am learning for him to have a good t20 series
  12. prasen82

    Shimron hetmyer- windies discovered a player here

    I looked at his batting.. oozes class... His hat reminds me of Richie Richardson and Keith Atherton. Not seen such a beautiful stroker of the ball in recent times. Exquisite.
  13. prasen82

    Should IPL 2019 be cancelled?

    Money money money https://giphy.com/gifs/swag-money-make-it-rain-VTxmwaCEwSlZm
  14. I think advertisers have a big say in team selection..So not easy to rest superstars ...... Kohli testing in Asia cup caused a outcry. So only dhawan and rohit can be rested provided they play KL and Shaw. Dhoni playing could also be because of advertisers..
  15. prasen82

    The decision to drop Kuldeep

    I think this is the reason. Everybody knows bumrah and kukdeep are automatic of team selections in world cup. No conspiracy around this.and the faCt that they don't think too highly of this series.its just time pass.
  16. Ayya, unga trolling'kku alave illaiyya Troll Meister
  17. If he cannot take failures in a positive and strong manner , not fit to play international cricket . I want him and DK to succeed , but guess both stand low chances of boarding the flight to England for WC.
  18. Kohli is evil. Putting pressure on rayudu to perform . Let's see. I like this ...
  19. Chill folks. Pant will fire and put pressure on both dhoni and rayudu spots. I see Shaw and KLR coming into WC squad with pant. But KL has to get some chances . He needs to fire continuously . Somehow I think dhoni will not play WC.
  20. Sehwag Sachin Kohli Dravid Yuvraj Msd Kapil Kumble Harbhajan Zaheer Bumrah Rohit,Ganguly, srinath and More will complete 15. It's all time odi team. Number 4 had to be dravid. It pains me to see people underrate dravid in ODIs.
  21. prasen82

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    heights of stupidity. cant you tweet this. could be good spice for some media houses to lap it up.
  22. prasen82

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    do we have stats of rahul's performances in difficult pitches or cases where he was the lone warrior. kohli , murli vj, pujara, rahane, even pandya and ashwin have few noteworthy performances. would be curious to know about rahul. did we overhype him without considering situational cricket?
  23. The volume of cricket these days is too much and kohli is one of few who plays all formats and Ipl.so he has a valid concern.
  24. If you are married, aren't you in most cases living with your spouse. If you travel or in deputation , dont we take in family if feasible. So nothing wrong with what virat states . If it's a finance issue , then it would be the spouses responsibility to bear additional expenses .
  25. I second this .. where is the lobby here. Enough of creating a mysterious mafiosi. Rahane I agree.. but the he has been our best test bat overseas for a duration but flattered to deceive . Rohit though a ftb is a treat when in full flow. He has scored 3 200s no joke. I just feel as a nation we are so insecure that we create imaginary enemies and lobbies . Even I feel that way sometimes , but when you look at vengsarkars comments as a elite cricketer it makes a lot of sense. Let us leave our regionalism aside . Felt a bit sad on reading this and painting everyone with suspect .I just feel this negativity surreptitiously builds on all of us without our knowledge and let us avoid it if feasible and try to look at it objectively. Sorry for the rant.

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